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Good morning everyone.

Oh, yes indeed. The sun.

It's our 3th day over here. Well, to be honest. It's our 4th day. We were also here on Mickey's birthday.

But anyway. The day has been started. Weve already been on Pirates. So that's a good start.

Let's start. I love it.

And now we're going to do something else. No idea what. Something. - We're going to do something.

Our day started with bumping into Mary Poppins while we were walking to meet Tinkerbell. - Unbelievable.

It was the same as last time. I also bumped into Mary Poppins last time. - She is everywhere.

Let's say hello to Tinkerbell.

Always nice. Rare character. - She isn't very often in Paris but here she is almost everyday.

Jordy is happy. And I'm also happy, I liked it.

Because you liked it. - But we just met some princesses.

That's also nice over here. As you know, here you'll meet three princesses. We saw Ariel. It was a long time ago that we saw her.

Cinderella and Snowwhite were also there.. - Yes.

Another funny thing.

Here in Disneyland you can use Mobile Order. So, we just ordered our breakfast.

I just ordered my breakfast and I'm walking to the Red Rose Tavern.

I'm almost there. So, I'll click on "I'm here, prepare my order".

Now they're going to make our reservation.

And I can go to the restaurant. And they'll send me a message when it's ready. And then it's time to pick it up and to have our breakfast.

Very nice.

And there is our breakfast.

Jor, turn your plate.


Enjoy. That was fast, right?

Yeah, mobile order is very nice. - Now there's a little queue. So we were on time.

For sure.

Enjoy your breakfast.

Okay, after our breakfast in, the Beauty and the Beast restaurant, The Red Rose Tavern we bumped into Beauty and the Beast.

And they usually won't stop for pictures. They're just roaming around.

Look, they're walking over there. So much fun.

But we walked with them and asked for a quick photo. And it happened.

So nice. I've never met the beast before.

And it's always nice to see Belle in her villager outfit. Believe me, it's an amazing "Character morning".

And our parents don't really like it to meet the characters. So, it was nice to meet all there character right now. They're also in the park now.

This trip guys. Wauw. - Couldnt get any better, right?

We met so many characters that I wanted to meet so badly.

But hey, we als met another "character" this morning. We haven't talked about that yet. Or did we? No. We saw another "character" this morning.

Oh yes! You mean the one at the hotel? - Yes.

We walked around in our hotel and we walked into the lobby.

And I see someone. And I said to Davey: "That's Manny from Modern Family!"

And Davey was like "Omg, it's him".

So, Davey thought that it would be weird to ask for a photo.

But I wanted to take a picture with him. So I asked him if it was possible to take a picture with him.

And he was very kind. It was no problem for him to take a picture.

So amazing. Manny from Modern Family. - So nice.

Rico Rodriguez. - Yes, thanks.

Okay, while we were walking to our parents we just bumped into the Evil Queen

So amazing. It's so easy to meet some characters over here in Anaheim.

Okay, this day can't get any better.

We finally found Redd.

Yes, it was possible to make me even happier then I already was.

I really wanted to meet Redd since I saw that she would be doing Meet and Greets.

And we didn't saw her when we were in the park during the other days.

And I was afraid that I couldn't meet her.

But she was here. What an incredible meeting.

Omg. This was something on my Bucketlist. I wanted this more then meeting Rey.

So, can you imagine that? We both met them. And even Beauty and the Beast.

So nice. And Haunted Mansion Holiday is open now. So, let's go.

So, we finally went on Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Finally. - Finally. It was closed the last few days.

So we couldn't go on this ride.

We had to wait a little while. Everyone wants to ride this one. Because it was closed for two days.

But oh, it's worth the wait. - It's so much fun.

So cool. - Great.

Well, after the train we met Mickey with his Christmas outfit.

Always good. - Such a nice meet.

Well, look over here. Christmas tree.

Do you know wo sat next to me? - Who? - Manny. - No? You didn't took a picture.

What a perfect day with a perfect weather.

Some nice character and we were able to go on the Haunted Mansion. - Nice.

Sun, character, attractions, Disneyland, churro... Just perfect.

Right? - What? - Perfect day. Love it. - Yes.

We're going to Tomorrowland. Haven't done a lot over here during this trip.

We were here yesterday. - Yes, just walked through here.

And we met someone special over here during Mickey's birthday.

True. We met Rey over here. But I wanna take a look if it would be possible to take a Fastpass over here.

We walked into Tomorrowland and we could get a Fastpass over here. Because we didn't had any Fastpasses yet today.

And we just could take a Fastpass for Buzz Lightyear right now.

You're stupid if you wouldn't take that Fastpass. - The regular line is 45 minutes. So, yes. You're stupid if you won't take the Fastpass.

So, let's shoot.

You're winning.

I was shooting but mine was broken. I didn't get some points.

Time for Mr. Toads wild ride.

Jor, are you excited?

Yes, we're going to take a wilde joyride in a motorcar, careening through the noisy nighttime streets of London to "Nowhere in particular".

Maybe we'll see Mary Poppins. - Well, maybe she is on the carousel today.

Kermit the frog? - No.

Who's this? - Mr. Toad. - That dude with his wild ride?

Are we dead? - No Idea what happened. - Train incident?

The dark rides in Fantasyland are always a good idea. And they're not very crowded now, so let's do some dark rides.

So, now we're in Snowwhite with the three of us.

Nice, right? - Yes. - Nice.

Jordy, you've missed Snowwhite.

The amazing view behind sleeping beauty castle.

Can you see something, Jordy?

Yes, Aladdin and Jasmine. - Aladdin and Jasmine are there. They're hiding over there.

We just saw the Christmas Parade in daylight. It's very nice. But I have to say, I'd prefer the nighttime parade.

I like them both. - They're both great. We had a perfect spot in front of the castle.

But what a beautiful parade. Day or night. It's always amazing.

But here you can choose for the daylight parade or the nighttime parade.

It's always hard to choose. But a Christmas parade is always nice. Even better when it's a parade from 30 minutes.

Always nice when it's 30 minutes.

Amazing parade. Really.

We're going to pick up my phone case.

I bought a new phone case from Disneyland at the Star Wars Launch Bay.

It's exact the same as I got from WDW but then from Disneyland.

I'm curious to see it. Let's see.

I think that my phone case had some good guards. These two friends. The Stormtroopers.

Look. This is so nice. This is the one that I got from WDW but then from Disneyland.

Nice, right?

I'm so happy with my new phone case. You can't get one for the Iphone X. - He is so happy with his new phone case.

You have to create one for the Iphone X. You can choose which one you want. .

Oh guys, believe me. I'm happy with it.

One sad thing. I got one from WDW and Disneyland. But no phone case from... - Paris.

Paris don't have any of these.

It's something for the future.

It would be very nice if Paris would make some of these.

Well, we will have a diner at the Hungry Bears Restaurant.

And these two will lead us the way. I'm curious if they'll find the way. - Let's see if they'll know the way.

No mom, that's Main Street.

Hey dad, do you know the way? - What? - Do you know the way?


That's the bakery.


Everything goes wrong.

Well, it's going wrong with these two.

You let them lead the way and everything is going wrong. We were almost at DCA. - It went wrong.

Take 2.

Well dad, where are we going to? - Big bear.

Noooo, the hungry bear. - Amazing.


Well dad, we're almost there, right? - Almost.

Or are we lost? - No we're fine. - Do you think so?

Otherwise you guys wouldn't walk with us. - But then it should be over here.

It's over here on the right. - No, this is something else. This is something with some fishes.

We found it!

We're here. YASS!


We're going to use our Fastpass. Which ride, Jor? - Space Mountain.

And even our dad isn't scared for this one.

He is crazy. I'll distract him while you run.

It's broken.

To be honest. Last time I wasn't very excited about this one. But this time, it was so good.

We saw all the stars fallen. The music was great. The ride was good.

A very good ride. - Those sharp turns, like...

Yes, and some air time. Lovely.

So good. Dad, what do you think? - Amazing.


I knew where the photo location is. So, here is the photo.

I didn't knew it. I was just impressed.

Amazing ride. - Yes, very good.

So, After a little stop at our hotel. We took our jackets. 25th and Disneyland. - Yes. 25th from Disneyland Paris.

But after a little stop, we're at DCA!

At our own Hotel Entrance.

Love it. - That's so amazing. You're directly in the good atmosphere. You'll enter the park at Soarin'.

It's so nice. Now we just wanna go on the Incredicoaster in the dark.

It looks really different at the moment. And I really loved it yesterday.

Yes, it was really great. - Really great. But now we're at DCA.

DCA, ole ole.

What? - DCA, ole ole.

He's crazy. I'll distract him while you run.

Okay, guys. Pixar Pier is even better in the dark.

Wauw... Jor, take a look.

Cool, right? - Magnifique.

Okay, I'm a fan.

Me too.

While we were in line for the Incredicoaster we just saw that someone was doing Meet and Greets.

Frozone! And I really wanted to meet him.

I know that he really likes him. So I said to him that he had to go and meet him. I stayed in the queue. He was back in just two minutes.

Seriously... - Snap your fingers.

So nice. - The photo locations over here are amazing.

And these characters. Everything goes so fast and so good. - Unbelievable.

So, now we're going on the Incredicoaster.

You can say whatever you want, the Incredicoaster is even better in the dark.

It's so nice. - The light are so good.

Right, Jor?

Yes, amazing. - So good. I love it.

Well, that was our night at Pixar Pier for the Incredicoaster.

And yes, guys. Adventure is out there.

Keep exploring new things.

That's important. That's also why we choose two years ago to come to the USA. - Yes.

And believe me. It isn't so hard to go over here. Save some money and go. You don't wanna miss this.

If you like Disneyland Paris. You have to go over here to see how things could be.

Oh guys, so good.

Welcome to Radiatior Springs, Jor. Should it still be possible to go on Radiator Springs Racers at night?

Let's see. - Let's see.

Carsland by night is way better then at daylight.

I never saw this in the dark. - It's so nice. - This land is always amazing. But in the dark...

Hopefully we can go on this ride.

That was nice. - Yes indeed.

We were here just 15 minutes before this park will close and the ride was broken but we still could go in the queue and still everyone could do this ride.

And after 20.00 PM the line for the Fastpass is gone and the regular line is going really fast.

The queue wasn't very long. That's a good tip. If you wanna do Radiator Springs, go over here in the evening around closing time. You can still do the ride then.

With a shorter queue then during the day. - Love it.

Love it guys. So amazing in the dark. I love it. Radiotor Springs Racers is amazing.

It's so amazing to end your day in an almost empty DCA. - So good.

So amazing.

Good tip. Stay at Carsland till the end. Then you'll have Carsland for your own to see everything.

Love it. Not only carsland but also whole DCA.

And now we're going to the exit. We're going to our hotel.

Very nice and cozy Grizzly Peak.

So nice. - What an amazing day.

Yes, a very nice day. We met a lot of characters. - Yes, a lot of characters and some good attractions.

DCA by night. But this was our 3rd day over here with our parents.

They were tired so they stayed at the hotel in the evening.

But we still have two amazing days left here in California. - Two amazing days.

Till the next one. Bye bye. - Till the next one. Bye bye.

Jordy & Mary Poppins.

Two worlds...

No family.


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