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My name is Sjoerd van Bilsen.

I put a magnifying glass under some of the peculiarities of car models.

Or discuss with you some of the special items to be found on a car.

Welcome to Sjoerds' Weetjes.

Just think that you were in a position to configure a new Ferrari to your own wishes....

Personally, I think it is one of the most difficult tasks there is. Choosing the model wouldn't be the difficult part. A model like the 488 Spider is something you go for or not.....

But think about the task of really configuring a Ferrari to your own wishes.

What about the exterior colour? The car here is in quite an anonymous colour, black. But what about the colour of the interior?

The car here has a black interior; which would seem typically Dutch; black on black. But if you take a closer look; the leather has contrasting stitching and the prancing horse figure embroidered in the headrests.

But probably it is something that you have to experience for yourself. Going through all the possible options for a car like this.

But if you think you have an unique configuration for your car, just guess what happens if you come across a similar model in like say Monaco.

There is a trend, however, that people want to personalize their own car. And standing beside this one, I have to admit, but this is purely personal, that this one does not really stand out of the crowd.

But it has to do with your budget as well, because if you start pulling out your wallet at Ferrari, almost everything is possible.

And the car standing beside this 488 spider in black; is another Ferrari 488 spider but then a white one.

And you might think; white is quite a standard colour for a car, isn't it? Well, in this case you will have to pay for this colour white.

But this isn't just an ordinary colour white.... you will have to fork out 21,000 Euros for this colour.....

I have an options list for this car including the various prices. And we will go around the car and I will explain how much those options cost.

And that is all the more interesting since this car is a personalized Ferrari.

This car is a Ferrari 488 spider which has been configured in association with Tailor Made; which is the personalization department at Ferrari sportscars.

You will see that small badge in the interior of the car; which is made out of teak wood and which indicates that this is no ordinary run of the mill Ferrari.

So the black Ferrari which I just showed you is a car which you can configure and order from your local Ferrari dealer.....

But if you have special wishes or like to make your Ferrari that unique, personalized car you will be asked to go to the headquarters of Ferrari sportscars in Maranello, Italy.

When you arrive in Maranello, Italy at Ferrari, you will be invited into a studio; where you can configure your car. The first thing they will do is show you examples of other personalized Ferrari sportscars, I was told by a Ferrari customer.

But probably you won't like to see examples of other personalized Ferrari cars; since you want to make yours a truly unique one....

And exactly how unique this car is, I will show you now.

I have to admit that I will have to keep the optionslist at close hand, since this is a fully loaded car......

Let's start with the interior; because that is a story by itself.....

The area around the central cupholder, under the central bridge (which houses the controls) finished in Blue Sterling leather. That will cost you 1,573 Euros.

Then there is the cover of the loudspeakers, which is again finished in the Blue Sterling colour, and which will cost 1.210 Euros.

Then there is the central part of the seats; which is finished in the historic pattern with those ribs in the Blue Sterling colour and which will cost 4,235 Euros.

The seats are fitted with contrasting piping in a Bianco white colour and which cost 1,815 Euros.

The contrasting piping has been extended to the door armrests and that will again cost you 1,815 Euros.

The carpets in this car cost a staggering 4,235 Euros.

The carpets are in the colour Apollo bright and have a teak wood finish with white contrasting piping and those will cost 3,630 Euros.

But just have a closer look at how cool that looks; that teak wood finish on both the central console and on the finish of that carpet set.

It almost makes me think of having your own yacht finished with teak wood and in the colours blue and white and then you choose the accompanying car.

And the fun doesn't stop there because the teak wood on the central console will set you back 4,840 Euros.

Just to make it clear; that is the part where you will find the buttons for the transmission and launch control.

Then there are the treadplates for when getting inside the car and which are mostly covered by the door itself.

The treadplates are finished in teak wood itself and the letters Ferrari are beautifully put on top of the teakwood....3,630 Euros.

To round it off; the interior parts which are usually finished in metal, are painted in Argento Nurburgring; a grayish colour and will cost you some 7,900 Euros.

It's amazing, don't you think?

Just have a look at this body panel which is finished in carbon fibre.

So this car; in combination with its unique body colour and the interior options has been made specifically for this lucky owner.

I get a bit of a fright here; on the pricelist I see a dedicated nameplate with Ferrari logo in the interior finished in teakwood with silver and a yellow line..... costing 2,722 Euros.

But I am a bit confused; wheteher it is that small nameplate fitted between and behind the two seats?

Do you know what also is a cool option? The display fitted in front of the passenger seat, on the dashboard. It shows things like the current speed of the car, and the rpm of the engine. It costs 3,267 Euros.

And of course if you have a car finised in this very expensive white colour; you want the bodywork protected for crushed stones with a special protection foil.

The protection foil has been fitted in the factory and the way you can see that is is fitted in the factory is that you can find a small Ferrari logo somewhere underneath here.....

The black model does not seem to have it, but anyhow it will cost you 3,509 Euros.

But we are not finished yet......

The bodywork may have been finished in this beautiful white colour, but there is a contrasting blue colour to the underside of the car, which has been finished in carbonfibre and which will cost you 9,000 Euros.

So the body colour in combination with the underside of the car finished in carbonfibre costs 30,000 Euros. For that money; you can buy a nice Volkswagen Golf.

We go on with the options list and it features the exterior parts finished in Blu Pozzi matte colour......just like the grille; 2,400 and 3,000 Euros respectively.

There is a carbon fibre rear diffusor for 6,897 Euros. I personally think this is really cool especially with the Formula One style rear light.....

Then there are the wheels; 20 inch in combination with the sport rims which will set you back 4, 477 Euros. If you want them painted in this special blue colour; that costs another 3,000 Euros.

So the wheels in combination with the special colour finish will cost you some 7,000 Euros together.

I am wondering whether the owner would have got back the money or a refund for exchanging the normal set of wheels?

Just take a look at the exhaust system; because that is finished in titanium. In the video of the Ferrari 488 Pista; they feature as well. They are lighter than the normal exhaust system.

You can see the difference; the white model has the titanium exhaust system which has a different colour to the one on the black car; which has a matte colour.

If you want to specify a white contrasting colour for the dial of the speedometer; that will cost you 701 Euros. But then; if you drive your Ferrari on a daily basis; that is something you have to look at all the time.....

Then there is the finish of the top roll of the fascia which costs 847 Euros but it is important to know that that is a feature which is not exclusive for Ferrari Tailor Made. It is a personalization option but not one for which you will have to travel to Italy to specify it.

What a machine it is, Don't you think?

The steering wheel costs 544 Euros. Then there is the finish of the inside of the roof, something I cannot show you now..1,700 Euros. But I can tell you that the inside of the roof is upholstered with leather.

An option which I would always take is the logo of the prancing horse which is embroidered in the headrest. In this case; it is done in white. It costs 907 Euros.

The seats alone are an option of 6,000 Euros.

This car costs in total 400,000 Euros. But that is when you register it in Holland.

So if we just take the body colour and the finish of the underside of the doors in carbon fibre; that costs 30,000 Euros.

The wheels cost 7,000 Euros.

But then you have a fully personalized Ferrari, of which probably no two are the same. And the chances of you coming accross a Ferrrari like this black one......are a bit bigger I can assure you of that.

Tailor Made might have a price tag attached to it, but for that money you can be sure you have quite an exclusive Ferrari.

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