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what is tableau?

Tableau is a business intelligence application.

It helps in creating visualization, using graphs tables and maps.

you can connect to any kind of data,

helps business and understanding the

data and making informed decisions.

Tableau answers business questions using interactive dashboards.

Before starting in tableau let us understand

what is business intelligence concept?

BI is a concept that deals with analysis of

diverse data, BI uses different tools and

technologies to help in gathering, transforming and presenting data

presentation of data is such that it

helps business users in understanding

the data and arrive at meaningful


By this you guys have understood about the business Intelligence concept I think.

Now we will see, how tableau works?

This is a front page that you will be seeing when you open

for the first time the tableau desktop tool and

when you install it on your machine,

this is the page that will show up.

Tableau can connect to any data source this data connection can be a

live connection or an Extract, it can also be a saved connection or

a published connection.

Tableau desktop is used to create workbooks.

these workbooks use data connections to create charts and tables.

users view this dashboard using tableau reader or a server.

As you are seeing on the screen,

you can find different types of connection options

like you can connect to excel file, text

file, access, json file or a statistical file.

Even you can connect to a different servers

that may be a tableau server, Microsoft sequel server, my sequel, Oracle

and the other different servers.

Here you can see on the screen, so if

whatever the server you are having you

can connect to that and you can connect

your own data.

Now we will be connecting to an excel file and

we will see how the data connection happens.

Let me connect to excel and I will go to my tableau repository.

This is a sample superstore file

that comes default one with the tableau installation on your machine.

now I'm connecting to the sample superstore file

and we will see the connection.

If you are a non technical guy nothing to worry.

Tableau use a drag-and-drop tool interface

so, if you have anything you can easily work on it.

Now what are the sheets you are seeing

those are the tables relating to the excel file.

so you can drag them onto the drag sheets here location and

you can see the data information down and on the top right side,

you can see the two types of connections that tableau can make.

It may be a live connection or an extract.

so now we have done the live connection.

After connecting to a data

just go to

the sheet 1 this is the developer location

that he will be done creating the charts or the graphs or the maps

relating to the work.

so i will create a basic chart by using a category and the measured field and

we will see what is the sales for each category and

I am going to create a bar chart relating to it.

Now, If you observe you can see a chart,

bar chart for each category

what is the sales it is doing,

by representing with different color codes and

this is an interactive worksheet and it will be a dynamic one

so this is the way that you will be creating the other all worksheet

once you create anything in the workbook level,

you will be publishing them on the server and

users will be interacting with them by using

a tableau reader or the server URL.

I hope this video helps in getting

an overview about the tableau.

we provide tableau training and

we cover these below topics in our tableau training,

those are understanding the basics, how to connect to the data?

transformation, calculations involving the tableau or other things

so these are all the concepts will be covering and

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