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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Amy Bribes Marcus - Superstore

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- I can't give you this position.

- What? I crushed the interview.

- Yeah, no, I know.

Part of me was like, what are you,

taking the "Limitless" pill?

- Amy, no one saw that movie.

- Yeah, but you know the premise,

so the joke is good, it works.

Anyway, I need to give this to Mateo.

- Oh! Of course you were gonna pick one of your favorites.

This whole interview process was a fake.

- No--I mean, yes, but not for the reasons you think.

Look, Mateo never got a work permit.

I convinced Dan to keep him on the books

and let him work for me.

You know how miserable he's been in that job.

So please don't tell HR.

- Oh, man.

I--I totally get it.

He--of course he should get the job.

- Right? Thank you for understanding.

No problem. I' just take the pay raise

and then we're good.

- I'm sorry, wh--what? No.

- Well, I mean, I did still win.

And it just seems like if you want me

to keep quiet about all this,

you should make it worth my while. Right?

- [scoffs]

Okay, well, how about weekends off?

- Oh, man, that's such a good start.

- Okay, Marcus, just tell me what you want.

- Amy, I--I think we both know what I want.

[inhales] Mm.

And I've been wanting it for a very long time.

- Hey, Rico, check it out. I got a desk.

[engine starts]


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