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Hello guys, you all must have read the video title, "Relationship Status & School Life".

I do not need to tell my relationship status because all you morons must have already judged

me by seeing my face, so i will directly be telling you the reason why i am single.

First, obviously my face.

Second,my choice.

I like those girls a lot who has a good choice but it is obvious that i cannot be the choice

of a girl whose choice is good.

So this the main reason behind me being single.

Apart from this,I like cute girls a lot but those girls who act cute intentionally appear

very irritating to me.

Let me tell you some school life incidents, In grade 10, I was a very naughty boy, i did

not use to study, all i did was chill out with friends and discuss all types of shit

in life.

Even before a day of BOARD exams , i used to chill out with friends for hours.

i knew it does not have any value, its' result is used only for age proof.

i was that kid on whom all teachers had already given up.

I used to mock teachers a lot, they used to be hell mad at me.

But there was one teacher with whom i developed such a good understanding that i and that

teacher used to mock the topper together.

That teacher had no interest in teaching, he enjoyed mocking and talking shits.

But yeah, i was very happy with that teacher.

So i reached grade 11, i changed my subject thrice in the first month.

I was more confused between science and commerce than you would have been between Twinkle Khanna

and Raveena Tandon.

But atlast, I did what every Indian parent wishes.

I took up science and started preparing for engineering.

But I had the same result which all average engineering aspirant have.

My JEE entrance rank and my mobile numbers' first seven digits were same.

So then i decided tho drop the plan of doing engineering and thought of doing graduation

and then MBA.

Are you understanding what happens in MBA ,i will again be competing with the same people

who showed me my standard in JEE , but this time i will be competing for MBA college and

not for engineering college.

So you can see, i can be weak in studies but i am very daring.

I dont' even have an alternative as i have watched such big dreams.

My elder brother is an engineer.

his package is 13 lakh rupees, whenever he tells me that i do not study, what i will

be able to do in life if this continues.

I say him in full attitude that the amount you are earning will just be paid by me in

taxes as i will be earning very good.

So you all can see that there is no lack of confidence and motivation in me.

It is just that I usually do not have the mood to study.

I get depressed if i study for half an hour.

It feels as if all happiness has vanished from my life.

If i study 5 minutes more,even this world may end.

So what is the benefit of studying this way?

That is why i avoid studies,just to avoid depression.

In general i am a very cool and jovial guy, i do not get depressed easily unless i have

to study or i think about my crush.

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The Description of Relationship Status & School Life ||Comedy video by Keshav Agarwal