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[What Happened in India]

[What Happened in India] [Ep.2 a chaotic day in India]

Chomad : It's the third day in India

Chomad : This noise is getting used to it

Chomad : I've been busy after arriving so I couldn' t go to many tourist attractions

Chomad : So, today is the New Delhi tour day!

Chomad : Actually, I didn't want to go outside of hotel

Chomad : Now I've come to India, let's go out in a good spirit

Chomad : I'm gonna enjoy the tour of New Delhi

[Start the day with bargaining]

Chomad : I took a Rickshaw today as well

[Where is Chomad heading with Rickshaw]

Chomad : I'm going to the place that usually can see only in India

Chomad : Sikhism! I'm going to Sikhism temple

Chomad : I'm in Gurudwara Bangla Sahib now

Chomad : It feels like between Hinduism and Islam

Chomad : It's gorgeous

Chomad : I guess I should take off my shoes and wear some bandana

Chomad : They only allow entering without shoes

Chomad : They said take off socks too

[He got yellow bandana]

Chomad : Temple is clean and tidy in any other country

Chomad : The view is amazing out here

Chomad : It's not Islam and also not Hinduism

Chomad : right in middle, I guess

Chomad : And there are people all over the place wearing turbans

Chomad : That's Sikh

Chomad : It's beautiful

Stranger : Let's go home

Chomad : a home?

Suddenly, this man came to me and said "let's go home", I wonder what kind home did he mentioned]

[a few minutes later, I found this dining room]

[He told me where to sit]

[So I sit there]

Chomad : I'm eating lunch now

[They gave me a meal]

Chomad : Korean temple provides a meal when you visit

Chomad : I guess Sikhs are same

Chomad : I think I'm falling in love with India curry

Chomad : I didn't have much expectation but it's great

[Let's go somewhere eles]

Chomad : I'm heading to Red fort located in Old Delhi

Chomad : I'm in Old Delhi now, and there are heavy traffic and the fumes

Chomad : The road is jammed

Chomad : It's almost there, so I should get off and walk

Chomad : I gotta go

[It's hard to get off the road]

[It's gonna be chaotic as soon as you walk on the road]

[I decide to have ice cream before I enter the Red fort]

Chomad : Old Delhi is busier than Pahar Ganj

Chomad : I'm tired

Chomad : I'm in Red fort

Chomad : You have to buy a ticket if you want to enter Red fort

Chomad : But price for local is 50~60 Rupee

Chomad : For traveler is 600 Rupee!

Chomad : Finally, I bought the ticket and I'm in now

Chomad : Scarf and accessory are beautiful here in India

Chomad : All of temple and mosque are

very quiet and fresh

Chomad : and did good gardening

Chomad : I didn't have much expectation

Chomad : But It's huge

Chomad : I can't see the way out

Chomad : and the garden and park

Chomad : It has a little bit of Europe vibe

Chomad : It's gonna be chaotic again when I'm get out, isn't it?

Chomad : I'm never getting Rickshaw here

Chomad : I'll take the subway

Chomad : I'm Taking a subway in India

Chomad : They are doing luggage check to ride a subway

Chomad : There is only one machine here

Chomad : Outside is Chaos itself

Chomad :But It's peaceful down here

Chomad : I found a cafe that has a Wifi!

Chomad : This cafe called Chai Point

Chomad : located in Connaught Place

Chomad : and they have a good Wifi connection

Chomad : even better than Korea

Chomad : I ordered one lassi

Chomad : For chai, the street chai is better

Chomad : Lassi is cold drinks

Chomad : if I buy on the street

Chomad :I fear for an upset stomach

Chomad : so I ordered here

Chomad : After finishing work, I'm going to have some dinner

Chomad : After the cafe, I'm out for dinner

Chomad : I'll go anywhere and eat

Chomad : There are tons of menus

Chomad : I don't know what to eat so I just order same as yesterday

Chomad : If you don't know what to order in India

Chomad : Just order Chicken curry

Chomad : That's my curry

Chomad : I'm falling for India because of the food

Chomad : It's really busy out there, but the food is delicious

Chomad : I worried that Indian food is known as using strong spices

Chomad : But it's my taste

Chomad : I'm here for Chai

Chomad : I became obsessed with Chai

Chomad : Small happiness in India

Chomad :drinking chai

Chomad : It's getting cold

Chomad : I don't like ginger but Chai makes me to like ginger

Chomad : Chai is 10 rupee on the street

Chomad : Don't be overcharged

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