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Hello .. Boss, see you again on the SS Mifada channel

Channels that always provide very inspiring content are of course very useful

In this video, I will make a very minimalist, cool, and very simple decorative lamp ..

So that makes it easier for you to make it yourself at your home easily

And for the decorative lights that I will make this time, which is almost similar to the previous decorative lights

previously the decorative lights were box-shaped, and now I will make a round one

For those of you who haven't watched the previous video, please watch the previous video .. Boss

because the decorative lights are really cool .. Boss

Okay, how is the process? We will immediately execute it

And now it is up to the next process, which is the painting process .. Boss

At this time, the paint color that I will use is matte black

Okay .. Boss, I finished this paint

Cool .. Boss

I use doff black paint,

For example, you want to use another color, for example; red, blue, green

It's tailored to your taste .. Boss

And, then I prepared this item .. Boss

This item is the most frequently asked questions, even though I have explained it many times

The name of this item is fiber plastic .. Boss

To buy fiber plastic, you can look for it in a building material store

If you have trouble finding it at a building material store, you can order it through an online shop

in online stores are usually very much, and the use of this fiber plastic is as a cover for the fence.


Okay .. Boss, finally finished, decorative lights made of PVC pipes, the model is very cool .. Boss

As I said at the beginning of the video, how to make it is also very easy, very simple

And the results are very minimalistic and very cool .. Boss

Like this huh

In the previous video, I made a similar decorative lamp but shaped like a box ..

..For those of you who haven't watched yet, please watch the previous video .. Boss

the results from the previous video were also really cool

Like this, the result is for a tutorial on making decorative lights at this time

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.. So that you don't miss any new videos from this very inspiring channel .. Boss

As usual, I always hope that you never stop working and creating

Creative greetings

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