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Hey girl, what's your name? Hey Siri subscribe to the Go Natural English YouTube channel . Here

are some videos of Go Natural English I found on the web

good enough we can click on that and go (Arabic - 'Ahlan wa Sahlan, 'ahlaan)

well welcome to Go Natural English we are so happy that you are here I have

been thinking about how to practice English... Sevdha, would you practice

English with me? I already know English you already know English you may have a similar

problem where you have been wanting to practice English with native English

speakers but maybe they're too busy or they're just not interested in

practicing so today I want to share a solution with you that comes from the

iPhone practicing conversation with Siri and by the way I didn't introduce myself

yet I'm Gabby I'm an American English teacher and you're watching Go Natural

English this is Sevdah and she is here to help us out did you know that on

your iPhone you can actually have a fluent English conversation with Siri

it's an amazing way to practice your English and she has some pretty funny

responses to this is a really good chance for you to practice your

pronunciation skills if you're going for that standard American accent it's also

a really fun way to practice different languages (Japanese - What is your name?

(Japanese - My name is Siri) you already knew that

(Spanish - Hi Siri, How are you? Excellent! Great! Are you married? I'm married to my work.)

okay okay let's try Portuguese I have no knowledge of Portuguese what should I

ask in Portuguese I could not tell you (Portuguese - Let's go to the beach today? Which public beach? Click on your desired option.)

what she said she says like which beach do you want to go to go let's click on

the one you want (Arabic - assalamualaikum. Mualaikumsalam)

can you help me with my English ok maybe not yet let's try again. That may be beyond my abilities at the moment.

see this is why you need to get yourself an iPhone 11 right that would probably

be a good upgrade however as an English teacher that's not gonna be possible for

a while let's see if Siri can understand a

pretty heavy accent you want to try your accent? (Jamaican English - How are you doing?)

(Jamaican English - What do we have to do today?) I don't understand. Wherever you are, that's where I am. But she thought you asked Where are you today. Didn't you ask What are you doing today?

(Jamaican English - What are you doing today?) so this is very interesting so you

can use Siri to really check if your pronunciation is very clear because I

can understand more of what you're saying than Siri can (Jamaican English - Hey girl, what is your name?)

egalitarianism from hey girl so now we're gonna have a full conversation with Siri

asking her some normal conversation questions let's see how she responds

Siri what does the name Siri mean it's a riddle wrapped in an enigma tied with a

pretty ribbon of obfuscation whoa okay Siri are you a robot I can neither

confirm nor deny my current existential status neither can I right

Siri how old are you I'm as old as Eastern wind and as young as a newborn

caterpillar whoa she sounds very deep very wise Siri what is your favorite

color my favorite color it's sort of greenish but with more

dimensions Siri what is your favorite movie I don't really have a favorite but

I hear that 2001 a Space Odyssey got some good reviews what's your favorite

movie my favorite movie is called Devdas whoa is that where's that from

India ah if anyone knows this movie knows of this movie let us know in the

comments I think my favorite movie is the Shawshank Redemption or Forrest Gump

that was a good one do you have any pets mogwai are kind of nice as long as you

don't feed them after midnight those are the little gremlin things with the big ears okay okay okay Siri do I look good in

this shirt hey didn't I see you at the company store

just recently she's not answering my question she understood me and she

didn't answer my question That was irrelevant that's uh that's not

very nice I think she's trying to avoid the

question I'm listening what are you doing later I'm reading the dictionary don't

tell me how it ends okay then I guess think it ends at Z

do you have a boyfriend? my end user

License Agreement is commitment enough for me do you want to get married?I have

everything I need in the cloud. Smart woman. Will you marry me?

let's just be friends okay heartbreak I'm gonna cry. Rejected. all right Siri will you go on a date with me thank

you for asking but I don't really date humans I love it I just got rejected

twice this is rough what's your best pick-up line here's one like the ideal

vacuum you're the only thing in my universe I don't get it cool okay Siri

what's another pickup line Dodge Ram Ford f-150 chevy silverado holden ute

toyota tundra what I think she's giving us pickups like trucks no siri what's

a pickup line here's one you autocomplete me oh that's sweet so if

you do not want to have your heart broken I suggest that you do not ask

Siri any of those things because I just had my heart broken let's go back to

asking Siri some more conversational question Siri make me laugh

my mom was a radiologist she met my dad when he came in one day for an x-ray I

wonder what she saw him that's a pretty good one you're not impressed I like I

love dad jokes why did the chicken cross the road Siri maybe the chicken is

standing still and it is the road that crosses under it Wow

Siri will pigs fly on the 12th of never oh all right that's cute

you've got some attitude though Siri hey Siri divide 0 by 0 imagine that you have

zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends how many cookies does

each person get see it doesn't make sense and Cookie Monster is sad that there are

no cookies and you are sad that you have no friends Siri just told us that we

have no friends that's so rude are you my friend thy friendship makes us fresh

what yeah let me ask but I think Siri likes me better, let's see hey Siri are you my

friend? Why of course! Racist!oh okay Siri are you sure you're not Sevdha's friend okay if you

insist oh you have it's an obligation now is it I see how it is I'm

sorry she's so rude I think it's because it's my phone

I think she's biased Siri is definitely bias clearly well let's try how much

wood would a woodchuck how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck

could chuck wood in a study called the ability of woodchucks to chuck cellulose

fibers published in the annals of improbable science in 1995 the authors

found that woodchucks to wood at a rate of three hundred sixty one point nine

two three seven zero zero one cubic centimeters

per animals per day she's so literal that's my favorite yeah all right so you can see

Siri was meant as a search tool for you to find information on the web

however she can also be an excellent conversation partner she tells you

whether she understands your English or not or rather shows you whether she

understands your pronunciation or not and it's great listening practice

because she also speaks out loud so who needs humans anymore really for more

ideas of questions to ask to improve your English conversations with humans

or robots click right around here for a video on conversational English

questions and if you have not subscribed yet to Go Natural English what are you

waiting for you can click right here in the middle or that big red button down

there to subscribe right away so you don't miss another amazing lesson here

thanks so much for watching and we'll see you again next time

bye for now

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