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hey what's up guys this is Simon

how's everyone doing today is February 7

So we have you back to Shanghai for almost two weeks now

I think it's more than two weeks

I'm not sure yet I need to check my calendar so anyways we haven't gone

back to work yet because in order to fully contain the epidemic the Shanghai

government they decided to extend the spring holiday all the way to February 9

so we won't be back to work until next Monday so yeah on next Monday I

suppose everyone should be back to work but we are not sure yet because you

never know there might be some last-minute change so we will see

today is February 7 actually today is also my mom's birthday

she's at work right now

if you have been following my videos you guys probably already know

that my mom is a doctor working a hospital in Shanghai

so yes she has been a doctor for more 30 years now

yeah it's quite a long time guys

so, first of all, I would you guys to know that

being a doctor in China is quite different from

being a doctor in the West

like in the West you make a fairly decent salary

it's actually it's a very high salary job maybe you will get like 200 or even

all the way to 500k per year but in Shanghai well it's still a decent job

but you don't get like that high salary and also compared to the massive demand

we still don't have enough healthcare workers so sometimes you have

to work overtime like my mom used to say like every day normally they will

get like a hundred to 200 patients regularly that's very normal but I think in the

West it won't be like that so I don't know maybe you guys can tell

me under the comment section actually my mom already retired this year but in

some Hospital in China they give you two options you can either just retire or

you can choose to keep working after your retirement so if you choose to keep

working after retirement you will still get your pension and you will still get

your regular salary but it might be a little bit less than

before but also your workload won't be as heavy as before so my mom used to

work like five and a half days per week now she worked like four and half days

per week so yes she started her working this Monday

after the spring holiday so far it wasn't too bad for her actually probably

because she is a hematologist so she didn't have a lot of patience she told

me that today she got probably 20 to 30 patients which is way less than usual

so yeah probably because of the recent outbreak a lot of people they choose to

just stay inside instead of going to see doctor if it's not in a emergent

situation all right right now we are gonna head to the local supermarket just

try to grab some groceries some snacks and maybe grab a cake I don't know maybe

we're just gonna probably book a cake online and see if they still I can

deliver to this place and we will see about that now before we head to the

local supermarket I would like to quickly talk about one more thing so we

have been following the situation in Wuhan city since the lockdown although we

have poured a lot of medical supplies medical equipment inside the city and

also a lot of health care teams has been dispatched into Wuhan but compared to the

massive demand compared to the huge amount of patients the help is simply

still not enough so a lot of people trapped inside the city they are waiting

for treatment desperately and at the same time we have another group of

people who managed to escape from Wuhan before the lockdown although they do receive

some criticism from the public because of their like irresponsible behavior but

at least under my observation most of them receive treatment in other

city other province or even in other nations so those people managed to get

out of the city because there's a five to six hours window between the time the

government issued a notice that they are going to lock down the city and the time

when they actually locked down the city so there's like five to six hours

so those people after they received the notice from the government and they grab

their belongings they grab their family members and then they get out of the

city either by car or by taking a train so the thing I've been thinking is

that if you are a citizen and most of your family lives in wuhan like your kids your

wife and your parents they are all living in wuhan and after you receive the notice

from the government that they are going to lock the city next day 10:00 a.m. are

you going to following the guidance and stay inside your apartments in Wuhan or

you are going to grab all your stuff and grab all your family members and try to

get out of the city before lockdown for me it's a pretty tough question

because if you choose to get out of the city then you might just spread the

virus to other places right because you might contracted it with virus without

knowing and then if you go somewhere else you may just spread the disease to

other places but if you choose to not going and if you choose to stay and you

realize that the Medical Supply and hospital is just not enough compared to

that massive demand and you may not get the treatment you needed so what are

you doing please let me know under the common

section I'm really curious about what all of you guys think

alright guys I just received my mom's phone call

she got off early today

We were planning to go to the local market

but now we have to change our plan

so right now we're gonna head to the subway station to pick her up

Then maybe get to the local market

Mom: You can turn right here

Simon: turn right here?

Mom: yep

Simon: busy today?

Mom: not too busy

all right guys we just parked our car just based on the number of cars in the

parking lot and and all the people here actually there are fairly good amount of

people inside the supermarket today but as you can see a lot of shops are still

closed so yeah let's go inside

alright guys just bought a bunch of stuff let's go home

all right guys it's been almost an hour since we get home my dad is cooking

right now so one of the benefits of living with your Chinese parents is

that they will do a lot of work for you actually sometimes all of the works yeah

it's almost ready let me show you all the dishes okay

so we got some bamboo shoots

and some eggs with some diced meat

and this one some vegetable with some tofu

and we got some cauliflowers (actually, it's broccoli)

got some shrimp

and some pork yeah

it's not finished yet

my dad he is still cooking right now

and here's my mom yeah

let me go check what my wife is doing

Simon: what are you doing?

Wife: play with cats

alright guys dinner's ready let's go

Mom: yeah, He wants to go to Wuhan,

Mom: But his superior didn't let him go

Mom: Because he has already been assigned to our fever clinic

Mom: He wants to go because it would be a good experience

Simon: So how many doctors have gone to Wuhan in the end?

Mom: Another doctor has been dispatched to Wuhan

Dad: do we have any Candle?

Mom: Nope

All right guys, we just finished our dinner.

I am quite full, I think I ate too much

Right now I just lay down, you know

take some rest yeah I think that's pretty much it, it's just another typical

day during the outbreak nothing fancy nothing special so yeah that's it if you

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thank you so much for all the love and support and I will catch you on the next one


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