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Hi! it's Dawson Church here from EFT universe.

I'd love to show you today about the whole idea of getting new clients as a fledgling


therapy practitioner and what to look for what to avoid and what direction to go in?

But love the three best kinds of clients for at you

as a new practitioner or novice practitioner or when you're getting going with your healing practice.

So the first kind of client look for is


an easy client.

Clients where the sessions just flow and there are people like

that. You

know there are people you meet them and right away you're in flow with them, you talk to them

easily. You can feel as effortless energy between you that energy is going to be a


strate of experience and carrier wave on which you can successfully offer a healing session.

So notice those people and the chances are they'll say yes pretty readily because they know that they feel the same thing.

They know they'll be a good match for you, your energies already flowing and even build the healing session on top of that trust you already have.Now the same


the second category

may be much less intuitive and that's a hard client.

I got a case history in from one of our candidates in our energy psychology certification program last week and she said,

Dawson I was really

ambivalent about sending this case history into you. In fact, I did this case three months ago.

I decided not send it in but now I feel I'm do it just to get your take

on this and it is the opposite. This was a difficult client. She seemed difficult to begin with. She was resistant.

She knew a little bit about energy therapy was ready. She'd watched some YouTube

videos on EFT tapping. So the client had a basic understanding of what was involved.

But the session didn't go well in the very beginning. The client was resistant to

working on deeper issues. The client had pain,

ankle pain and foot pain and the client wanted to keep it at that superficial level of pain and

when the practitioner tried to lead her into the origins of the pain and

deeper issues emotional issues behind the pain the client more or less said, I just want to work on the


So the client didn't want to follow the predators advice.

Even though this practitioner was highly trained. The client didn't want to go there.

The client was not ready or willing to look at the deeper emotional roots of her physical symptoms and


okay. and I love it when people I'm mentoring in the energy psychology

certification program send me cases got wrong, cases where they feel they did the wrong thing,

where they didn't have a good sense of

rapport connection with the client. Perhaps cases where they didn't have the skills to bring the session to a good conclusion,

that things went wrong. You often learn


from those clients than anyone else.

So in our live workshops, for example

As we're training people in the skills of being a good energy practitioner. We instruct people to switch partners each exercise.

Don't be with the same partner every single exercise of the whole class. Pick a different partner

sometimes we say go pick somebody that

you intuitively feel you'll have a hard time connecting with or maybe there's someone here in the

class but they walked in, you just thought that's not my kind of person make a point of doing a session with them.

Two things you'll find one is that likely you will have a surprise.

You may well find that the session goes better than you think it might

and you might find that you find points of connection and that these energy therapies are so powerful.

That despite the fact you don't believe,

they'll work, they do work with that client.

The other possibility is that it might be as difficult as you think it might get more difficult as

time goes on it might not turn out well and the chances are you will learn a lot about

yourself and about these methods and about the client and when you have real-life clients and

you're having clients 5 and 10 and 15 and 20 years on some of them

you'll have wonderful rapport where they'll be easy and some will be hard. Some clients will always be hard.

It's worth experimenting with that condition.

Early in your practice the third kind of...............

The third kind of client to look for is what is available. Just simple availability is the clients showing up

is easy to make appointments with them. Do they show up for their appointments?

Do they show up ready to do the work? Aren't they geographically available.

If you're working in person, are they available in the same time zone if you work remotely, is it easy?

So picking clients who are just there,

you'll find there some clients were just there for you. Who are available to you and make themselves

available. And then that's not an issue and what you'll tend to find as

well. Is that as you move through your skill sets in energy psychology,

we teach you three distinct skill sets as you move through your skill sets those easy

available clients will tend to be the ones who will become paying clients for you

later on. Many people in our certification program. We don't what suppose certify them and then say go find clients.

In fact, we have a whole final module. The final module of the program is the abandoned client attraction system.

We give you a whole system

automatically attracting clients so you aren't finishing up your certification then having to beat the bushes for clients.

You are having a steady stream of clients and you're having income before you even finish the certification program.

So I'd invite you to check out more about this.

Download our free course sampler right below. Also give me a thumbs off of the video. Subscribe to the channel.

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