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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 WORST Shark Tank Deals They Regret Taking!

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Well quite frankly

The the internet searches is just been organic by posting PR run press release

So is this a joke?

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We'll be looking at 10 deals that the Sharks definitely regret taking

She brought her

Fashion line in she makes clothes high-end designer luxury clothing for women a size 12 or number 10

Gayla Bentley fashion modern women's wear for modern women sizes 12 through, 28 sounds like a promising idea right well

Where is it now?

Gala watch in the tank a little bit later than the first season and instantly connected with Daymond and Barbara

Who have climbed aboard for a 50% stake in the company had two hundred and fifty thousand dollars?

All three work together after the show getting everything in order to begin their partnership

Eventually Gala received the investment and that was it the idea was to get a few brick-and-mortar locations out there

But instead it was Galya who was out of there the deal that is and Daymond explained

She got the investment in neither he nor Barbara ever heard from gala again the web site

She would use to push your project has it even been touched since 2010 correct me if I'm wrong

But couldn't this be considered for theft Nicki walk us through your business model

How do you make money all of our members obviously pay a monthly membership number nine toy guru

Anytime you ask him marking Kevin. What the worst investment. They made was this is it

Considering themselves to be the Netflix of toys toy gurus business model allowed customers to rent toys by the month for their children

Theoretically the business was a phenomenal idea considering. How kids of course get tired of the toys rather quickly nowadays

with that in mind Mark Cuban and Kevin

O'Leary's sought an opportunity and offered two hundred thousand for a thirty-five equity stake in the company

Not long after that however the company filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy

In early April 2012 only a year after receiving the deal why that's so interesting to mention

Because the company wrote in their website that they'd have to be temporarily pausing the service due to a higher than expected

Demand the company officially closed in 2016 with more than five hundred and thousand down the drain

Marking Kevin Namath their worst investment to date

It was a Greek concept

And the numbers seemed promising, but sadly they proved unable to execute even with names like Cuban and Al Erie behind it

It's a sad story. It really is

Machine the body jack, but there was one big catch

I'd like the contingency to be that you try a new machine out. You'll lose 30 pounds

Cactus do we have a deal number 8 the body jack obesity is a serious epidemic

Which surrounds all demographics and Jack Barger was a no exception?

He was told by his doctor to exercise more often which for some reason specifically included push-ups

understandably push-ups weren't the easiest task for Jack so he came up with the body jack a machine specifically designed for this purpose if

You're going to sell exercise equipment the face behind the product needs to reasonably be healthy at least right otherwise

Where as the proof it actually works?

So in order to get an investment barber offered Jack a deal which first involved him having to lose 35

Pounds and fast and while he did

So keeping the her side of the bargain Barbara along with one of the show's original sharks

Kevin Harrington coughed up the hundred to eighty thousand investment

But sadly this didn't end well

Seemingly out of nowhere the company just fell apart for no reason and rather than Jack losing another 50 pounds to promote the product

Barbara was out more than 50 thousand, so just imagine you're at a dinner party

Or maybe even a tailgate

better yet

We're at a local bar with some friends having some champagne number seven breath ometer

Scored a big deal with all five sharks in season 5 episode

Charles Yemm received a hefty six hundred and fifty

thousand dollar investment for his portable breathalyzer company breath ometer from mark Kevin Robert

Daymond and Lori for 30% of his company it was wildly successful at first

Not long after sales skyrocketed the FTC became weary of the product and did further

Investigation after some testing the FTC determined that both the original breath ometer

With its successor Brees were both being falsely advertised to the consumers claiming to be 100% accurate and proven by

Government lab grade testing needless to say the company was charged big time on top of that

They had to refund a total of more than 5.1 million to all customers

Product in this kind of retail environment before I'm worked in the frozen food product

category number six sweet balls sweet balls pitch was a total roller coaster filled with doubt from the Sharks

But still James McDonald Nicole Eggert somehow managed to pull out a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar investment from Mark Cuban in

exchange for 25% of the delicious cake ball company

But while the Sharks were bickering amongst themselves and made it that much more difficult to realize that these two business partners


Didn't see eye to eye on everything this eventually led to a lawsuit after the episode being aired due to a parent breaching contract

things got even Messier for mark and the sweet bunch when the sweet balls dawn net website was rigged to

Redirect visitors to cake balls calm which Egger controlled that compile with a few other

Instances led to McDonald asking for a restraining order against eager this eventually caused mark to a draw from the deal shitty negative light on

In the business perhaps making it the most embarrassing outcome on the show yet, my name is Desiree, Estrada

And this is my partner Arlene Madison

And we are Gago gear number five go-go gear making their appearance on the show in

2012 Desiree Estrada and Arlene petition

Introduced go-go gear a brand is stylish motorcycle gear which still offers full protection and an asking price of three hundred

Thousand in return for 15% stake in their company the pitch was a total disaster that almost seemed as though the deal wouldn't be made

But the big market for our product is in Europe because you've got thirty five million registered riders all

Horrible horrible horrible horrible. Did I say that was a horrible answer?

Kevin was out from the beginning leaving mark Robert and Barbara to tear apart the two

Entrepreneurs because of the ridiculous company valuation of nearly two million I see how you're calculating it


As well as their far-fetched marketing plan to reach the euro market eventually Damon took a bite of the business

but for 65% equity for


Roberts out

By God good news for you, I'm in

There couldn't have been a worse time to make this deal

However as the very nish clothi market for motorcyclists crashed almost overnight losing nearly half of all potential retailers

Damon almost took a big hit as well

But was able to withdraw his own original deal and instead will remain as a mentor for Desiree and Arlene until the market would pick

Up again and boy did it so while Damon technically wouldn't regret making the deal

He'd later regret rejoined from the investment which proved to be

ridiculously profitable for what it was

Number four hillbilly with gogo and gala by our side

It's proven that fashion business can be a risky one

Luckily for Mike Abbott SEO and Shawn Lee's however this fact was proven far after their appearance on shark tank when they came up with

The hillbilly clothing line, and we're co-owners a family brand a country livestock clothing brand. We are here to ask for a

$50,000 investment for a 25% equity stake in our company they even trade Martha woods Hill and Billy they appeared on the show seeking

50,000 for a

25% stake in the company and somehow ended up leaving under their agreement that they would get seventy five thousand for a hundred percent of

the company twenty five thousand eight twenty five thousand each

And a ten percent royalty on all sales with Daymond Robert and guest shark Jeff Foxworthy

Unsurprisingly the deal went nowhere. I mean come on that deal is just ridiculous

And as it would turn out the entrepreneurs just use the show as an opportunity for free

Advertisement needless to say the three sharks are pretty disappointed in the time

they wasted what we're gonna do now is I'm gonna show you the traditional way of connecting to a hydrant and the

also connect to the hydrant with a hike on

Number three hike on during the show's second season Jeff strop gave the Sharks an amazing pitch for hike on a fire hose hardware

affection company

Okay, gentlemen let's begin now

As you can see the high con is already connected he asked for a my opinion a very reasonable

500000 for 40% which would help with producing the product seriously though

This is how a pitch should be done strobe?

Demonstrated what his connector could do and how it can make for a huge difference for fire fighters shaving off valuable seconds and even minutes

From the time it takes to connect the host to a fire hydrant

Mark Cuban's saw potential and sought to acquire the company and its patents for

1.25 million and also giving Jeff a three year employment deal as well as royalties

Unfortunately neither party saw eye to eye as Marc was more interested in commercializing the product right off the bat and after a few weeks

Of actually thinking the deal over decided to opt out since I haven't opened my doors yet to actually have a revenue

I have tested the market

Actually told a few blogs

oh So you haven't sold any of you smell yet

Number two you smell soap in season 3 Megan Cummings pitched her luxury soap company to the Sharks and managed to pick up a deal

from Robert Herjavec for

55,000 for 20% kind of names when you say big names who were they the biggest want to be urban outfitters

They asked you know how?

Fast I could have stuff made in what quantities its Cummins with state later on though she never got the money she turned down deals

from mark and Barbara

Hoping to make it work with Robert and apparently tried contacting him for six months Robert finally got back to Cummins

But further reviewed the deal we saw on the show and mocked up a new deal for fifty five thousand for 50% of the company

Cummins respectfully declined it and could not have been at a worse time

The you smell the soap pitch was aired on television and the demand was outstanding unfortunately Cummins didn't receive the funding

She had hope for and simply could not supply the orders

Although business has been able to bounce back any connections coming out of the show are now non-existent

Hello sharks, my name is Stephanie

And I'm her husband Daniel our business is the smart Baker in finally number one the smart Baker entering the shark tank seeking

$75,000 investment in exchange for 25% of their company Daniel and Stephanie introduced their smart Baker brand a company which creates and sells

Products that make the baking process a little less complicated for those home bakers

What's unique is that it's printed upside-down

So you can read it while you're wearing it

ultimately they chose Barbara because of her familiarity with the baking industry is what was connections at a deal of

75,000 beforehe percent along with 5% of royalties until her money is made back, and if she'd be willing to do that

I'm just going to make the exact same offer

But fortunately this deal of hers also fell through after performing her due diligence on the two and just felt it to be far

too risky though

She might be regretful of that decision now as the smart Baker has made it into the list of successful

Stories after being featured on the tank and that concludes 10 worst shark tank deals

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