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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to LIE in English! Learn English expressions #Spon

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I think my girlfriend seen another man

Sarah well I was on the phone to her

last night and I could have sworn I

could in your voice in a background why

mine weird did you see my girlfriend

last night dude no no of course not I

was a home hello it's me my dog that's

bollocks is not bollocks I swear you

don't even have a you not I adopted

the dog yesterday you adopted a dog yeah

dog I don't buy it I wouldn't do that

here I give you my word

why'd you say that in a Jon Snow voice

oh you mean John sand but they don't

range of subjects dog


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on with a lesson first lies let's say

that you don't believe someone you know

those times when you make plans with

someone and then the time comes you're

still coming and this is their response

yeah and leave from the house now just

put my shoes on no no this is a lie of

course lie is a noun the verb of light

is also lie so if you don't believe this

person and you want to say I don't

believe you or you're lying you can say

this that's bollocks

or just bollocks this word is very

British literally it means testicles but

in this context it means a lie bollocks

is the British version of the American

word which also means lie and

with this word we can get super creative

and it's really fun just match what they

said with the word bollocks for example

let me show you yeah I'm just leaving

now bollocks are you.why bollocks are

you because you match the auxiliary verb

or a modal verb with bollocks for

example I'll be there in five minutes

bollocks will you see I'm matching the

modal verb will with what she said I

will be there in five minutes so just

match the modal or auxiliary verb with

bollocks in a question form if you do

that you'll have a great day it's

important to note

bollocks is considered a swearword and

therefore can sound quite strong but

when you say you're lying usually you

need to sound strong but what if you're

talking to a child or talking to a

person about a lie and you need to not

swear what can you say easy just replace

that's bollocks for baloney baloney is

the less strong non swear word version

so yeah with a child or with someone you

need to not swear with whose baloney but

be careful it could sound funny because

it's less strong so if you're in an

argument and you're very angry don't

call someone a liar by saying that's


because it sounds hilarious don't say

baloney say bollocks say be

strong well what do you think of my

dress mmm I really like it other ways

you could say you're lying you are full

of or you're full of it you're full

of it because we know what it is for

example if you have a friend who always

lies you can say don't listen to him is

full of it hmm and by it she's not

talking about buying the dress she's

talking about buying the lie so in this

context by means believe if you say I

don't buy it it means I don't believe it

now this is really not super common to

say I wouldn't recommend saying it's not

that common but you definitely will hear

it in movies and TV shows just remember

it means I don't believe it I don't

believe you let's talk about the

opposite of lying the truth a very

common mistake is the confusion between

the verb form adjective and noun of

truth if it's not it's true the

adjective is true but the noun is the

truth but how do we make a verb in this

well it's not say

the truth it's the other one it's tell

and we need the noun truth so you want

someone to be honest tell the truth when

you're lying it can be difficult to

convince someone that you're telling the

truth or maybe you are telling the truth

it's still difficult to convince someone

who doesn't believe you how can you say

I'm telling the truth let's have a look

I'm not drunk just like stripping who

knows maybe it's the truth maybe he saw

Magic Mike and got inspired

he's got dreams and if he wants to

convince his friend that he's telling

the truth he can say these things I'm

telling you

or I swear pinky swear this is your

pinky finger and if you want to promise

someone that you're telling the truth or

you will do something you promise say a

pinky swear

and don't be a dick don't break that


it's a pinky swear another cool way is I

you not I you not I didn't

even drink because to be

someone means you're lying to them or

you're joking with them I give you my

word now your word is your promise it's

your honor

how reliable or how trustworthy you are

depends on how good your word is of

course but if you're a pretty

trustworthy person you can say I give

you my word I didn't drink did you like

today's lesson please be honest and let

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