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DC is famous for having some of the most ridiculous retcons in the history of comics.

From bringing characters back to life, changing their physical attributes for unnecessary

reasons, developing irrelevant character motivations, or just flat out rebooting their universe

because the continuity is messy as hell, theres a lot of times in the comic giants history

that have been tainted by strange and unsettling retcons.

So today, were taking a look at some of the most controversial with our list of the

top 10 scariest DC retcons.

These are retcons that are jarring, absurd, and downright scary, in the sense that DC

would be willing to make such a bold move (or moves) to beloved or iconic narratives.

Many of these retcons seem convenient, despite causing more of a headache for readers attempting

to follow along.

So with that in mind, lets get to it!

10 Joe Chill Who?

One character thats critical to the Batman mythos but is constantly subjected to changes

is Joe Chillthe petty criminal who killed Bruces parents in that alley way when he

was a boy.

For starters, Joe Chill being the one responsible was briefly retconned in the 90s with Zero

Hour, but the truth was left hanging for years concerning whether or not Chill was really

the one behind the Waynes deaths.

Then, in 2006s Infinite Crisis issue 6, he was confirmed to be their killer once again.

But heres where it gets annoying, frustrating, and a little scary (if messing with continuity

or the thought of doing so is something thats frightful to you).

The way in which Batman discovers that Joe is his parents killer has changed time and

time again.

It seems as if every several years we get a new take on Bruces origin story, and

him confronting Joe, or him rediscovering Joe was the one who pulled the trigger, and

him hunting him down and having some big moral dilemma about the whole darn thing.

There have been multiple variations pertaining to Joe Chills fate, various suspects, various

story lines in which DC characters have believed to find new evidence and hunted down the real

person responsible.

The very first of these was back in Detective Comics issue 33 in 1939.

In 1948, in Batman issue 47, he was revealed to be Joe Chill.

But then, the story changed again in 1956, another time in 1968, again in 1969, in 1972,

1976, 1982 as the Jokers hit man that would later pan out to be shown in the 1989 Batman

movie, again in 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1998 (in which Selena Kyle witnesses their

murders), 1999 in which the Wayne Boards is really behind it, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008 (in

which he commits suicide thanks to batmans persuasion), 2012 in which Penguin was suspected

to be behind the hit, 2015 in which Batman encounters him through the powers he develops

from the Mobius chair, and so many more in adapations we didnt even cover.

Why is this scary?

Because this literally threatens to change Batmans mythos every single damn time his

origin story is redone.

Its frightening.

Please stop giving us new reasons and new scenarios in which we see Batman have to relive

his previous trauma and choose whether or not to kill the man who killed his parents.


9 Jason Todds Hair Back when Jason Todd was first introduced

into the comics in 1983, it was as Dick Graysons replacement, with the former Robin now heading

the Teen Titans team.

While it was great that the New Teen Titans title was selling, DC felt that Batman may

suffer from him and introduced a brand new Robin that debuted in Batman issue 357.

His first few appearances he was distinguished from Dick by having strawberry red hair, which

was later changed because the character lacked popularity, so DC strove to make him more

like Dick.

While thats technically a retcon in itself, perhaps whats even better is the fact that

this change in hair colour is something Todd would later on address after he was brought

back from the dead (more on that later).

Todd would admit that when he was Robin, Batman made him dye his hair to look more like Dick


While he never gives a full reason for Bruce making him do this, its implied its some

sort of marketing ploy, but really, it just feels like Batman fetishized Grayson if were

being honest.

8 Martha Kent has a miscarriage after finding Clark

Moving away from the dark knight and onto the man of steel, weve got another take

on retconned origin stories!

In 1986, John Byrne re-wrote Supermans origin story in the limited series The Man

of Steel.

In this limited series, the Kents take Clark in as per usual, but Byrne added an extra


Prior to finding little Kal-El, Martha had a miscarriage.

The Kents decided to exploit that miscarriage and pretend that Clark was their own.

So why is this bothersome?

Its the fact that the miscarriages became the motivation for why they adopted Clark

rather than, you know, out of the goodness of their hearts like in the initial origin


It felt like an extra factor that was really unnecessary; an attempt to make the Kents

more broody and justified in their need to help a baby they literally found in the middle

of nowhere.

7 Three Jokers Recently, DC came out with their Black Label

imprintcomics aimed at more mature readers that are meant to exist outside of the main


Three Jokers is a three issue mini series released under the black label imprint, except

it was revealed by Geoff Johns that the three jokers is part of the main continuity.

That imprint was inspired by a really ridiculous plot point that pretty much just disappeared

entirely from the main continuity.

So, once upon a time, in 2016, right at the end of the new 52 before rebirth started up,

Batman found himself in the Mobius Chaira plot device that basically gave him all the

knowledge in the world.

Batman learns when hes sat in this chair that theres actually three Jokers out there

instead of one.

Then, that revelation was dropped pretty much as soon as it was revealed, and hasnt been

touched again since the mention of this black label three jokers series.

6 Damian Wayne Back in 1987, DC released Batman Son of the

Demon, in which he and Ras Al Ghul team up, and Bruce briefly considers becoming his heir.

During that time, Bruce has an affair with Ras daughter Talia ah Ghul, who ends up

getting pregnant, but then claims to have had a miscarriage.

At the end of the story, its revealed that she didnt have the miscarriage, and later

on Grant Morrison would introduce Damian Wayne, their sonthe product of Talia having

drugged Bruce and slept with him in order to get pregnant as part of what she termed

as adepraved eugenics experiment.”

So essentially, she raped Batman, and Damian went from being the potential product of a

heart wrenching love affair to one that Batman had no choice in.

Since, Damians origins have been toyed with, including a retcon that suggested he

was created thanks to cloning.

5 Hal Jordan Parallax Once upon a time, during the horrible Reign

of the Supermen story arc that was the sequel to the even worse Death of Superman story

arc, Hal Jordan lost his sh*t after his home of Coast City was destroyed by Mongul and

Cyborg Superman.

This occurred in Green Lantern issue 46, and would become known as the Emerald Twilight

story arc.

A few issues later, completely distressed by Coast city being obliterated, he decides

to use his power ring to try to recreate ita big no no for Green Lanterns.

The Guardians of the Universe summon him for breaking the rule of using his ring for personal

gain, which pisses Hal off, and he steals energy from the main power battery on the

Guardians planet in order to finish recreating Coast City.

The Green Lantern Corps have no choice but to stop him, but Hal ends up killing most

of them, stealing each of their rings, leaving many for dead.

Its then revealed in issue 50 that hes actually Parallax.

Hal then sacrifices himself in the Final Night story arc, but then, ten years later, Green

Lantern gets a reboot and EVERYTHING IS RETCONNED.

Hal was just possessedsomething that Batman would never really let him live down.

4 Barbara Gordon can walkagain Back in 2011, DC introduced the new 52the

DC universe was essentially reset, with some bits of continuity remaining in tact, funny


One of those bits of continuity that remained was Barabara Gordons history with being

paralyzed ; something that occurred in The Killing Joke and saw the character trapped

in a wheelchair, retired from her days as Batgirl, only to reclaim her heroic identity

by becoming Oracle.

Barbara became an inspiration for physically handicapped readers everywhere.

And she was still a total bad ass, despite the seriously trauma and continuous obstacles

that her character continued to face and overcome.

But then, the new 52 changed that.

While the history was intact, so were Barbaras legs.

Despite having Gail Simone pen the Batgirl series, fans were outraged with the new Batgirl

volume for taking Barbara out of her chair and putting her back into the Batgirl costume.

Apparently she had received some really helpful and experimental physiotherapy that allowed

her to walk again.

Many felt that this was harmful to a positive kind of representation that Barbara stood

for in the comics previously as oracle.

The one good thing that the series did explore was the fact that Barbara was still very haunted

by her past and her struggles with her paralysisit wasnt something that she was cured

of and never addressed again, thankfully.

3 A Man of Many Races The Flash mantle has had a history of annoying

retcons over the years.

One of the worst by far though is Wally West ceasing to exist, but then two Wally Wests

existing thanks to retcon messy fun times.

So, at the start of the new 52, and the DC universe reboot that came with it, Wally West

doesnt exist.

Or at least the one we knew didnt existanother new Wally West was kicking around,

and he was the biracial son of Rudy West.

But then that black Wally West was retconned when DC Rebirth came around, yet ANOTHER reboot

of the DC universe, in which the original Wally West was brought back, and this Wally

West, known as Wallace West, was the cousin of the original Wally West and the son of

the New 52 Reverse Flash, Daniel West.

Confused yet?

Dont worry, DC explained the same name thing as a product of the two Wallys being

named after their great grandfather.

2 Watchmen Watchmen has long been considered one of the

most important graphic novels in the history of the medium.

When it came out, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons were praised by critics for transforming a

medium that was often considered to below artinto something that was complex, thought

provoking and subverted what we believed comics could do.

It was a game changer, and it inspired many writers and artists that followed it.

Watchmen has long been considered a sacred text that doesnt get touched, until DC

decided they could milk it for more money.

As you can guess, Alan Moore was not fond of that.

It first started with Before Watchmena group of limited series comics that acted

as prequels leading up to the events of the main Watchmen graphic novel.

Some of them were greatDarwin Cooke, prior to passing away, did a fantastic job

with the Minute Men series, expanding on the characters that Alan Moore had so finely crafted

without making them into something that felt out of line.

Others werent as well done.

But their sales resulted in an unfortunate domino effectDC brought the Watchmen

into the prime DC universe, making Doctor Manhattan a villain of sorts in the Doomsday

Clock limited series, which acted as a direct sequel to Watchmen and tied in stories from

the New 52 and Rebirth.

Its still ongoing now.

And apparently, by its conclusion, the DC universe will be forever changed.

Kind of sounds like one massive retcon in the works again, doesnt it?

It doesnt seem uncharacteristic of DC.

But really, the reason why it lands on our list is the fact that it not only because

it takes something thats so darn good and threatens to ruin itits because Doctor

Manhattan has been turned into a plot device to explain all of the retconning of the New

52Doctor Manhattan is said to be the one responsible for rebooting the universe

and creating the new 52 universe.

Essentially its a retcon that was put in place to explain another massive retcon.

It also made Ozymandias regret what he had done in Watchmen.

And that just aint right.

You cant dilute a character like that.

No fair.

1 Jason Todd is brought back And finally, we have the silliest, most wretched

retcon of them allJason Todd was brought back from the dead.

And super boy prime punched him back to life.

Alright, lets really break down Jasons history here.

For starters, in 1988, when Batmans comic sales were suffering thanks to the low popularity

of the new Robin Jason Todd, Dennis ONeil of DC suggested that allowing the audience

to have an interactive experience and vote on a plot point in the comics would not only

be a great way to attract audiences, but also to solve their Robin problem.

In a four part story arc called A Death in the Family, readers had the option to choose

to call in and vote on whether or not Jason Todd would survive from an encounter with

the Joker.

Fans voted that he be killed offit was a really close call with a 72 cote margin,

and evidence came out afterwards that hundreds of votes for Jasons death came in from

a single person who had programmed a computer to dial the voting number every 90 seconds

for eight hours.

Jason was brutally beaten to death by the Joker, and for a long time, Jason was considered

one of the only characters in comic books to never be resurrectedone of the only

ones to truly stay dead, along with Bucky Barnes and Uncle Ben.

Yeah, look how thats panned out, eh?

Anywho, Jason was brought back to lifeat first, the idea of him being resurrected was

teased as part of the 2003 Hush story line, but later, in 2005, Judd Winnick brought him

back into the fray with the Under the Hood story arc, with Todd having a vendetta with


Alright, there we have it friends!

Theres a whole lot of retcons we havent discussed on this list, like the convergence

retcon that was basically a retcon of the Crisis on Infinite Earths retconso be

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