Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cast Duet from Hanayama - Review

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This is the Cast Duet from Hanayama. It's from designer Oskar van Deventer and is

made out of cast metal.

At least initially, looks like it consists of two pieces,

the frame and this ring.

Now if you read the back of the box or play with the puzzle a little bit,

you'll notice that the ring actually separates into two rings by these little

magnets here, on each piece. So you can separate them, bring them back together.

And there's also on each ring, there's these little notches or teeth kind of on

the ring and they allow you to move through the puzzle along these groove

sections here. And so you can bring

the rings out into different sections and you can bring them also back together.

So, uh,

the idea or objective of the puzzle is to disassemble and then reassemble the

pieces. So you want to take the rings,

this ring or rings off of the puzzle and uh and then put them back on.

It's a level nine on the Puzzle Master difficulty rating scale,

which runs from five to 10. Now,

one interesting fact about this puzzle is that there is uh, another few objectives

for you to do. Now, you'll notice that there's little numbers on here.

There's a one, two, three, and a four.

Now those, uh,

are different objectives that you're supposed to get the ring or rings around

and then back together on those intersections. So you bring them.

And so it clamps kind of that intersection. And the level for one is the easiest

one and all the way up to four is supposed to be the hardest of those objectives to


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