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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 美女高中生被小流氓包圍,開口便是:美女,我想和你請教生理衛生知識

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Little sister

Oh, don't touch me.

Don't be afraid.

leave me alone

Don't be afraid.


I am not a good person.

I just have a few

Academic questions want to ask you

Big brother still has to learn.

I guess

Its physical health.


What do you mean by this?

I found another one at night.

Oh, thats Zheng Xiaoyan, lets let go of her.

Let go of her

Don't stop me, let go of her

I have a way, Godsend

Godsend, you listen to me.

The road is not flat.

Do you know who he is?

He is our high school

6 years of bad teenagers

God-given brother

I tell you, you are finished.

you! you! you! And you!

You are all finished

I tell you

Don't worry, believe in his ability

You are all finished

The road is not flat, right? Heroes save the beauty, right?


Eat this book

Come, eat, eat this book



open mouth

If you dont eat

I will not let go of that woman.

If I can't see her tomorrow.

Its not as simple as eating a book.

Godsend, are you okay?

I see, you were beaten by a punk?

Teacher, not a punk, a classmate fights

You don't study well, you still go out to fight

No, Teacher Sun, we...

We must study hard and go up every day.

What are you looking at? Don't have to go to class?

Go back, there is you, go back.

Buy a band-aid

Zhang Tianci

You have to be late every time you are on duty.

What to see? Is it reasonable to not wipe the blackboard?

I help him wipe

He is on duty, what do you do for him?

If everyone in the class is like this

My squad leader is...

You are not, I am not angry with you.

Are we not trying to save Zheng Xiaoyan?

There must be personal sacrifice

Come on, eat a loaf of bread.

Does the face still hurt?

Don't be angry, I will avenge you tomorrow.

I am not angry, just a headache

Don't take revenge, you can't beat others.

I can't beat, I won't beat it?

Come and come and have a bite

stand up


Come, raise your head

Director of the teaching office

Find me 8 times a week

Only seven days a week, he asked me eight times.

Where are the 601 hostels?

Stand up for me all

How many of you, a few of your dorms

One door is really stinking

My God, I can stink two cows.

You can go and sell stinky tofu.

do you know?

Put fresh tofu in your dormitory

No need to process, it will stink the next day.

and also

Shi Shangfei

Early love crime

Li Wei, smoking lungs

Also, Zhang Tianci

You are sleeping in class

Look at how you look

Start to mix society?

Going out of school

Is the eight shifts without your position?

what to do?

Several of you

Tomorrow, 5,000 words check

Give me back

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