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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Making Of Smokepurpp’s “123” With Murda Beatz | Deconstructed

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I just make music based off of how I feel at the time.

Just like how someone can write a song and feel this certain way.

I'm just making music based off of how I feel or like a feeling I want to put out there.

When I was making the beat, Purpp was like, "Oh, this shit is so hard."

"This shit is so hard.”

Right when I was done, he went in the booth and made the song.

And we got a hit.

So we went to the studio and theres a bunch of people.

We had some girls and like a bunch of people in the studio.

Everyone was like vibing.

We were playing music and shit and then I was likefuck it.”

And just like pulled up a sample, chopped it up and then just started adding drums.

Everyones likeThis shits hard."

"This shits hard.”

He went in the booth and told the engineer to mute the beat and not play it.

So everyones conversating and shit.

Nah, I told him to mute it out loud so nobody could hear it.

Everyones like talking, conversating and partying in the studio and shit and he was

recording it in the booth the whole time.

And he just came out and played it and everyone like lost their minds.

It was just hitting hard.

It wasnt like an overdone beat so it was just like the perfect beat that matched my style.

My buddy, Rasool, he found the sample and flipped it in the studio.

So this is the sample.

He chopped it up and like reversed it into this.

Right when I heard that, I'm like "Whoa!"

Pulled that shit up and then I just fucked it up.

The way I did the drums is normally how I do all my drums.

I have all percussion and the different high hats hitting at different times to fill in

the beat.

So the drums is pretty simple.

Like, the beginning of the drums is this which is a snare.

It's on like different timing than like people would normally use it.

All the drums are ... the way I did them is I did them all kind of like offset.

So if you hear the drum solo, it sounds maybe off to the average listener but then altogether

it all just like catches itself.

Then I have this high hat.

Kind of like skipping.

The Murda chant.

Like the 808s in this beat are kind of more like riding.

Its going crazy.

Its not just like a simple pattern.

If you were just to play the 808, you probably like couldn't catch a groove to it.

But then when you're playing it with everything, it just sounds like fire.

At the beginning of the verse, I took out some drums because it adds more suspense for

when the verse comes in.

Like a little two bar break and then the drums drop in at the beginning of the verse.

I feel like that gets people amped and wants them mosh at shows and stuff.

We posted this snippet when we first made it.

It went viral on the Internet.

So when I was playing it on the road, everyone already knew it.

Ive never had that happen to any other song.

His beats are fire and theyre like not overdoing it.

Theres like a lot of producers that overdo shit.

Like I think its more about making sure that it sounds good and shit like that.

Its like a very aggressive song.

Like I want people to mosh pit in clubs that people dont mosh pit in when you hear this song.


The Description of The Making Of Smokepurpp’s “123” With Murda Beatz | Deconstructed