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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to use the Lishi Kwikset Pick | Mr. Locksmith Video

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- Hi I'm Terry, and as promised,

I finally got the Lishi.

The KW1, it's the Kwikset pick.

It'll do five-pin Kwiksets.

(dramatic music)

Here's something interesting.

A lot of people are saying,

"Oh, this is a game changer,

this is a fantastic tool."

Let's get right to the facts here.

Kwikset five-pin deadbolts, the pin tumbler deadbolts,

are the easiest locks

in the world, almost, to pick.

I can show you, in ten to fifteen minutes,

you're gonna be able to pick these things

and if you practice, you're gonna be really good.

This is not a game changer.

There has been some tools available to law enforcement

that did something similar.

However, this is an inexpensive tool,

and it's really cool.

But here's what I think what it's great for.

It will give you the ability to learn

to do single pin picking or SPP picking better.

So you practice on the inexpensive locks

and they have some other tools coming out

which will be for other locks,

and they've already had one released in Australia

for quite awhile.

It's an interesting tool, it's really cool,

but it's not gonna turn a lousy picker

who can't pick a lock,

you can't just pick this thing up and pick instantly.

I can show you in minutes how to pick Kwiksets

and if you practice, you can pick them.

This just can make your skillset better

for picking.

So, a set of picks or bobby pins or whatever,

or whatever you wanna use,

can pick a Kwikset.

No problem at all.

These are simple locks, doesn't matter what they do.

They can put in mushroom pins, spool pins, security pins,

anything you want.

These are simple, simple, simple.

Same as the Weiser's.

Simple, simple, simple.

So, the Lishi pick.

Cool, but not really a game changer.

You can't just buy this thing

and you'll be a great lock picker.

You have to practice.

I'm incorporating it in my training videos

because I think this thing is great

to help you get the feel

'cause what it does,

it shows you the exact position where the pins are,

and your exact depths.

You're gonna get a feel.

So, if you're doing single pin picking,

you wanna find that binding pin,

and this will help you develop that ability to pick it.

You're gonna know exactly where you are.

But it will make you a better lock picker

on the more complicated locks.

This is just a tool, a training tool

but you can also use it to pick locks.

Would I use this to pick,

as a locksmith, to go to a job and pick?

Not really, 'cause Kwiksets,

if it's a Kwikset, I'm just gonna pick it.

It's so simple and easy.

I gotta rake it, I'll have this thing open in seconds,

under a minute for sure unless it's a malfunction,

then it's gonna give me other problems.

And I'm talking about the Kwikset pin tumbler

not the SmartKey locks.

The Smart locks have an entire pile

of security vulnerabilities.

These are just dead simple to pick.

There's not a single locksmith out there

who'll say these are tough to pick.

Is this a game changer?

No way.

It's cool.

It's a useful tool.

I like it.

I'll own their whole set.

I owned their automotive set,

I think we have every single Lishi pick there was

from Mr. Lishi or the other Lishi companies.

We have the tools.

This is just a great training aid and I firmly believe it

and I'll show you why.

The other thing that is, I will admit,

is a bit of a game changer,

is once you pick it you can actually read the pins.

So, I can pick the lock, read the depths.

So, I can take this, cut it on my code machine,

cut the key and I got a perfect key to fit this lock.

That's gonna be a problem for a lot of people

if someone can make a key and they don't know it.

That's why you don't put this on anything important.

If you have a business or a house,

you don't put a Kwikset pin tumbler on your house.

It can be broken into so easily.

Whether it's picked over forced entry,

you don't put this on your house.

And the company realized that and that's why

they've come up with a new and improved design.

But when you get this stuff

that they've been selling for 50 years,

it's not a game changer.

Also, what's more important, and they say,

"Oh, don't do videos on this," blah, blah, blah,

the company itself, there's a video out there

by Mr. Lishi picking the lock.

So, how can you say locksmiths don't show this,

or other, the locksport don't show this?

There's a ton of video.

The owner of the company has a video that's public

that you can watch, so what's the big secret?

Kwikset are not high security locks.

No way are they high security locks.

Super easy.

If I'm ranting, I'm ranting, okay?

It's just even the company, I could go down

and take pictures and use the lock.

They wouldn't let me do a video 'til I had my own

and now I'll do a video.

Now, let's get to show you how this works

and so, how I think it's cool.

Again, super, super easy to pick this lock.

This is a no-brainer to pick.

The Lishi will help your skills.

Call it single pin picking, SPP

or the French method or the feel method,

this is cool.

So here's the Lishi KW1 two-in-one pick

for five-pin Kwiksets.

Now, I pull the little tool, the little pick,

all the way back, gently insert it,

get right up to the shoulder.

Here's a tension wrench, tension part.

Again, be very gentle.

And what I'm feeling is which pin is binding.

They kind of go, almost one, two, three, four.

Let's go, and you can see where the,

now, where it's springy there, it's kind of cool.

You can hear it nicely.

There we go, really simple.

Once we've picked it, and again, I just took this

out of the box, threw it on there.

This is nothing special.

But what's kind of interesting is now we've got it.

It's a four.

Four, five.



What is it?

Can't quite see.

That's the space, that's the spot we're at,

and there's the depths.

That's cool.

Now, I can cut a key by code.

So, it's a good practice

if you wanna learn single pin picking,

this is a very, very good tool.

This is a Mr. Lishi, there's nothing wrong,

it's just an inexpensive tool in the scheme of things

and it does the trick very, very nice.

Let's just take the tool out

and I'm just going to, this is Weiser's,

which, in Canada, is extremely popular.

These are training locks,

so this one's only got one pin in it.

Now a Kwikset key will fit into a Weiser lock

but this is not geared for it.

But what's kind of cool is, oh, Jesus.

Okay, so that's just ready to pick.

This one, slightly harder.

All I'm doing, I really don't care where it is.

I'm just feeling, which pin is binding?

Oh, feel, oh, look at that.

So, I gotta be careful, this is a brand new tool.

There we go.

Oh, it goes in.

Now, all we're doing is, which one's binding?

I really don't care what position.

I just wanna feel, that's one's binding.

There you go.

Hear that.

(lock clicking)

There we go.

This is a fun tool and it reads

which sometimes, when you have multiple locks,

it's nice to make a key quickly

and you can open up the other locks,

and it just shows you some huge security vulnerabilities

and that's why we sell a lot of the high security locks

like Abloy and Medeco and the Primus.

We sell a lot of high security locks

because these are so easy to pick.

We have key control in the high security locks,

but you stop the amateurs

who can pick those inexpensive locks quickly.

Let's not even talk about the stuff

that's coming in from offshore locks.

This'll be interesting.

I'm gonna play with the tool on the clones of the Kwiksets,

and let's see how it does on the SmartKey locks.

Interesting thing with the SmartKey locks

is they use a sidebar.

They don't really have a shear line

like a pin tumbler's.

This is gonna be kind of fun to experiment with this

with other locks it'll fit in.

Of course, it's not gonna fit into the Schlage, or Schlage,

it's not gonna fit into a lot of other locks.

It'll do the Kwiksets for sure and it will do Weiser.

Not meant to do Weiser's, but it did.

Stay tuned for more videos.

We're gonna have lots of fun with this.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video.

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