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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Top 10 BEST Indie Co-op Games in Early 2020

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we like playing video games with other people and today on get indie gaming we

take you through with the top ten co-op games you should look at picking up in

early 2020 just a quick disclaimer we didn't include rocket League or

minecraft and while rightly considered as masterpieces we feel they've grown

beyond the place in this indie focused rundown so without further delay let's

begin at number 10 with towerfall ascension while it first came out in

2013 we've more recently picked it up to play

all over again following its launch on the switch where it's made a fine home

within the get indie gaming household as when it launched as it still does today

while super fast and frantic it's also very accessible with the controls and

mechanics easy to grasp and understand while succeeding and also being pretty

darn difficult to get masterful at there is a single-player although it offers

perhaps 2 percent of the fun you can have with it in local couch co-op

ideally with some very good friends who don't mind the odd expletive being

hurled in their direction this in a few words is still a proper ace and should

if it isn't already a true classic of the genre

at number nine and just like its predecessor in this list trying to can

be played in single-player although it's in the local co-op where it truly shines

this elegant side scroller has you pick one of three characters each with

differing abilities that can be used to solve puzzles you find throughout the

game in single-player some sections feel at at stop starting with rhythm breaks

aplenty although when playing with a friend or

buddy alongside you it can all flow with a joyous precision in what's the

strongest puzzle platformer within the series viewers have in the past

suggested trying series offers something as good if not better than portal 2 and

we can see why some might think this to be the case for us though

what makes trying to so very good is how in coop it really does force players to

combine their strengths and in so doing mutually discover how best to find a way

forward what's your plan this little wave for me okay at number eight a way

out is pretty unique in what it does and comes from the team behind a tale of two

sons in this coop only game there is no single player you play as one of two

prisoners looking to escape a correctional facility in what on paper

would have been a risky product for developers Hays like to find backers for

which they ultimately did in the form of EI who we agree

aren't your archetypal indie game publisher while in places the story

feels thick and heavy with cliche as a co-op game either local or online it

offers some of the best narrative adventure of its kind out there in fact

there's nothing quite like it with its bombast and not so subtle nods to the

Uncharted series and perhaps walking Sims such as life is strange or even

Firewatch all in though as I said earlier it's unique and it's an

enjoyable romp that when played together with a maintance and friendly banter

makes it something bigger and more fun or Shawshank jokes aside then perhaps

could have been expected out now at number seven

heave-ho sees you and up to three others having the symbol enough sounding task

of getting from point A to point B across vaulted levels without falling to

your deaths now how good a couch co-op game this is shown through when we first

saw this at EGX rezzed in March of last year while we spend a fair time with the

demo as a group we had the most fun playing with strangers and randoms where

each to a person we quickly got on well with each other and shared laughs and

jokes of plenty the silliness of the up would splatter upon each death is

certainly what makes this also enjoyable as other character animations and

physics based gameplay Eve ho is excellent more people should play it up

now at number six and the only bullet hell game to feature in this countdown

enter the gungeon features roguelike elements and comes with a top-end level

of difficulty that while not as tough as the next one to feature in this

countdown it's still enough of a challenge for anyone without cat-like

hand to eye coordination skills it's also brilliant fun though you play away

and shoot while dodging fire within the randomly generated dungeons full of

traps secrets and loot the boss battles are hugely enjoyable and more so when

played in co-op where you can have someone else to blame when things go

wrong as they will many times over if you like your bullet hell games and want

to play with friends well enter the gungeon is the best of the bunch

cuphead takes the number five position in this rundown and while we've spoken

in the past on the games contents gatekeeping and accessibility issues

with a hiding material behind difficulty setting such matters aside it is so very

beautifully animated with it being one of the most visually and aurally

striking games of the past few years it's also as the saying goes hard as

nails which Romania is the whole appeal of playing this while is in single or in

couch co-op on paper you might think playing with a buddy would make it

easier but that's not really the case if anything playing in co-op sees the

stakes and atmosphere rise higher as each player worries what the others up

to and whether or not they are helping or hindering the overall action with the

DLC out at some point in the year cuphead is a couch co-op game people are

likely to love and loathe in equal measure welcome adventurer to an RPG

unlike any other in a world would forsaken by the gods the people need you

to become their next to divine divinity original sin - sits at number 4 and

while you and three others can play cooperatively together within this

sprawling and utterly brilliant RPG if you don't want to play by the rules so

be it you're not constrained in telling the line of the party so to speak and if

you fancy it you're able to go off and do your own thing in what becomes a mix

of co-op and competitive gameplay and with it this game becomes all the

devilishly better for doing so how you go about this kind of co-op is fully

yours to make we favor it a collaborative approach as

we quite like getting along with each other here although for a bunch of

friends who like a good bit of natured mockery and silliness you can go all out

and very much play the bad guy you're easily able to wreck of each other's

games by pretty much any sort of in-game action you might think of the

single-player remains one of the best RPGs you can play today and when you add

what you can do here with co-op it's utter genius ok I'm looking at what

appears to be a we bomb Roger that we're gonna have to

defuse it now and at number three keep talking and nobody explodes just edged

out tick-tock a tale for two as the best example of coop asymmetry you can play

today it features at least two people one of

whom is looking to defuse a bomb with the other helpfully offering hints and

tips by way of a bomb disposal manual of course neither the person trying to

defuse the bomb or the person with the bomb disposal manual can see what the

other person is up to and as such players must nail the communication in

order to bring about a successful outcome in all honestly though keep

talking and nobody explodes is better played with more than just one person

with the manual with more people involved there's more cooks to turn the

milk sour with the person cutting the wires often being left in a

communication vacuum while those reading the manual omen are their way into

making a decision naturally all this creates one heck of a

tense and yet enjoyable atmosphere and there's honestly nothing out there at

the moment to match what keep talking and nobody explodes does so very very

well at number two as many of you will already know stardew valley is co-op

experience is something really quite different to anything else within this

rundown for starters playing as a farmer is far removed from the shooting

exploring and other types of antics usually offered in co-op and while we've

been tending our crops and chatting away to NPCs quite happily for years the

addition of multiplayer has given stardew valley that little extra sparkle

to keep coming back what seems looking at our play history almost on a daily

basis well this not so little farming sim has always felt a warm and cozy

place to wile away the hours the multiplayer update has made it all the

more so by enabling what feels a real and tangible community where people for

the most part are there to help and make others happy sure every once in a while

there's mischief here on there although we've not experienced any kind of grief

aside from the odd crop or livestock being pinched while we were looking the

other way if you played only the single player

you're missing out and what along side kind words is one of the most warming

community-driven games you can play today and goodness knows we could all

use plenty more of that of all of the games to feature in this best of coop

list for early 2020 on number one overcooked is by far and away the most

stressful the one most likely to bring out a player's passive aggressive

tendencies and what's most important the finest and most enjoyable of all co-op

games you can play today overcooked one and its successor over cooked to

essentially interchangeable although the sequel is the one would go for given the

choice with it coming with online as well as local multiplayer options in any

case both games CU and up to three other players tasked with plating food to

order from the ingredients you find around your kitchen you'll be making

burgers sushi salads and much more all of which needs you and your fellow

players to coordinate the chopping frying and plate washing to get the

plates over to the service area with each level adding more complex dishes

and preparation techniques success comes just as it does in real life kitchens

from constant and accurate communication between all of the chef's which sounds

easily enough and yet that's the big no right there from the get-go it's

disorganized chaos and with overcooked you have a perfect storm to test even

the strongest of friendships and relationships its co-op perfection and

quite frankly the finest game of its type we've ever played with the

overcooked series taking our top slot in the list of the best co-op games for

early 2020 which of these sort of games do you enjoy playing the most be sure to

let us know down in the comments and if you've liked this video please click

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