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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 Honours Students That Went Missing (Collab with Heavy Casefiles)

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Kristine Kupka Kristine kupka was an honor student at Baruch

college in New York, majoring in philosophy.

Kristine supported herself by working as a server at a Jamaican restaurant in 1998, and

lived with five roommates.

At the college she met Darshanand Persaud, a young Indo-Guyanese-American who was her

adjunct chemistry professor at the college.

Both soon started dating shortly after she completed his class and continued their relationship

for five months.

Soon he would find out that Kristine was five months pregnant.

He begged and pleaded her to have an abortion throughout the pregnancy, but she refused.

On October 24, 1998, Kristine left her home in the 200 block of Westminster Avenue in

the New York City at approximately 12:30 pm and never returned.

Her roommate said Darshanand had arrived at their house shortly before hand.

She said Darshanand seemed nervous.

Kristine had left a message on her sisters answering machine before she had left.

She said that she was going with Darshanand to view his new apartment and would return

home shortly.

Kristine hasnt been seen since.

Kristines family told police that Darshanand and Kristine had a troubled relationship.

The family stated that after Darshanand found out about her pregnancy, Kristine was frightened

that he would hurt her or their child, although she never stated he had threatened her.

It was found that Darshanand was married and reportedly only told Kristine of his marital

status after she found out of her pregnancy.

However, he was not married at the time the infant was conceived.

He had initially denied that the baby was his stating he haas had a partial Vasectomy

but would later back down from the claim.

According to Kristine's family and friends, Darshanand was angry and scared, telling Kristine

that his family would disown him if they found out Kristine was pregnant.

He would be ostracized from his community and family.

He is a Guyanese immigrant and his father is a Hindu priest.

They also said that Kristine had allegedly spoke to Darshanands wife several times.

She had apparently got in contact with her after Kristine was attempting to page Darshanand.

Kristine told his wife she did not want to disrupt the family but she wanted Darshanand

to be part of their childs life.

After learning about Kristines pregnancy, Darshanands wife apparently became very

angry with him.

Kristine had intended to name Darshanand as the father on their childs birth certificate

and also had planned to him for financial support if needed.

Darshanand disappeared from Kristines life for a while after this, but then started seeing

her again shortly before her disappearance.

Darshanand told Kristine he had been thrown out of his family and had been staying with

a cousin.

He apparently became supporting of the pregnancy at this time suggesting names for the baby

and offering to be birthing coach.

But, after the roommate had notified Kristines family that she was missing on 25th October,

Kristines family located Darshanands house and found out that he was still living

at his house and had never been thrown out.

The family confronted him about Kristines whereabouts and the police was called in.

Darshanand told the police that he had driven Kristine to a shopping center and then waited

in his car for her to return from shopping.

After finishing her shopping, he said he dropped Kristine off two blocks from her home between

3:00 and 4:00 pm as she wanted to walk to a nearby health food store.

When Kristines family asked him which shopping mall he had taken her to, he said he did not


Kristines family then questioned around the neighborhood.

A Laundromat owner came forward and said that he had seen her walking past the establishment

and the owner of the area health food store said she might have seen her at approximately

7:00 p.m. the day of her disappearance but would later change her story and said the

woman was not Kristine since the woman wore peach coloured pants which Kristine did not


Authorities called in Darshanand but he appeared before the detectives in the presence of his

attorney and refused to answer any questions.

The family hired a Investigator since and he believes that Darshanand is involved in

her disappearance.

Theres no actual evidence linking Darshanand to Kristines disappearance and probable


No witnesses, no confessions, no physical evidence.

Its only the circumstances.

Authorities have said that he was cooperative during his single interview, but have also

mentioned that he did not have an alibi for the time Kristine vanished.

Darshanand has never been charged in connection with Kristine's case and he maintains his


He lives in Florida now, is a dentist and is still married.

In 2010, police began digging up the basement floor of a shop once owned by one of Darshanand's


One section of the concrete was not like the others, and a cadaver dog indicated the presence

of human remains, however, nothing has ever been found.

Kristine remains missing to this day.

Ronald Tammen Ronald Tammen was born on July 23,1933,, in

Lakewood city Hospital.

He was a wrestler and a string base player at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

On April 19th 1953, Ronald Tammen was a resident hall advisor at fisher hall, a former victorian

mental asylum converted to a dormitory at the University and lived in room 225 with

a Roommate who had gone to visit his family in Dayton.

At about 7pm Ronald was in the room 212 of fisher hall helping Richard Titus with his


Room 212 was just down the hall from Ronalds room.

Around 7:30pm he told Richard that he needed to go to his room as he still had to complete

his homework and left.

At around 8pm, Ronald was seen again heading downstairs to get new bedsheets because someone

had put a dead fish in his bed.

On the way he met Mrs todhunter, the residence hall manager, and said that he looked tired,

to which Ronald said he was and he planned to go right to bed.

Sometime around 8:30 pm, Ronald apparently heard something outside his room and went

to check it out.

He never returned to his room.

When Chuck Findlay returned to room 225 at 10:00 pm after his trip, he noticed that Ronald

wasnt in the room.

Chuck found the lights on, radio playing and an open psychology book on Ronalds desk,

which he found weird as Ronald had dropped his psychology course three weeks earlier.

Nonetheless, he assumed that Ronald was spending the night at the Delta Tau Delta fraternity

house and did not report him missing until the next day.

Investigators found no evidence that stated the Ronald left at his own accord.

His car keys, wallet and most of its contents, including his draft card, drivers license,

musicians union card and other personal belongings were left behind in his room.

He had also left his high school ring and $200 in his bank account.

He was believed to have only $10 to $15 on him when he disappeared.

Investigators also found his gold 1938 Chevrolet sedan in its usual parking spot and his bass

fiddle was in the back seat.

However, authorities also refused that foul play was involved in Ronalds disappearance.

They stated that his wrestling credentials was an evidence that he could not have been

forcibly abducted.

Ronald was large and strong enough to protect himself from most attackers.

They theorized that Ronald could have experienced amnesia and probably wandered off, not knowing

who he was or where he belonged.

As days went by without any leads in the case, some began wondered if Ronald simply walked

away voluntarily.

Ronalds parents stated that they had last saw him a week ago and he did not appear to

be troubled by anything at the time.

He was business major and a good student.

Then at the end of June 1953, a woman named Clara Spivey who lived twelve miles east of

Miami University campus, came forward and told police that on the night Ronald disappeared,

a young man who looked like Ronald had knocked on her door at 11:00 pm.

He had asked herWhat town am I inandWhere will I be if I go in that direction.”

She then gave him directions to the nearby bus stop.

However, the bus route on that day had been suspended for midnight run, so he could not

have gotten on the bus.

She said the young man was disheveled and had a smudge of dirt or grease on his face

as if hed been trying to fix a flat.

He appeared to be upset and confused.

Although it was a cold night, the man was not wearing a coat or a hat.

He also seemed to be on foot as she did not hear or see a car.

It would later be found that five months before Ronald vanished, he had visited Dr. Boone,

a family physician and coroner for butler county.

Ronald had asked to have his blood type tested, a request that Dr. Boone hadnt received

from anyone in his 35 years of practice.

It's unknown why Ronald wanted the test done and why he did not have it conducted in Oxford,

where local physicians or the university hospital could have typed his blood for him.

He was scheduled for a physical examination by the Selective Service for induction into

the army, but inductees did not need to know their blood type in advance of the physical.

H.H. Stephenson, who had known Ron and had granted him approval to have his car on campus,

apparently had seen someone who looked like Ronald in a hotel restaurant in Wellsville,

N.Y on August 5 1953.

He said the man who looked exactly like Ronald was sitting at a table with a group of men,

and he was looking at Stephenson from across the room.

Unfortunately he didnt say anything to him at the time as he was returning home with

his wife from a vacation.

He would later return to see if it was Ronald but the men had already gone.

Decades later, students at Miami University claimed his ghost roamed the Fisher Hall.

Fisher Hall was torn down in 1978 and the debris was searched for any signs of Ronalds

remains, but nothing was found.

His disappearance remains unsolved to this day.

Matthew David Pendergrast Matthew was a 23 year old student at Rhodes

College in Memphis, Tennessee in 2000.

He was 2 weeks away from graduating when he disappeared on 1st December 2000.

He lived at 591 Trezevant, where he had rented a room in the house.

His family resided in Atlanta, Georgia, Where his father worked as a Plastic surgeon.

Matthew was last seen the night before his disappearance where he had appeared in a play

on campus.

The woman from whom he had rented a room said she heard him moving around and leave the

house between 7:30 and 8 a.m.

The last person known to have spoken with Matthew was Geo Presley-Brooks, who was known

as a friend, mentor and tutor to Matthew.

He had spoken to him somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00 am on December 1st and said that

Matthew seemedvery upbeatas they discussed how Matt would outline and write his final

paper that was due the following week.

Matt was scheduled to attend a Spanish class that morning but he never arrived and has

not been seen since.

On Saturday December 2nd around 2:00 pm, Matts mother received a phone call.

The caller said he wanted to speak to Matt.

When Mary told him that Matt was at school at Rhodes college, the caller explained that

Matt's SUV was parked on a levee in a private duck-hunting preserve in Lonoke County, Arkansas

which was 120 miles from Memphis.

He said the car was not there around 10:00 am on December 1st when he and a companion

had arrived for a duck hunt..

At 2 p.m., however, the SUV was parked on the levee, and the men had left a note on

the windshield asking the owner to remove it.

When they found the SUV still there the following day unlocked with the keys in the ignition

they opened the glove box where they found an oil change receipt which had contact information

of his mother.

His mother immediately notified the police.

The police checked the SUV and the surrounding area.

Some 100 yards from the vehicle, in a wooded thicket, they found Matts clothes in a

pile, along with his wallet containing $46 in cash, credit cards, family photos, and

driver's license.

His pants were found to be wet from the knees down, as if he had took them off and let them

drop where they were found.

It is not known wether his shoes and socks were wet too.

His T-shirt also seemed to have come right out of the dryer and despite the frigid temperature

that day, he wasnt wearing a coat or a jacket.

Police found Matts room in disarray.

Over the next few days, searchers used helicopters with night vision, divers equipped with sonar,

and scent-tracking by blood-hounds and cadaver dogs.

The K-9 team picked up the young man's scent from the pile of clothes to the edge of Bayou

Meto, a complex waterway that winds through five Arkansas counties.

They found no scent, however, leading from the vehicle to the clothes.

Nor did investigators find signs of a struggle, footprints, weapons, or DNA evidence.

While Investigators were examining Matts car, they found a journal inside a backpack.

The journal contained poems, reflections, observations of life, death, and nature.

In at least one entry Matt mentioned a group called Silver Elves.

Its a website that features theElven tree of life and deathwhich leads visitors

on a "journey of self discovery and the means to obtaining Immortality.”

In one of the journal entries Matt had described the cold mud in the woods, lying down in the

icy water, and feeling his blood turning to ice crystals.

The Police hired a psychic who claimed that Matt wanted to be rebirthed as a Silver Elf.

The psychic said that she "saw" Matt take off his clothes, fold them neatly, and step

out into the bayou, where he died of hypothermia.

However his mother refused to believe this, she said the boy never did anything neatly

in his life.

However she did say that he played a game called Dungeons and Dragons which had links

to the website of Silver Elves.

However, those that knew Matt personally do not believe he would have ever harmed himself,

especially since that would mean harming all of those that loved him.

Some people believe that Matthew could have been involved in drug trafficking or that

he could have been a victim of a carjacking.

Matts disappearance is classified as suspicious and some investigators believe the crime scene

with his clothing was staged.

He remains missing to this day and his case remains unsolved.

The Description of 3 Honours Students That Went Missing (Collab with Heavy Casefiles)