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So basically, our mission is to make Evelyn annoyed.

Okay, so Emily doesn't really have much in her room.

But all her good stuff is in her closet.

So let's go.

I'm gonna take a really silly picture,

and I'm gonna put that as the backdrop.

Let's just close this,

and pretend like it never happened.

Evelyn, you're worse than a toddler.

Get out of my room.


Hi guys, it's me, Emily!

And Evelyn!

From TwoSistersToyStyle, and today, we're going to be doing

basically a 24-hour challenge.

We are going to be switching rooms.

So we can only be in each other's room for 24 hours.

It's gonna be kind of hard,

because I don't think Emily has some fun stuff.

I have lots of fun stuff.

Like I have like a bunch of electronics,

and I have a bunch of squishies in my closet.

And I like...

And slime but all of them are sticky.

So yeah.

And I mean,

it's like hard staying 24 hours in your own bedroom,

because it's just a room.

>> But we have to actually-- >> I have lots of toys.

Yeah, she has lots of toys,

but we actually have to switch rooms.

And we're not allowed to bring anything with us,

except the toothbrush obviously,

because we need to brush her teeth.

We used to share a bedroom for most of our life.

This is the first time we actually had

like our separate bedrooms

since we moved to this apartment.

So like, it's going to be like different.

I mean, cause like,

we finally have like our own space.

Now, anyway, you stay here,

and I am going to go into your bedroom.

So goodbye.

We already to switch the toothbrushes by the way.

Okay, bye.

I'm gonna go in the computer.

And also, our parents are going

to bring us food when we're hungry,

because we kind of new food.

So yeah, and now, I'm in her room,

and we are going to close this door starting to challenge.

Evelyn, close the door

because we're now starting to challenge.

Okay, maybe we can talk through the wall.

No, it's weird.

Why would we talk through the wall?

Now, she's like screaming.

I'm not even listening to her.

First thing we're going to do is explore,

and she said that she's gonna go on the computer.

Hopefully, she doesn't hack me because I don't--

I never log out with my computer.

So we'll just hope that.


I know it's going to be a long day,

and I might get bored.

So now we have to look through Emily's stuff.

Okay, so this is Evelyn's bedroom.

She hasn't done a room tour yet.

So I guess I'm just gonna do it for her

because I do lots of things for her.

Dried out slime.

She always says, I'm the messy one,

but look at her drawer.

My drawer isn't this messy, even though it's still messy.

It's actually like never this clean.

So I guess, a good time to do it.

And also, we can explore and see what stuff she has,

because I don't really know what she's has.

So this is like the first thing, she--

It's like a cubicle,

and it's really messy as you can see.

There's like a bunch of just like random things,

and like, it's just like yeah.

So she has like all her toys and stuff, not organized.

And she has all her Pikmi Pop Doughmi's,

and just like more stuff.

Okay, so we're just gonna sit you guys right there.

And then, she has unicorn party berry scented body mist.


Spray this.


Went in my ear.


Okay, perfect.

And then she also has unicorn party berry lip balm.


That's actually smells really good.

She has box just full of random toys.

Like she should organize this stuff.

And then she has body lotion.

This stuff is hard to get out.

It has a thing on it.

Ew, looks like...

And it's like very liquidy.

Now, she's gonna see some weird stuff in her drawer.

But whatever.

This is weird.

It doesn't smell good,

and now, I have to go and wash my arms.

It stinks.

And then her desk.

Stuff to hack into,

like her phone and her iPad.

And these squishies.

Which is cool.

Nice to know.

Oh, I made a mess in her drawer.

I don't want her to see it.

So let's just close this,

and pretend like it never happened.

Okay, she had some books.

I'm not going to--

I don't want to be reading so I don't know.

Hair stuff.

She has flash cards.

Those are boring.

Okay, and then she has a random plushies.

Why in the world would she have plushies in a bin like this?

That doesn't make sense.

But okay.


What does this say?

Win Horse Up Camp [inaudible].

I don't know what this says but okay.

I guess she made a horse camp,

and there's like spirit and stuff.


That was going to be a horse on the floor,

and she just has more toys and stuff,

and then she has a garage.

And yeah, and she's has a bunch of random things.

We like to both collect Littlest Pet Shops.

So yeah, we buy this,

a lot of these like little animals.

She's so tired.

And she has two dogs beds

for Mango because Mango just likes to chill,

and sometimes, she goes into this,

and sometimes, she goes into this,

and then I pick it up, and then I take her,

and then I empty her in my room.

Because I want Mango to be in my room.

Okay, so her desk is kind of crowded.

She has my hair mist.

Emily, why did you take my hair mist?

This is mine.

She steals everything.

She has a bed, which has so many plushies.

Like I don't know how she sleeps.

They're probably all on the floor when she sleeps,

but now, we'll make them all on the floor now.

Go on the floor.


Super, super organized.

You know, super great, and she has even more.

This one is so cute.

I want to steal it from her room,

but that'd be kind of mean so...

I'm just gonna put on the floor, like all the rest of them.

And this, I forgot what she named it,

but I named my Tuna.

So she's also going on the floor.

I don't know why I'm putting them on the floor.

Okay, and yeah, and then here's a fish tank.

Okay, so Emily doesn't really have much in her room.

But all her good stuff is in her closet.

So let's go.

And then she has her squishies.

I have so many more squishies than her,

like I have them in my closet.

Because like most of my toys are in the closet

because I have like no space to store them.

Otherwise, I have so many more squishies than her,

and then also,

she has a bunch of books because we both like to read,

but we store them in her room because again,

mine has like barely any space.

So yeah, that's her room.

And she also has a closet.

We'll look inside there.

This is where I hid when I went into her room for 24 hours.

And ow, that kind of hurt my ear.

But yeah, this is her closet,

and look at the stash of organization.

It is very organized.

Not really.

I mean, her shoes are more organized than mine.

But whatever.

Like those like--

Look at that mess over there on this.

My closet is really messy because basically,

that just like where I put everything.

So that's why

if she goes in there, it's going to be really messy,

and my slime is just in a pile.

What's in here?

She has a bunch of Littlest Pet Shops.

And she has a bunch of clothes, and I want this shirt.

What's this?

Hey, this is my shirt.

She always steals everything, guys.

Okay, then she has some slimes, but she said they're sticky,

and I could tell.

And then she had some squishies,

and some Littlest Pet Shop stuff,

and then McDonalds, Littlest Pet Shops,

and she has so much clothes.

Whoa, she has a Pikmi Pop,

and then also, she has that biome thing,

and then that.

I want it, and then...

What's this?

There's nothing in it, I think.

Oh, they're actually...

Oh, yeah, there's a Littlest Pet Shop food,

and then she steals all my stuff.

Maybe I should take one too.

Just kidding.

Let's see if she has some fun things here.

So Misha slime.

She has some putty in there.

I think all these are melted.

Like look, it was a clay slime, look at all the clay,

and then the slime,

and she has some more Littlest Pet Shops, and putty,

and she has a light here.

She has this weird thing.

I don't know what this is supposed to be.

And our jackets,

but I don't think we're going to need these.

What's in here?

Oh, more Littlest Pet Shops.

That's great.



I don't know, this is really weird.

She has like a whole stash of them, at least stand them up.



Let's see in her slimes.

Let's go with the putty

because I think it's the only one that is not sticky.

I'm going to try to open it.

Oh, okay.

This is so hard.

Oh, okay.

Let's put it back.

I actually, should we just let it dry out here?


Why not?

What's here?

Okay, then just like some horse stuff and more toys.

And then has some other stuff with stuff in them

that she's like never use.

And she waste all this stuff.

I just want to take something.

And then here, she has like a bunch of junk.


Now, we have to figure out what to do.

And I also have to wash my hands because I have putty on them.

So I'm going to do that,

and then we have to figure out what to do.

Okay, let's see what's in these drawers.



This one is really adorable.

We can look at that later.

And then, what does she have in here?

Oh, art supplies.

I might use that.

She never opened these pencils.

Wow, she wastes like everything.

Okay guys, you're going to stay there,

and now, we're going to explore laptop.

Okay, this is one boring background,

so it's going to have to change.

So let's see.

We're going to go to photo booth.

Let's put it in full screen so you guys can see it.

I'm gonna take a really silly picture,

and I'm gonna put that as her backdrop.

So we have to find a really funny.

Like thing.

Oh, this one's really funny.

I look like a pig.

Okay, that's an option.

And then... Oh, she also has her Gucci purse.

Maybe I should take this too.

Just kidding.

Okay, perfect.

Let's take another one.

Okay, guys, I have a Gucci purse now too.

Gucci gang.


Okay, so I'm getting kind of bored,

and it's been like five minutes.

And what should we do, Mango?

Mango's tired.

Oh, her phone.


What about--

Okay. Now we are going to put this on her background

so she can see me every time she go look to her computer.

Okay, guys, which one should we do?

I think they're all funny.

This one has a very big forehead.

Boom boom.

There she has it.

A nice little lady that looks very creepy.

Okay now, let's hacker Roblox account.

No photos or videos.

Emily, why do you not take any photos

or videos on your iPhone?

Looks like we're just gonna have to take some.

Okay, we're going to give any some pictures

if I can find out her things are.


That looks so bad.


Mango, you're going to be my model today.


So now, we are going to take a picture of Mango's eyeball.

If I can get it there.


Okay, and now her nose.

Oops, it's covering.

Mango, you're not a good model sometimes.

Okay, so we are on her account,

and I don't know if she's playing anything or anything,

but we're going to change her character.

Then we're going to go into this game.

They-- Since it was April Fool's when we're filming this,

this Princess Simulator is actually Royale High,

and Royal High, you can make funny outfits.

That's what we're going to do.

We're going to make it her main outfit,

and we're going to save it for her too,

just in case she want it.


So this is her avatar right now.

Kind of weird.

Okay now, we're just going to play on her phone.

How dare she?

She doesn't have Temple Run 2 on your phone.

I need to download it.

All right.

So this is it.

It's not that funny

because she didn't really have any funny things,

but there's like a face on her watermelon.

So I guess that's good.

Well, she had like mold.

Finally, now, I'm gonna have something to do.

We're gonna have some fun, Mango.

I've been playing this for years,

but I'm stopped, and then did...

And I actually never play this

with the sound up so it's going to be like really weird.

I don't know what she's doing,

but sooner or later she's gonna log in to her account.

And she's gonna be super confused about why

her avatar looks like a watermelon.

So now, we're going to go on to Royale High,

and yeah, what's up?

Oh, yeah.


We have the eyes.

Okay, I've been trying to make a funny outfit.

I love messing with my sister.

Mango, this is getting boring.

What else did Emily have in her room?

Let's go.

So since I'm just pretty bored,

not knowing what to do and just wasting time,

I'm going to rearrange her room

because it'll give me something to do,

and also, I just really don't know

what to do in her room.


Okay, I think Emily has some nail polish

in her room, so...

Oh, she has some more here.

This one's really pretty.

I think we're gonna go for this one.

Also want to get that thing.

I'm just going to use a piece of toilet paper

because I can't go out and get something right now.


It's gonna be hard.

Oh, pretty.

At least I'm going to end up

with pretty nails after this challenge so...

Yeah, Emily isn't.

Oh, pretty nails.

Do you guys like my nails?

Can't really tell the color.

Okay, my nails are wet.

So there's not really much to do.

So I'm going to try to get on Emily's computer,

and I'm going to try not to get nail polish on her computer,

because then, that'll be really really bad.

Okay, I think this is a good angle

because you guys can see most of the room.

So basically, our mission is to make Eveylyn annoyed.

So we have to like move stuff around,

maybe not rearrange the whole room,

because she has a lot of stuff.

But we're going to try to move the things I can,

and we're just going to annoy her, and put her

like most important things,

put them in like spot she would never put them,

and then it'll be like, where is it?

So, try to make her annoyed.

That's our mission.

What is Emily doing?

Is she moving furniture around?

You better not mess up my room.

Okay, so let me give you a tour of the updated room.

So I changed the blanket for the bed.

It's, I didn't make it or anything

'cause I'm going to sleep in it.

So, you know, it doesn't really matter.

But I put the other one in the closet.

I moved her chair,

and I put a plant on it, instead of a human or a plushie,

because plants are people too.

And I, instead, I put the stool,

and then I put this blanket she had on her bed on top of it,

because why not?

I also moved these from in that corner

because I switched my desk around.

I put them in there,

and there's also another one back there.

And then, I moved this, it was over there.

So that's cool.

I also moved this.

I put it in like a triangle,

and I also ripped up that sponge

because you can't even read it anyway,

so I don't know why I did that.

That was really satisfying.

Also there's more sponge pieces in here.

I took a squishy out of one of the bins

because I like that squishy.

Maybe I'll take it for myself if she's not using it.

And then, I put the books in Mango's bed,

and what else did I do?

Oh, yeah, I put that from the stool.

I put it under there.

And I put all squishies, plushies on the floor.

That's what I did.

I hope she's gonna enjoy this.

I think it looks,

gives the room a very fresh, clean,

very organized look.

Let's mess with her computer, because then,

that'll drive her nuts.


Okay, so I just logged in on Roblox,

and Emily is not on my account.

So I'm going to try and make her look weird.

That's gonna make her really mad,

but she's so proud of her Roblox account.

And also,

since you could sell things in Roblox,

I might do that.

Okay guys, so I'm just going to maybe play some Roblox,

and I'll log on to my account.

Watch some videos.

So first, I'm gonna play some Roblox

because Roblox is really fun.

By the way guys, my user name is

Light Daisies on Roblox.

If you want to follow me and join me in games,

or-- We're going to log out of her account.

She did something to my avatar.

I know what she did.

I had that outfit.

I made that outfit for when I want to be weird in Roblox,

and then she went to my outfits and...

Okay, I'm just gonna change my outfits.

Very ugly, I should say.

We have to change mine,

but I'll actually make a new outfit.

You know, my friend from school is messaging me on Roblox.

She thinks it's Evelyn.

Guess Evelyn told her that she's hacking.

Let's see here.

I'm going to say, fart.

We'll see what she says about that.


So now, I'm going to make a new one,

Roblox character.

Evelyn, I know you messed with my Roblox account.

Don't do it again.

I think Emily's on her Roblox account right now,

and she just screamed at me

that I shouldn't be messing with her account.

So it's like she knows the changes that I made.

Okay, so I found some of Evelyn pajamas

that will fit me,

and I am going to now go take a shower and brush my teeth.

I just had Chipotle for dinner.

My parents brought me Chipotle, so that was yummy.

But now, we have to go and do good night stufs.

See you guys later.

Once I'm ready in pajamas.

Okay, so I'm trying to find some pajamas,

and I think I'm just going to grab this.

And now, I'm going to go take a shower and brush my teeth,

and then I'll see you guys then.

This bathroom is so big compared to mine.

It's like really big.

Okay, guys, I'm all ready.

I showered and I brush my teeth.

And yeah.

By the way,

I had Chipotle before I got ready for bed.

So yeah, it was pretty good.

And now, I'm going to see what we're gonna do next.


Okay guys, so it's getting late,

so I'm just gonna watch some videos, I guess.

And yeah, I'm gonna get this way.


Just gonna relax,

and I'm probably going to go to bed soon because I mean,

there's nothing really else to do.

There's not much to do.

So, I'm just playing on Emily's computer,

and I'll see you guys in the morning.

So bye.

Okay, this is too dark.

So I'm going to try and turn on some lights.

Hello guys, Mango just woke me up.

Say hi, Mango.

She don't wanna say hi.

So I really want my room back now,

because I totally destroyed

her room as waiting for this moment,

but I have to go wake Evelyn up,

because she's probably sleeping

because she always sleeps like way longer than I do.

So we're just going to have to go and wake her up,

and get my room back.



Everything looks okay.

Doesn't look like she messed up my room.

Evelyn, I want my room back.

That should wake her up.

Evelyn, there's a worm in your ear.

Yeah, Mango, go lick her.

Lick her face.

What did you do in my room, Evelyn?

Did you mess it up?

She's growling.


So cool.

You definitely didn't mess my room up.

I mean, it looks okay.

So I guess she didn't do nothing.

But I see some things on my desk.

I'll go over there.

Evelyn, did you get into the nail polish?

What's this?

Evelyn, you messed up my desk.

There's something on it.

All the paint is chipped off.

Evelyn, you mess up my desk.

Did you get nail polish on my desk?

Wake up.

You ruined my desk.

You have to wake up.

It's not funny.

You just ruined my desk.

Evelyn, you're worse than a toddler.

Get out of my room!


Yay, I'm going to get my room back.

Let's go guys.

Enjoy your new arrangement.


She messed up like my whole room.


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