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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Blind Chicken Wing Taste Test

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which chicken wing is the king of the

chicken wing let's talk about that good

mythical summer welcome back to another

week of good mythical summer and if

three episodes a week is not enough for

you fear not mythical beast because we

will be back to our regular schedule of

an episode every day five days a week

beginning with our season 14 season 14

premiere on August 20th but before we do

that we have some pressing matters to

attend to today you spent your whole

life walking around not knowing what the

best chicken wing was according to two

men on the internet who are doing

everything in their power to desperately

hold on to a sliver of their youth well

today we're gonna remain a that it's

time for we're winging it to see which

wing is bringing it we're gonna be

tasting wings from various restaurants

while wearing blindfolds each wing will

be the original hot flavor mm-hmm then

we're gonna rate the wings on a scale of

one to ten and then guess which

restaurant they are from whichever wing

has the highest of our combined scores

will be crowned the lord of the wings

whichever of us identifies the most

correctly will also be crowned the lord

of the wings but will actually get a

crown great the prize is a chicken wing

crowd okay

the contenders are hooters Buffalo Wild

Wings wing stop wing Street which is aka

Pizza Hut Domino's and KFC not all KFC

sell bone-in wings but we found one that

did let's get some way round one as you

can see we can't and all our wings will

be brought to us on our very own

patent-pending bling way now before we

bring it in I consider you more of a

wing aficionado I think you have an

advantage here and I'm interested which

one comes out on top do you have any

predictions uh I think that wing stop is

my favorite wing that's what I would

just say if you asked me I mean buffalo

wings has a lot of flavors so I'm

assuming that their original is very

good right a hot wing yeah but there's

so many distractions there you don't

know it's true you mean with the screen

weight sports no but no so many

different flavors wing stock just has

like you know five or six or something

like that all right bring in the first

oh gosh yeah a lot of pressure on me

today I'm gonna get it to Hot Lips


I got a whole bone in my mouth oh really

you ripped the whole thing out of the

club no just a bug no oh nasty

I'm just boning it him one of my bones

you don't think about me this is soft we

got a nice spicy flavor not too

overpowering I'm not a huge fan of this

one you know is why it doesn't have

there's not a lot of Chris penis I think

that it's a little soggy it's got a

little bit of a sogginess and now that

could be just because they've been out

for a while I don't know but nothing

huge it's a little sweetness in the

spicy sauce in a sweetness that I don't

particularly like I'm gonna give this

one a 4 because I think there's a lot of

room for improvement yeah I I would

agree with that I'm gonna also go with a

4 you ready to guess what is it hmm

I got a guess 3 2 1 dominoe nice okay

you think wingstreet

see I think Domino's because there could

be Domino's was like it's one of those

wrapped in foil and delivered with a

pizza kind of a vibe well wingstreet is

from Pizza Hut so oh that would also be

the game okay so I think that's

definitely either Domino's or wingstreet

and I'm not 100% sure round 2 now I've

never had a KFC wing mm-hmm whoo yeah

well you will this morning bring it in

okay bigger wing hmm

what is happened what is happened

hmm there it goes

huh I think I ate a string attached to a

wing that wing is meaty


I can taste a bigger wing more meaty

it's more fried that is a good wing a

really good wing I don't think it's a

perfect wing

you said genetically modified but I

think the chicken itself in the fried

part tastes better than the previous

wing by by a long shot so the chicken

have been working out but the sauce

itself was a little underwhelming a

little weak it was quite mild hmm man at

first I'm gonna give this one a 6

because it's a step up from what we

tasted but it's not it's not a perfect

wing yeah I mean I really like it

you know I'm in total agreement a six

two notches up from the previous and I'm

ready to guess three two one Buffalo

Wild Wings

okay so we're both thinking higher end

wing chain I just found a kated time

thought that I would like it more if it

was from Wing Stop again me now not all

these are the same so I don't know I

either think that one of us has gotten

both of them right and the other has

gotten both of them wrong and I don't

know who's who at this point or there

there's other options yeah no there's

not round three sink our teeth into

another one on there bling we angle oh

yeah I think I can control it better

sauce I'm just smelling this one and it

smells totally different Oh

way different more breading uh-huh hmm I

got fulfillment with it is it illegal to

touch it you cannot touch it

hmm it's a Tangier sauce wouldn't you


but not a hotter sauce it's funny

because the first one still has the

hottest spice I feel like I have a

memory of this wing but it's a wing I

haven't had in a long time there's more

breading on it I think I think I might

know where it is but I and I used to

love this but I my tastes have changed

what you're talking about hooters let's

just I don't think it's a great wing you

like to hula-hoop on your own time at

home yeah yeah III think that this the

breading I think that a lot of people

who think that they want more bread on

their wings are wrong and the the more

you get into the purity of the chicken

the better and the breading is just

clouding the whole story so I'm gonna

give this one a five guys do you think

it is better than the the first wing but

just a five again I 100% agree with the


we're in lockstep there I'm also giving

it a five and it's I would have guessed

a fast-food delivery wing like pizza

place but it's too small so I'm left

thinking the exact same thing let's vote

three two one KFC well because I know it

is hooter it could have been hooters it

is no tur because it's so bready but I

just figured that KFC also does a Bretty

thing I know I haven't been there since

high school and it was a very awkward

experience but I do remember it

pristinely round for all that stuff you

said about Hooters you were just baiting

me to vote for Hooters no because it

could it might have just as easily been


well then you would have voted for

hooters but in the last minute I was

like the sauce tastes a little bit

different than what I remember from

Hooters bring in the next one hello

flower flutter wing

whoa I was about to say this is more of

a barbecue II sauce

but didn't it oh it got hotter well it's

real spicy definitely the spiciest one

we've tasted again there's breading

there here is breading

there's breading and where there's

breading there's a redder and where

there's a brighter there's no what I

don't know

cuz they are you saying that wing stop

doesn't bread their wings um it is if

any breading superlight breading but I

think it's no breading I think is just a

wing skin just it's just wing with skin

on it just thrown into a fryer and then

drizzled with sauce I think okay boy

that's a really good wing I'm starting

to feel some heat rising at the top of

my head yeah I'm going makes it harder

to experience the chicken itself but the

sauce is really good I'm gonna give this

one a 6

hmm I was gonna say 6 as well but I

don't want to say the same number but I

can't go all the way to 7 because the

again the breading goes against my

philosophy of wings

I'll stay I guess I'll just agree with

you as a 6 ready to vote yeah 3 2 1

hooters wing Street Pizza Hut round 5 at

this point I would just like to

interject that that second wing to me

was the best and I think I went too low

I'd like to bring up my rating of that

second wing from a 6 to a 7 okay because

that was the best-tasting wing that's

respectable okay let's bring let's bring

in this way oh there it is I like the

way it lets me know it's there what is

that down there what is the dangle I I'm

just finding the dangle

oh goodness that's a super-sweet wing

almost what you said about a wing a

couple of weeks ago was that there was a

barbecue nature to it mm-hmm

this one has that it's a good wing but

it's odd I mean it's it's not what I

come to expect from a hot wing

you know it's yeah I I'm putting this

one back putting there's a way for yeah

this is this is not a hot wing I put

this at a three and I know what it is I

know where it's from and I'm dialing it

in okay three two one

Domino's see no doubt you think it's

Domino's have you eaten a Domino's wing

uh maybe once or twice yeah this has

that KFC 11 urban spices underneath

really yeah it's in there round six well

I'm having a good time I feel I feel

you're having a good time no cuz I feel

like there's so much pressure on me and

I feel like I may have missed all of

them oh you know what I'm saying

yeah I have no Pratt just feel like I'm

laid-back in the corner booth at Hooters

just trying to avert my eyes because I'm

just there for the wings

I haven't guessed hooters by the way or

Zaxby's exacts please a part of this

nope haha guys that is by far the best

wing I've tasted

whoa whoa whoa Hollywood there's a

great-sized there's something weird

about the sauce to me help me out the

notes vinegary the sauce has

multi-layers you know I'm saying it's

like it's got we've got so spicy it's

got some sweet it's got something coming

from the left side I don't know what it

is it's it's got its it's a it's a total

wing experience I have to think that

this is wing stop I hope I'm not wrong

all right let me weigh in on the sauce

here because I said it was very vinegary

and then as you started laying out the

sauce layers I already liked it I

started experiencing them that it I mean

it's a very juicy sauce and it it rises

a juicy sauce the heat rises those are

those dry sauces well I'll put it this

way it's it's more watery it's it's less

thick yeah

and that's a good thing I'm you're

better than eight Wow

maybe I'm giving it a 9 yeah hope I'm

not wrong when you have a blindfold on

and it's just a yes you start to you

then you have a blindfold yeah because

you can't hear the confidence is I say

that with no confidence like it might be

a dominoes wing you know it's like but

I'm giving it a night

it definitely has a much more of a

journey that it takes you on it's a

journey it's a journey wing and so I'm

I'm definitely given in my highest score

which would be an eight okay um all

right well let's see where it's from or

let's guess where it's wrong three two

one Wild Wings oh so all right so yeah I

think that's wing stuff but I don't know

if we're gonna find out shall we remove

let's okay

all right who's the lord of the wings I

think I did either really good or really


like I had equal confidence in both

results I just had a great time I'm just

really happy to be here well Rhett you

got to yeah really bad that's not that's

not good but you also have someone your

nosy nose isn't it but link you also got

to correct oh really

and they were the they were different

twos really we can unpack that and more

but your champion of course is it means

we don't get to don't get the crown yeah

we'll share it we get to share it but

you can get both our heads in there

probably can't duel Lord of the wings

maybe we should just share it like off

days yeah listen you would take turns

you know what your dual highest ranked

ranked wing was of course Wingstop yes

was that the last one yeah correct

followed by Buffalo Wild Wings and your

worst scoring wing was from wing Street

okay that that makes me feel better I

feel like our scores are consistent with

the reality of them yes yes yes my guess

is we're just wrong

well congratulations wing stop you are

the lord of the wind thank you for

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