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so one thing that I wanted to talk to

you all about today something that I was

thinking a lot about over the weekend

was our small and simple habits that we

have every day and I want you to think

about the habits that you have and the

and are your habits helping you or

serving you are they are they helping

you become and do the things that you

want to do um we were talking I was

talking about this with my kids because

we're trying to establish with the new

school year we're trying to establish

some new routines help them have more

responsibility and and so we're we're

really working on habits and routines

and it made me think about my own habits

and routines and the things that I'm

trying to accomplish and the goals that

I have set for myself when I think of

the goal as a whole and I think of this

big goal that I want to achieve

sometimes it can feel overwhelming to

think how in the world am I going to

achieve this big goal of mine and when I

think of it as a whole it's really hard

to be motivated to do the things that I

need to do because it does feel a little

overwhelming but what I found to be

really helpful and to give me the

success and in achieving that goal is

the small and simple habits that need to

happen on a daily or weekly or whatever

the goal is on that consistent basis to

help me achieve that goal so I was

thinking about my own goals and things

that I want to some content I want to

create for the pronunciation Pro program

and some things that I want to do for

work some things that I want to do just

personally I have I'm really a big about

taking pictures of my family and doing

videos and I have this big goal of being

able to put those in and photo

books and create videos and things for

my family and it seems very overwhelming

when I think of it as a whole because I

have thousand you probably like you I

have thousands and thousands of pictures

of life and kids and everything that

we're doing and it seems quite

overwhelming when I think of it all at

once but what I thought about this

weekend is thinking okay what small

habit can I put in place consistently

that will over time help me get to my

goal and so I decided I'm going to set

aside an hour to on Sundays to work on

organizing my photos and videos I asked

my husband kind of help me in that in

that habit so he can help with kids and

things while I'm working on that project

and I kind of set up a time a specific

time that I can work on that project and

this is just a fun you know a little

example but set aside some time so that

I can I can dedicate it to that goal and

once I did it was interesting because

that feeling of overwhelm came down

quite a bit I had a plan I knew that I

could commit to this hour to a week of

sitting down and working on it I went

ahead and did it this Sunday and I sat

down and I worked on it and it was

interesting because I I worked for an

hour on it and then there was more I

could have done to continue to work on

it but I decided to stop at that point

and say I did my hour I fulfilled my

commitment and now I'm going to move on

with other things and not extend it to

too long and I'm going to make sure that

I do that again next weeks because I

don't want it to make it feel

overwhelming the first time I I do it

and so I I set it aside and it felt

really good because I was taking steps

towards that bigger goal now it really

made me they

think about all of you and the goals

that you are working to achieve and I

want to encourage you to think about

especially your work here at

pronunciation Pro improving your

communication skills I want you to think

of it not as oh I

this overwhelming huge goal of being

clear feeling confident

learning all of the things that need to

be learned in improving your

communication skills in English but I

want you to think of it as what are the

small and simple habits and routines

that I can put in place now that I can

commit to and follow through with

consistently that will over time get me

to my half my goal okay so I want you to

really think about that are you setting

aside time every week a consistent time

every week to work on your pronunciation

skills to work through the videos and

the worksheets and the mp3s and do your

daily practice are you setting aside you

know every week there's probably maybe

an hour of of actually video work and

things that you need to go through but

then 15 20 minutes a day of practice

with your worksheets with the things

that you need to be working on are you

setting aside that time and committing

to it and following through at that time

as consistently as possible to be able

to get to that greater goal if that

needs to be adjusted so that's fine you

can go at your own pace so it doesn't

have to be what I just described it can

be you can lengthen it out you can say

well I'm going to take two weeks for

this module you can say I have five days

a week to practice but I'm going to take

the weekends off or during the week it's

a little bit crazy so maybe I'll do 10

15 minutes during the week and and then

on the weekend maybe

more like 20 to 30 minutes on Saturday

and Sunday you know whatever works for

you and your schedule I highly encourage

you to just be think through your

schedule put it on your calendar and

commit to yourself to follow through

with that as much as possible now we're

all imperfect we never and you know none

of us can really do it exactly the way

we we implant every time but when you

begin with that end in mind when you are

proactive in deciding what your you know

the goals that you want and how you're

going to achieve them and those small

and simple steps to get you there and

it's amazing to see what can be

accomplished over the time okay so I

really encourage you to think about that

to make sure that you're you're setting

aside specific time for your study and

and prioritizing that and sometimes it's

not the biggest priority

I recognize that if there are things

that that come up with family that I

need to address on Sunday my my you know

our slot of working on photos and videos

for my family is not as important as the

other things that my family needs at

that time but the more that we can stake

I can stay consistent with that the more

I'm going to accomplish that goal okay

so just a little thought for you this

Tuesday morning

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