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hi everyone I'm about to collect 115,000 pixels let's see how this goes dude I'm

trying to talk about the clone stamp tool here we go man chanting at the

second level for it now well hello there ladies and gentlemen gameplay vids 24/7

here welcome to my artist idle gameplay video for the PC so everyone artist idle

is a game where you draw pictures sell them and become a famous artist so

what's not to like about becoming a famous artist right this game is free to

play on Steam right now so that means you can actually download this as we

speak and play along with me if you want I'm starting a brand new game right now

what do we got here higher Ed's yeah why would I not want a high-res photos let's

click that right now done so as you can see we have pixels building and building

and building on the screen here slowly gathering more pixels as time goes on if

I can hover over the collect button here you can see that it's actually gaining

speed so I'm assuming the whole point of this game is to have enough pixels to

complete the photo and then sell it I mean it makes sense right either way I

do hope you all do enjoy this video thank you so much for tuning in to this

video of artists Idol please remember of course to hit that like and subscribe

and if you do want to help support my channel and you know help it grow of

course social media links are also in description below leave me a comment

telling me what you think of artists Idol I'd love to hear it I'm gonna

activate a boost right now should I activate draw speed as well here guys

this is a draw a speed boost even though it has an eraser which is pretty

interesting to me I actually don't even know if I have do

I even have a I guess that would go on the pen draw we go on the pen you think

or you really hope so right I'm just gonna watch the pen in speed here pixels

per second does that go down now it's still at 6.8 interesting I mean I have

to see what that booster did just then because I did not see a major increase

in any speed with the boost - is it like a draw boost here or something pen power

increase 5 pens at once interesting so this is a skills tab we have 250 pixels

at once Xperia S pixels boost I guess kind of like an instinct guy

reward thinking about gold guys but it's pixel was I'm assuming anyway 100% to

pen power or just purchase that now 100% to pen pal they're guys but just

increase my pen power quite a bit can't purchase anything just you need to

actually collect my pixels there we go so should we do the spray or the pen I

guess we'll do a can upgrade since we just upgraded the pen technically and as

you can see the pixels are going along nicely right now is drawing our picture

kind of looks like a fighter you would take on like your first mobile phone you

guys remember those really low megapixel cameras that you get with your mobile

phone like to Meg like megapixels or 4 megapixels man those were the days bro

let me just upgrade the spray here as well just trying to upgrade everything I

can you have two hundred and four point seventy four seconds of speed boost sure

fifty percent speed boost there no worries I'll gladly take that what I did

realize as well is that the game actually does not have any music what

you're hearing is my own music right now guys you can actually looks like spend a

real-life money I'm pretty sure on pallets if I am correct so we go to the

plus symbol actually takes me to a steam store page let me just confirm this

right now so fire item let's see if it actually does offer up real money

yep 20 pallets is six dollars 50 so definitely definitely some aspects of

pay to win there guys are paid to play but as I said it's a free to play game

and I'm sure you can do everything without paying a cent so I want to go

collect 4000 pixels they're gonna boost as well here very nice pixels per second

117 definitely can't complain with that at all just upgrading my pen a little

bit more there I mean you'd think that draw or times three to draw speed will

increase the pen speed surely either way I want to click on high-res again now

I'm I'm assuming high res means some sort of like ascension phase sort of

like you'd get another unlock and see you go how about the bucket fill now

2,000 pixels for the bucket fill my boost is still working here without

any problems whatsoever which is good I do when unlock the bucket though as soon

as possible I just need 2,000 pictures for that one there we go just purchase

the bucket now that's 8 pixels per second so in total now we are pulling

off 94 point 15 pixels per second and it is of course thanks to our boost there

as well I can stop my boost so I can save it for later if I want to now we've

dropped down to 63 pixels per second well there you have it let's just

collect those pixels there upgrade the brush a little bit gonna upgrade the

times three to draw a speed right now that has actually increased my pixels

per second so that definitely affects the pen now I'm pulling off 195 pixels

per second gonna check on the speed boost there to make it 293 point 50

there you go look at that guys now that photo is clearing up quite nice

wonderful gonna collect 5,000 pixels should I or not I don't know it's hard

to do I just keep on grinding here and grabbing those pixels that picture is

slowly starting to clear up here do it from what I can see I'll pause that

speed boost I come when I do I'll click the pixels here what should we upgrade

next the pen the brush or the bucket or bucket 24 pixels per second there very

nice let's activate that boost can activate my overall boost here wonderful

I've read the pen a bit as well I'm just trying to speed this up as much

as I can looks like you really have to push out the grinding here definitely

the bucket is very expensive for six thousand pixels guys I can go for it

again if I really want to though I'm gonna worry about the the shop burn now

almost at six thousand pictures right now maybe I should do this the the spray

or she'll just keep unlocking the bucket it's hard isn't no I guess I'll go for

the bucket again and just pause that speed boost there I'm gonna try to keep

that much I can I've grabbed the brush outdoor I want to spend the boost am i

at you have to spend the boost just trying to collect as many pictures as I

can as fast as I can yeah Sencha Lee in this game all you

want to do is just constantly grind up the pixels I mean for a free-to-play

game you can't really complain dude you just sit here and yeah I'd all the way I

kind of wish there was more to the game and just a plain grey background surely

they could have implemented something in the back there except for that plain

color maybe they'll change it up after this video who knows but I reckon that

could easily put some sort of background there I've made my own game before like

a little indie game I know that you can easily put a background there for sure

do it's not that hard trust me even I mean the game was bad but either way he

was fun to make now bucket fill 4 don't go bucket fill again here guys get it to

level with a go to level 5 technically at level 4 let's see I'm assuming that

means I will fire there alright so if 40 pixels per second let's activate the

boost how do we have a skill here apparently as well

brush power increase or 5 pins at one just go 5 pins are ones that should

definitely help us 18 point 80 pixels per second right now with the pen 19

point 20 the bucket is still dominating everything here though

very interesting right now pulling off 107 pixels per second can I do the times

three to draw speed and I might actually try and go high-res as soon as possible

I think as well may we'll just keep on grinding here guys and see how far we

can go if I go high res that means we can maybe potentially unlock a new you

know tool of sorts - not to me like a new brush maybe a new pen who knows

we'll find out together here about to hit 10,000 pixels by the way which is

good just having a look around a hundred and seven pixels per second right now

it's just hard it's just very very hard to keep the grind up I've just passed

10,000 pixels now we will get the choice for a high-res upgrade here let's find

out a second the picture is saying to clear up a considerable amount now just

keep in mind there are multiple pictures as well the game might not be for

everyone though I understand if you guys don't like this type of game it's kind

of like to some people watching paint dried you know I mean but you guys know

how I am I love clicker games and Idol games and if you don't know who I am

I've played I'm not the clicker heroes person on YouTube the gear is one in two

used to be quicker here is one mainly but now is going on to two so yeah I

love clicker games and idle games do with a passion that's why I'm playing

this on my channel right now if you're wondering yeah I'm just trying to get

that high res upgrade I have that feeling I need to save up for it before

I can do anything else right now so just biding my time here hopefully we

can get to that point I'm assuming once this picture is completed we can get the

high-res upgrade here we go about to find out now or will we start a new line

nope there we go hi Radz done add in a new layer beautiful so this means now

twenty thousand pixels needed for the next upgrade there guys wow wow wow okay

we might have been a little bit of a predicament here

so why click it really doesn't make any difference I can't click the pixels away

so don't understand how this would be a cricket game really when this just be

like a pure Idol game then because clicking is not really doing

anything for me unless I'm clicking wrong no I'm definitely not getting any

upgrades for clicking very interesting let's upgrade this spray here as well

110 pixels per second right now slowly but surely trying to pick away at this

picture it seems at the point where you kind of hit like a dead stop dude I may

just have to sit here and let the game do its thing behind the scenes another

moment I'm just sitting on 111 pixels per second but I have to wait until my

boosts come back before I can really do any serious painting here guys because

right now we're just really relying on the game itself so yeah I guess I'll

fast forward to where we can actually make some proper progression in this

game but everyone so look both my boost are back right now and I'm thinking what

I will do is buy the gradient fill okay and then I'll

activate my boost because what that gradient field is going to do is bring

in 25 pixels per second on top of my current stats right so that's gonna put

it to around while 136 I'm assuming the goal is as well at this point to try and

actually use my boost straight away okay so either I upgrade the bucket fill

upgrade the gradient field I'm assuming I'll get way more out of the gradient

field in the long run because it is the more powerful tool so we'll find out

together here don't worry guys just don't wait till we hit around 20,000 all

right about to hit 20,000 right now and it seems that pitcher is clearing up

nicely by the way let's just collect right now by the gradient field done so

should i activate my boost right now I think I will just like the motive both

boost as you can see the pixels have gone up to six hundred and twenty seven

point five per second so really really smashing out this painting right now

pulling off a Bob Ross everyone everything's looking pretty good almost

up to that 10 K March the boosts are sadly running out though so we did make

some decent progression definitely can't complain with that at all should I go

for the bucket fill though possibly like a sale for the gradient

fill the Gans getting another 25 pictures per second I gonna mind going

for the bucket fill up to one hundred thirty nine point forty four pixels per

second right now just purchase another bucket fill up gray they got me to one

hundred forty eight thirty three beautiful we'll be back in a second all

right I'm thinking about actually doing as well as upgrading the lower tier

tools skies cuz I mean I might as well right I'll grade the lower tier tool see

if that helps me out a bit I did actually just get an ability from doing

that so that was a good idea actually we have minus ten percent the ticket speed

there as well their brush power we're going minus 10 percent the tick speed I

think tick speed 810 at milliseconds there you go good now should we do a

boost right now straight off the bat or not this will do the boost might as well

use the boost try and clear up any pixels as fast as I can I really want to

try and complete this picture that off I can that's anything just taking quite a

bit of time I do feel like working towards those lower tier tools is gonna

help me in the long run though and then add a memo great the spray quickly there

175 a pixels per second right now which is quite nice hundred seventy six right

now I was working out somewhat almost at that 200 pixels per second mark just

activated another boost see guys what I reckon I might do is I might try and

push to another high Reds we'll see if we can pull it off here okay I do have

another boost available here I'm just gonna activate that boost trying to

really push towards that next high Reds if I can or if I could sell the photo

I'll do that we'll find out in a second what's about to happen here guys ten

seconds left on that one times 50 boost to draw speed slowly picking away at

this painting right now do look at that it is clearing up a considerable amount

just not too sure how high-rez up for is really going to go we're definitely

gonna find out in a second here though that's for sure dude get ready for it

this photo is looking pretty clear now dude I can go even further though we'll

find out in a second here what's about to happen I've never actually been this

far so I'm assuming we will actually be able to sell the painting suing all we

can go high res we're gonna find out about five or ten so

dear guys get ready for it almost poaching that final line you can

actually see the drawing being painted right now and should be the final line

now right coming up there it is what's about to happen here we go hi Radz you

got another layer really times two to draw a sphere we got another boost there

okay unbeliev well we have another boost guys well we also have the clone stamp

they're just gonna activate all my boost straightaway times two to draw speed

times three to draw a speed 1.5 times to draw a speed okay so we're still in this

fire right now to sell this painting and get our all drawn up oh geez okay at

least that boost three is quite quick to come back to us though it does get spent

very quickly here by looks a bit as well 16 second cooldown almost 17 second

cooldown but it lasts for not even two seconds 1.67 way our game definitely I'm

walking around are you I'm gonna go ahead and pick up another gradient fill

here by the way guys because I feel like that's gonna really help us out a lot so

now we've gone up to 207 pixels now for a second let's pump this out and see how

far we can go I reckon one will do now and one is save

up for the clone stamp tool then and then I reckon we should be able to

finish this painting off surely about 51 almost yeah 52 thousand pixels can i buy

that clone stamp tool myself I'll get us who smashed out all the rest of the

tools now at this point so yeah we'll see what happens pictures songs look

nice and clear I can't do a few more rounds though I reckon again we'll try

and make us do a few on more rounds as well just find out no I can't see it

what we got a shop bus get respects nary poor palates financing a speed boost so

this doesn't mean this doesn't mean I sell the picture does it they have to

keep on going here you get 70,000 quickly they got 70,000

done collect got a clone stamp there now what does this mean for us how do we

sell this painting does say anywhere inspiration one palette one palette

you know you need to have the palettes first which I don't have

I can see we're slowly working down this photo still guys you guys see that bar I

don't know how smooth this is gonna be or how crystal clear it's gonna look

beau Lee we can finish up this photo now we're almost at 100k mark dude 115 came

up jeez what a grind pretty much at this point I've just been activated my boost

non-stop man when was it a hundred K mark as well I'm not too sure what else

I can really do except activate my boost non-stop and just yeah pretty much

trying to get the strongest tools I can do the gradient fill but I feel like I

should just go for the clone or the stamp tool now okay that's the best

option man all right everyone I'm about to collect

115,000 pixels let's see how this goes to it I'm trying to unlock the clone

stamp tool here we go man chanting at the second level for it now we're about

to hit it now by the way get ready I'm just quite curious to see how clear this

picture is gonna be one one there should be a full-size image right surely how do

I can I get that chlorine to all quickly well you guys reckon home I'm gonna grab

it I want to grab the clone tool there we go

337 pixels per second Oh 340 now there we have it we should be able to smash

this out now surely that clone tool is definitely to help me out just activate

my boost again right up to 20 mm dude the old problem is with this game now

it's just a waiting game isn't it really just sit down and watch that

painting paint itself I guess we're up to 120 thousand pixels here guys can

activate my boost again hopefully this picture clears up here we should be able

to sell it soon surely we're a thousand and twenty pixels per second right now

that pictures looking pretty clear to me dude come on game

let me sell this picture we've been grinding on this game for 40 minutes

right now trying to get this picture unlock they kept you not dude oh man you

really need to have the time to play this game I understand why now they have

this shot cuz you gotta think about this man this is 100 percent free to play so

if you get the pallets you can spend yeah like real life money to get the

pallets and then speed up your game heaps so it is kind of a cheap tactic

there to get that easy cash but what do you do man people need to make money

somehow and I guess this is how the guys or the developers decide to do it which

is fair enough go on in people pay it that's their

choice I'm definitely gonna pay it though I want to see what happens once

we get to the end of this photo here hopefully we've managed to draw the

whole thing right now we're at over two hundred and twelve thousand pixels right

now dude I'm not gonna press collect I just want to see if this is it is this

as far as the game's gonna take me right now as I want to make me grind even more

if it wants me to grind even more I'll be absolutely shocked

dude seriously that photo looks pretty HD to me right now

definite looks high-definition for sure a boost is coming off a cool down here

by the way it's almost at 17 seconds there we go so she'll be out activate my

boost and actually get this painting dominated here get ready ten seconds

left dear guys haven't activated any of the other tools have really bought he

think either just want to see how far this paintings really gonna go and

activate the drawer speed boosts now times three here we go 1025 at pixels

per second just gunning this right now almost 250,000 pixels in total dude

definitely making a solid down into this photo that boost has just completed

again closer and closer towards the end here it is a very nice photo though I

wonder where that photos actually taking so that's very very beautiful activate

that boost again gotta love that quick boost there guys I'm not hitting too

late I want to see what happens here but not say H or high res again

yes surely that's it for the photo that photo is crystal clear now we're on

pixel size 101 that's got to be it bro has to be approaching that last line

there as well don't know if you guys can see on camera

but there is the last the last line they're gonna have a boost again one

times 50 draw speed coming up that's it done get picture we did it so the

picture and buy something in the upgrades tab okay

sell picture for $10 okay my fame is $10 inspiration $10 so upgrades multi pen or

can I just draw whatever I want to need one inspiration okay cool so I can use

inspiration for drawings that's fine unknown artists get 25 to fame okay what

should we do here guides by the multi pen buy a boost 5 seconds the boost 1 3

seconds the boost to 1 second 2 boo story I don't know what should I do tick

speed lair boost I only have ten dollars right now Auto high raised $300 collect

high raise $50 I guess we'll have to go the the multi pen and the boost that is

the multi pen in the boost done workshop which one should we do the

next one yes we'll do the next one you guys there's just nothing collect

collect one pixel okay so that little tiny pixel as you can see is just

growing there guys but at least we got to this point now

which is good so much to collect this third pixel there by the pen there we go

now is speeding it up a bit as you see even that purchased in that pen has made

a difference there for sure okay let's buy the next pen there we go and speed

that up a bit great I will look I want to wrap it up

here guys thank you so much for tuning in I hope you all enjoy the video even

if you didn't like the game just let me know in the comments what you think of

the game I'd love to hear it okay as I said be sure to like comment subscribe

do all that stuff and I'll catch all the next video and a couple of days guys for

all I guess the next new game that comes out as you know I'm trying all the new

games that come out so yeah be sure to stay tuned really will appreciate you

guys sticking around alright have a great day have a great night I'll see

you around see you later

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