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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PAUSE CHALLENGE With GIRLFRIEND For 24 HOURS! *Gone Too Far*

Difficulty: 0



*face of regret*


pause! *for like the 100th time in a row*

no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOO



*screams like the mans about to die*



*water goes down the drain like morgz' career, jk*

Pause! help! i cant breathe!



*Leaf blower makes kira's face look like a balloon for 3 seconds straight*


*Morgz yelling for 20 minutes straight till his neighbors call the cops*

You guys loved it when we did the PAUSE- challenge???? *says it in confusion cause he doesnt know his own vid idea..*

So today we're back, but, its gonna be WAY more extreme

I dont know if I wanna do it again after what happened last time..

Yeah Morgan Shes got a point - she really has-

Fine.. The winner gets 20,000 dollars

Im in!- yup me too -- definitively

And guys, we arent gonna be doing this challenge alone, you're going to playing with us!

PAUSE! (bet ya didnt see this one coming hehe)

Stop what youre doing and watch this video till the end.

youre paused and you CANT MOVE!

Hey! I just saw you move! (its fine though, you probably will still move)

im talking to you! this is aint no joke

*Kira starts beating her face with a Beauty blender/sponge*

Why are you filming Morgan? *gets annoyed* SERIOUSLY MORGAN WHY ARE YOU FILMING ME

Can i just have like a minute to myself!


*laughs awkwardly for 2 seconds and stops*

OOOO Kira, i see youre about to put some lipstick on :>

Why dont i- *kira tries to hold it from the evil goblin* *Morgan grunts*

*oh no! the goblin has stolen the lipstick from kira!*

Why dont i help you out with that *even though he knows nothing about makeup*


no no no no, Morgan stop! stop!

please stop!

*blah blah blah* please stop *blah blah*

*kira cries for like 1 second* Okay..ive stopped

morgan what the hell have you done to my head

why dont you take a look? un-pause

Morgan! im Not a loser!

Kylie Jenner didnt invent these lipsticks just so that you could call me a loser with them!

they're meant to make me pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You better watch your back Morgan!! Im gonna get you back for that!


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