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what did I just do I mean my bedrock hey

guys welcome back to my channel if

you're new my name is Jessica and I'm

doing my morning cleaning routine and I

have a little surprise for you guys at

the end so make sure you stay tuned


so this is my morning cleaning routine

and I'm just gonna be sharing some

things with you that I do in the

mornings to help just maintain my house

and get a good start to the day also I

had somebody ask me about the proper way

to make a bed and in my opinion there's

no wrong right or wrong way but I do

know that when I met my husband he did

not have a flat sheet on his bed and

when I started when we got married and I

started making the bed and I obviously

use a flat sheet he thought that I was

crazy so I don't know if everybody makes

their bed differently or not but in my

opinion you should do the fitted sheet

and then a flat sheet and then I always

do some sort of blanket and then the

comforter and I was just showing you

that blanket is from Amazon I'll link it

below I love it it's really nice so I'll

link it for you guys if you're

interested but that's how I make my bed

everybody is different again there's no

right or wrong way but somebody had

asked about the proper way to make a bed

and in my opinion or a lot at least how

I do it that's how I make my bed


better get it right

yeah sure




so then I just gather up all the laundry

and my husband throws his laundry on the

floor instead of putting it in the


so can I get a thumbs up if your husband

does that too because I think that's a

pretty common thing also I was spraying

the bed there with some Febreze that I

showed you but I just gather up all the

laundry of our laundry because Madeline

does her laundry her own laundry and she

does it on a different day and then I do

Kinsley's laundry on a different day so

I was gathering up all of ours and I'm

gonna start that in a minute but first

I'm gonna tidy up our bathroom and just

get it straightened up I'm not really

cleaning cleaning in here I'm just kind

of straightening it up and then I'll get

to the laundry


so now I'm just putting down my robot

vacuum to vacuum in here for me I know

that is so lazy and I don't always do

this but it works good so I do it so I'm

gonna put her in here and while I'm

starting the laundry and doing some

other things she'll have the vacuum or

the bathroom vacuumed up for me which is

really convenient and then you'll see I

grab her and take her to the bedrooms

and then she does the bedrooms for me

later but I love my robot vacuum so much

and then I'm just showing you that clean

shower stuff I use that in the shower

everyday when I'm done taking a shower I

just spray down my shower


and I just realized that I was referring

to my robot vacuum as a she and that is

because her name is Becky and all of my

vacuums have names so they help me a lot

so they um we have a little bit of a

relationship going on you know so now

I'm just sorting out the laundry now

when I do my husband's laundry in my

laundry I do it together

and I saw lights and darks and that's

how I do it I don't do like colors or

anything like that and I use the gained

original which is my favorite and that's

how I do it so lights and darks Oh

towels and underwear or socks or

anything that is light-colored like a

white t-shirt I will do in a load and

then anything dark like jeans and

sweatshirts and stuff like that third

dark and I was using the blue Sofitel

and the downy cool cotton today and I

love this trio but my favorite is the

gained scent beads but I'm finishing up

these cool cotton they are really nice

too but I just wanted to say that's how

I do our laundry so I do two different

loads and then for Hensley's I just

throw it all in there at once and

honestly I did that with Madeline's two

and I've never had an issue it saves me

so much time it saves me a whole other

load of laundry I just make sure that I

wash it on cold and not hot because I

don't want any colors to bleed but now I

am in Kansas room and I'm just opening

up her blinds and I'm just going to make

her bed and straighten up in here and

that's all I do


just wanna get to know you



so I'm just showing you my older

daughter's room she's 12

I do not clean her room she cleans her

own but it always looks like a bomb

exploded in here so I wanted to show you

a little tip for how to deal with that

okay so now that Becky is done doing my

bathroom I'm going to set her loose in

my bedroom and then I just closed the

doors to the rooms that I don't want her

to vacuum and she vacuums my room and

then the hallway in Kinsley's room and

she does have a max power mode which is

what I use on the carpet so it just

sucks up a little bit more has a little

bit more power so when I was done with

all my routine downstairs when I went

upstairs both bedrooms were vacuumed and

she was docked on her dock and charging

so these things are pretty awesome so

anyways now I'm downstairs I showed you

the living room and I'm gonna get to

that but I like to do my kitchen first

and my kitchen is usually a really big



and you don't look back

so because he's a man and he works his

opinion is more relevant than mine

because I'm women he he grow up to be

like that

and she wanted to be you and I are gonna

have to have a talk because that's not

the way things are


so that was a conversation that my

five-year-old and I were having so I

wanted to leave that in I thought it was

really funny so I did talk to her about

that and then when we sat down for

dinner that night her daddy and I both

talked to her about that and honestly I

mean she's five it's not that serious

so nobody like freaked out but I just

thought it was really cute that she was

saying that and I definitely had a

little talk with her so now she knows

that mommy's jobs are just as important

if not more and that just because I stay

at home does not mean that I do not work

and that it doesn't mean that my opinion

doesn't matter that's what her point




I am using and dust on my stainless

steel I get asked this a lot what do I

use on my stainless steel what's the

best product for my stainless steel

honestly I love my invest not only does

it smell amazing but I can use it on

multiple surfaces and it works great on

stainless steel as you can see if the

proof is in the pudding I mean when I'm

done look how shiny that is it's amazing


she looks like this top is she's got the

style amazed just think she's made out

of old she says she likes it better when

we go off

so I was watching a loved Meigs cleaning

video one of her more recent ones and I

saw her take the knobs off of her gas

range and I had no idea you could do

that and it makes cleaning that area so

much easier so you're gonna see me take

the knobs off if you didn't know that

and now you do thank you to love Meg for

teaching me that but that is kind of

what's so great about these videos and

how everybody cleans differently and

their routines are different because you

can kind of take some things from other

people and you know put them into your

routine or not you know you've got your

choice but I learn new things from

watching other ladies clean their home

and this was something so I wanted to

share it with you



the sky is blue I got the Sun in my eyes

hey King it better don't when she makes

that smile

yeah she's got that style that makes you

think she's made out of cold turning up

the volume on the radio so I'm just

taking a Clorox wipe here and wiping

down the trash can the inside of the lid

and a little bit on the outside because

the inside of that lid gets so gross




with me she's got a ticket to my


and now I'm just using my Bona mop to

mop the kitchen

I'm just mopping in here the floor in

here tends to get really dirty you can

imagine why so I'm just using that in



took some time when we put it up now I'm

setting loose the robot vacuums that I

have down here I do have two down here

if you've seen any of my cleaning videos

before or my Home Tour you know that

it's really big down here so I do have

two of them going and that one's name is

Road Donna and there's Kinsley you will

see in these clips her pretty much

tormenting Tucker but nobody take it

seriously he was completely fine I would

never let her like hurt him or anything

like that but she was carrying him

around and right here she was kind of

trapping him in because she didn't want

him to move because she just absolutely

loves to snuggle with the dogs and they

don't really love to snuggle with her I

wonder why but I thought it was funny

looking back when I was editing seeing

her torment little Tucker but he really

doesn't mind and like I said it became a

problem and I felt like he didn't like

it I would make her stop but it's good

for him and it's good for her too

because she kind of learns how to deal

with pets and how to carry them and you

know when enough is enough and all of

that good stuff but Tucker's a good boy

as you can see he's just doing whatever

he's like oh my god mom please save me

baby think is very toxic Oh

caption you in a foggy Club baby

standing on my toes on the

so as you can see basically for my

morning routine in the living room I'm

just picking up some toys and I do wipe

down my tables almost daily because they

get really dirty they get fingerprints

on them and stickiness and dog hair dust

I don't know what it is but they are

like magnets for that stuff so I'm just

taking a damp cloth and wiping them down

and I do actually do this pretty much

daily also I vacuum pretty much daily

because I do have a dog that sheds

Bailey sheds terribly so you might be

thinking why do you have the robot

vacuum is going if you're just gonna

vacuum anyways well as you can see I'm

pulling the in tables out and I'm

getting like a more detailed a good

vacuum and those just kind of do a

really good job

they really do but they can't get into

places like I do so I still will go in

with my Dyson and vacuum on my morning

clean routine when I do this morning

cleaning routine and I just want to set

the record straight I don't do this

every single morning you guys so don't

feel like you're not good enough or you

know whatever don't feel any type of way

that's what I'm trying to say and

thinking that I do this every morning

because I definitely don't but when I do

this is the routine so now I have a

surprise for you for all my new

followers that haven't seen our house

that we lived in before this I've

included a morning cleaning routine from

that house and then for all my people

that have been with me for a while I

figured it might be a special treat for

you as well to just kind of look back

and see how things have changed how my

routine has changed and the house so

thank you guys so much for watching and

I will see you guys in my next video



I could see this through

I could wait another night hey guys

welcome back to my channel if you are

new my name is Jessica today I'm doing

my morning cleaning routine for you guys

this is what I do on a typical morning

give or take a few things but this is

pretty much the routine so if you want

to see what I do on a typical morning

then just keep on watching


I asked you guys in last week's video

what your biggest pet peeve was so I'm

gonna share a couple screenshots from

that question a couple of y'all answered

well a lot of you all answered but two

of them I saved to share one of them

made me laugh out loud for real and the

other one was one of the most like

popular one so it's going to share that

with you guys so keep watching and I'll

have those come across the screen here

in a minute


okay so this one was one of the most

popular and that is leaving shopping

carts out so Jen's little place thank

you for answering my question and then I

had fabric made me laugh out loud so the

fact when she said that when she cleans

the bathroom and someone goes in there

and poops and girl I have to relate with


ayman I agree that drives me crazy it's

like the bathrooms clean why would you

want to poop in there


so I'll usually start a load of laundry

in the morning not every single morning

but most mornings I will go ahead and

start a load of laundry so right now I'm

just sorting through and I'm starting a

load of darks




so my favorite products to use are the

gain original laundry detergent the

suave Attell I like the blue one and the

yellow one right now I'm using yellow

and then just to gain original scent

boosters they're amazing this is my holy

grail I've showed it in so many videos

but if you haven't tried that trio yet

definitely try it you'll love it and

make sure your clothes smells so good

my favorite fabric softener is the blue

one but I like the yellow one too so I

just kind of swap out between the two of



and I don't dust in here every single

morning but I needed to dust them here

today and I do need to dust several

times because my furniture is dark it's

beautiful I love it but I do regret

purchasing dark furniture just because

the dust is unreal and it drives me

crazy if it was lighter at least I

wouldn't be able to see it it would

still be there but I wouldn't be able to

see it so when it's dark I have to dust

a lot otherwise I just feel like the

whole room is dirty so when I open the

blinds and made my bed and I saw all

that dust I just had to wipe it down but

it really doesn't take not even five

minutes honestly to take the Swiffer and

dust it down so if you make this a part

of your morning routine you can help to

keep up on that dust




I do have to vacuum on a pretty regular

basis pretty much daily just because I

do have dogs and because I have kids but

the dog hair and then just getting stuff

tracked in especially in the spring

summer time because we're outside a lot

and the kids are going in and out so

grass gets brought in and things like

that plus all three of us long blonde

hair it sheds and there's hairs so I do

like to vacuum a lot if my floors are

not clean then I get stressed out who's

with me let me know in the comments if

it stresses you out if your floors are

dirty if my floors are clean then I feel

ten times better throughout my day so I

vacuum and I mop a lot



you sell my food


so I'm using this culture a a linen

spray I get from Grove collaborative

it's my favorite this is innocent sea

salt and the Rolly

it is my favorite scent of all of them

but I do like several of them so I'm

just spraying down my bedding with that

to freshen it up and then I'm done in my

bedroom one father tired head one for

the leg dose all thanks through this

short time when father shadow plane


okay so now I'm gonna get started in the

main living area and I'm showing you

this a begat a or but got teh but goat a

I'm not sure how to pronounce this robot

vacuum but I got it on Amazon they did

send it to me to review for you guys and

it is a really nice robot I've been

using it for about a week now and I

really like it so I'm gonna tell you

some of the features about it but I went

ahead and started it and it's vacuuming

for me while I'm cleaning up this mess

from Easter but it comes with a remote

it comes with the docking station that

you see it in now something that sets it

aside from the other ones I've tried is

the docking station has a little spot

for your remote which I thought was

really cute I think it's really sleek

and sexy looking and I like that the

light lights up pink and I know that's

just little things but for a girl that's

just something sometimes it's the little

things but that's another thing that I

like about it it goes the battery lasts

on that thing for I would say like two

hours it can vacuum it does really good

on the carpet it leaves vacuum lines on

my carpet so I do like that it has a max

mode so it has high suction so you can

put it max mode to do like your carpets

or if you had like a super messy area in

your house

it has edge cleaning it has auto mode

it's really it's a smart robot I really

do like it they're giving me a coupon

for you guys so I'll have that list it

in the description for you and I'm also

doing a giveaway with them which is

super nice so thank you to them before

allowing you to do that for you guys I

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you again to them for allowing me

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you guys can get your hands on this

especially why they've given me this

coupon for you guys because I'm telling

you robot vacuums are life-changing

especially if you have pets but just in

general hardwood floors they show

everything and it's so nice to just let

this go in the morning sometimes like

when I'm leaving for preschool would

have run errands I'll let it go and when

I come back my floors are clean it's

already went ahead and docked itself

back up to charge and I just it's

life-changing I love them so much and

this is a really nice one


ever since I saw you I was sleeping



also another thing about this robot

vacuum I wanted to mention it is super

quiet it's the quietest of all of the

ones I've owned it's so quiet I

sometimes I'm like listening to see if

it's even still going it's really quite

so I like that a lot


so now I'm taking and putting up some of

my Easter Dacor I've taken that bunny

and the carrot and then I put up all of

my little bunnies and my Easter eggs my

carrot banner all that I went ahead and

put up into a plastic bin and stored for

the season because that part of the

season is over so I'm also freshening up

my pillows here as you can see with that

same linen spray but I have all my

Easter decor on the table in there and I

went ahead and put it up






so my kitchen isn't really that messy

because I cleaned it up the night before

which you have seen me do in a lot of my

nighttime routines I really enjoy

cleaning it up the night before so that

way I don't have a messy kitchen in the

morning but there's always breakfast and

everything from that so I was going

ahead and loading the dishwasher up and

ran that so that the dishes would be

clean and then I just wipe down the

counters but the kitchen overall was

pretty clean I'm using my jaws

disinfectant cleaner I did purchase it

on my own and then they sent me a bottle

as a gift so it was really thankful

about that but I've been loving all of

their cleaning products I showed that in

my whole house clean with me I showed

how they worked and more about the

products but a lot of you had said you

bought them and you messaged me and told

me how much you love them so that makes

me happy that you guys love them as much

as I do I have been loving them so much

the main thing that I love about them is

their streak-free so I could take one

product and clean an entire room and I

don't have to worry about getting

different products because it might

leave streaks and then the second

favorite thing is that they're non-toxic

but I hadn't had the disinfectant

cleaner in my last video so I wasn't

sure if I liked it but I do I love it

just as much and it's the lemon scent

it's a very light scent like the rest of

them but it's still a pleasant scent and

I love it because I can use it on my

stainless steel I can use it on my

granite I can use it on the stovetop I

can use it on everything and there's no

streaks it doesn't leave any residue I

just love it so much




I'm ready to taste





I can't forget what Oh time the way you

act or take me back just go go go go go

yeah I can't forget what you type will

act won't take me back just go go go go




I'm driving you're smiling just really

doing nothing that's the thing I like

about you on the highway it's alway 466

and we keep on driving we just do what

we wanna do yeah nothing's complicated

with you


you say that I'm crazy it's just the way

that I get every time

with you you left it

takes me to heaven I just wanna make you

repeat it and repeat it again

make the sky so you know this contact


so now I'm gonna steam mop my floors

I've got several types of mops that I

use you guys if you watched my videos

you've seen that I just like to change

it up cleaning to me is fun

so it's relaxing so I like to change

things up I like to change my tools up

also I like to use to see mop because I

feel like it's great because I'm not

using a cleaning product so I'm not

getting that buildup of a cleaning

product plus it sanitizes so having dogs

I like to sanitize the floor so I'm just

putting my pad on my shark see mop here

and I have my water and I'm gonna go

ahead and let it heat up and then I see

mopped the downstairs floor it does a

really good job I like this one because

you can flip the pad over and so once

once I get sturdy you can flip it over

and use the other side that's really

nice I like that about this mop but yeah

I got it at Target it was on sale so

it's a pretty good si mop I like it it

has three different settings

it's got like dust mop and scrub but

yeah it's just a basic C mop but I do

like it and that's why I use it that's

why I change things up I know sometimes

that confuses people but I don't just

have one product that I use all the time

I like to change it up so




I need you tonight together we can go

crazy we can put out the lights together

we can go we can go I look straight in

your eyes and everything is so hey say

it is just you and I and everything is

so thing is so so call me out call me

out baby




you're one of a kind

nobody's breaking your spirit you're

looking so fine

nobody's breaking you're breaking your

you're keeping up precepts at six so we

just dance alone every dance like no

one's watching

so call me out call me out baby








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I can see this through

I couldn't wait another night one more


one night I could fight it through till

the darkness turns to light one one

night one one night

say it's gonna be up this witness like

it's hot