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Hello, Welcome back to the channel

in today's video, I would teach you something

which is quick and easy to make

it's my own recipe, and basically I make it

when I feel lazy, so let's start

Step 1 Let's make nachos first

I will make it from Roti (Indian Bread)

Leftover Roti's from last night

I took 5 - 6 Roti's

Oil is heating up on high flame

Cut the Roti's into 4 - 6 pieces

You can cut the Roti's in your desirable size

Personally, I don't like big nachos

So, I would cut it in 6 pieces to minimise size

Now, time to drop the Missile (Roti)

Jokes Apart

As soon as, the Roti gets light golden brown

Drip the oil, and remove it

Cripsy roti nachos are ready!

Regular nachos are made from corn tortillas

please place the newspaper or paper towel

so that the paper soaks the oil

Let's begin with prep

You can find the ingredients list in the description

First of all,

Cut the cabbage into slice

After that, cut the green capsicum into slice

and same with the red one

Now, finely chop the onions

Same with the green chilli

And chop the tomatoes like this

Follow the same procedure with the coriander

At-last , cut the lemon into halves

Cast iron tawa

On which we make roti's

Heat it up on high-flame

Then, add 2-3 tbsp oil

add the cabbage

and the capsicum to the oil

if you have boiled corn

then, you can add them too

But, the corn part is optional

Sprinkle the water on the tawa like this

and will cover it quickly

turn down the flame to medium

Now, let the steam do it work

you must be wandering!

why we can't use the pan, instead of tawa?

So, the reason is

Tawa itself gives a burnt flavour

Cook until

the cabbage and capsicum gets soften

Until the veggies are cooking

By that time,

Let's make onion-tomato mix

the mix is known as


First take the onions

then tomato

add coriander

and green chillies to it

Now, add the lemon juice to it


in between,

Check the veggies

and give a stir if required

Finally, our veggies are ready

Now, add the salt to it

And then,


and mix it well

now, keep it aside

let's get back to


add salt and pepper to it

and give a good mix

this is also ready

Now, take the Dahi (Yogurt)

and the quantity you took the dahi (yogurt)

add the 1/4 of water to it

Mix it well

It should neither be too thick

nor too thin

You can see the consistency

Dahi(Yogurt) is also ready

First, take the chips to the plate

Now, we'll grate the cheese

on top goes the veggies

and then pico-de-gallo

further chat masala is added

and then, jeera powder (ground cumin)

now, we'll add the dahi (Yogurt)

and on the top, goes the tomato sauce (ketchup )

For garnish, coriander

and 1 lemon slice

Squeeze the lemon slice on the nachos

and enjoy your Roti Nachos

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