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- Hey guys, this is Austin and today we're back

for another Mystery Tech Items from Amazon.

This time taking a look at stuff under 100 dollars.

Ken, if you would please.

Okay, more headphones.

The Professional 7506 sound monitors from Sony.

How much were these?

Well the first thing I see is that copyright 1994.

So I guess these are some classics.

They actually, oh wait the 7506s.

So these are fairly popular,

sorta like studio monitor style headphones.

The OG headphone adapter.

So naturally, because these are headphones in 2017,

I've gotta use my super cool dongle

to actually listen to them.

So they definitely lean a little bit more on the

flatter side of things so it's not really super punchy

on the bass like pretty much

all modern headphones are but it sounds good.

However I actually don't think that this

little headphone adapter's actually doing it justice.

I'm curious what these sound like plugged into a phone

with a proper amp such as the LG V20.

It's still not super punchy to be clear

but having a proper amp to actually run them

really livens them up.

I think my real question here though is

would I get these or would I get the Status CB-1s

which have been my headphones for a long time.

I think that, even though they're about the same price,

for stuff like video editing, for music production,

if you want something with a little bit of a flatter sound,

these definitely make sense

but if you want just a little more punch in your music,

I still really do like those Statuses.

Alright, item number two.

3D Doodler Create?

The world's first 3D printing pen. How much was this?

- 82? Okay, alright. We're still well below 100.

Easy as one, two, three. Plug in and switch to HI.

Insert your ABS Plastic. Doodle onto the page.

Interesting. It does kind of look like a pen.

There's a couple of buttons here

where you can pick fast versus slow.

It looks like it extrudes out here

and I guess the idea is that you can sort of

easily bring a little bit of the Plastic out as you need to.

Whoa! Do you see the smoke?


Alright, we're just gonna put this over here.

Oh, oh, oh! Okay, okay, okay.

I guess I can do a 3D, huh?

Okay, okay. Let's just start with a new page.

So Ken lives in a big, green house with four walls

so that's the bed and then the TV, this is such a mess.

Alright. So that's Ken's TV.

It's this little blob of plastic

which sort of represents what he feels in his soul.

How do they get this? How do they get this car?

I'm drawing a stupid square. Alright.

Let me see if I can do, what's something

that's not crazy complicated that I could probably pull off?

So, if you want to spend 85 dollars

and make wonderful works of art like this,

link in the description. Alright Ken, item number three.

What, just broke the table!

Ken, did you really just get a giant shark?

A fusion of technology and personality.

Oh, it's not a shark. It's a RoboRaptor?

We've done some weird stuff on Mystery Tech.

This is up there. After 20 minutes of 'unboxing',

let's actually see what this thing does.

Batteries not included.

(robotic raptor noises)

Okay. (laughs)

(mumbles) No, stop!

(robotic raptor noises)

It's like it's fighting even more

the more I try to put it on.

(robotic raptor noises)


Can the rest of this video just have no words?

Can I just laugh the whole time?

Wait, no, don't! No, stop!

Little buddy, come on. This is not the way to end things.

So if you've ever wanted your own RoboDinosaur,

you know, this is an option.

Honestly at this point, I've lost track

of what item we're on. Ken, just bring it on.

I don't think anything can be as weird as a robot dinosaur.

What is this? I don't really have anything to say.

It's a monitor. Wait, how much was this?

$80 monitor? Alright.

So even though it's a small screen because it's 1080,

the actual pixel density isn't bad.

While yes, the view angles aren't amazing,

when you're looking at it dead on, it looks pretty good.

For $80, you're getting something that is pretty bare bones.

So for inputs, you only have DVI as well as VGA.

- [Onscreen Voice] The silver is basically just white

with a silver chassis. With the space gray,

swaps out the rear glass.

- So yes, if you spend another 30, $40,

you can get a panel with more inputs

and maybe something that's gonna be a little bit bigger

but if you just need to get a monitor

to get up and running with stuff like gaming,

this is really not a bad way to go for like 80 bucks.

Good job Ken.

Digital camera?

Every side of the box just says digital camera.

How much was this?



24 megapixel sensor, uses SD cards.

Oh man, what are we getting ourselves into?

Well, it looks pretty retro.

We actually have a flip out screen.

I mean, it's a little cheap feeling

and to be fair, this entire thing is absolutely plastic.

Look at the lens! Oh look at this giant lens.

Oh wait, no. It's that tiny little lens in the middle.

Alright ready and...

There's such a crazy lag when I actually hit the button

versus when it actually takes the picture.

Alright, we're now recording on the $94 camera.

Let's flip it around here and get some vlogging.

It looks like we're getting a solid

15 frames per second. Not good. Not good.

But you know what is good?

The sponsor for today's video: 23andMe.

23andMe will take a look at your DNA

and find out all kinds of things about you.

As humans, we have 23 chromosomes

which is where the 23andMe name comes from.

Oh hi, Austin from the past here with

the 23andMe saliva collection kit.

Learn what your DNA says about you.

Register your kit, spit and discover.

Okay, that sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Oh wow, that's actually a lot. You have to really do it.

I suddenly question my decision to do this on camera.

Stop looking at me. Alright, so that's it.

So I just need to put this in the bag,

mail it off to them and in a few weeks,

I will know my results.

So it's been a couple of weeks since I sent off my sample

and now it's time to actually see my results.

I'm actually a little nervous right now.

This can tell you a lot about yourself.

My muscle composition is common in elite power athletes.

What? Hey, oh okay. I am 100% Austin.

So 98.7% European. Wow, almost entirely Northwest European.

If you guys want to check out 23andMe for yourself,

you can check it out at the link in the description


Of course, huge shout-out to them for sponsoring this video.

Guys, what do you think about Ken's wonderful

Amazon picks for this one?


I can't even say wonderful.

Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching

and I will catch you in the next one.

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