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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG SUB] REACCIONAMOS A WHY R U ? EP.2 | THARNTYPE & TEEFUSE | HAY BESO! | Just Like Twitter

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Hello everybody this is #JustLikeTwitter

and today we are going to react to the Ep 2

of Why R U? The series!


We were not prepared for this! (x2)

they also make them bright

they SHINE

The way they speak is so sexy!

Wait! Do no close ur eyes! [Yep. I am talking to myself]

J: Type will hit Zon N: I love u!!!

He is going to hit Zon (x2)

N: Tharn stroking his hand

J: "Calm down,babe"

the way they look to each other!!!


We all know Tharn has just eyes for u, Type

[She is in shock]

Poor Zon, all that happened to him because he was swearing false

Do u want sausage, bro?

He does not want. Yet.

Type is jealous

[actually, I have no idea what i was screaming in that part. I am very sorry]

[Neither her]


This is like a second season, another episode of TharnType

nothing is wrong with him, Just Ignore Zon

You can keep going this drama with yours characters

Nothing is going to happen

[I was scolding her for moving the table]

is that all?

How do u expect i get over THARNTYPE?

She does not want to finish editing ep 12

and u people give me 2 minutes of them!!!

I am not good with that

Do u want plantain?

stop offering them food! They do not want!

Yes, they want!

They want more TharnType

He is so pretty!

Look how cute he is! [Sorry, I was sayiing no sense because of Tutor cuteness]

I love Saint's Lips

They are thick

[Sorry again]

Wait! I have to control myself until...


[I could not help myself and I just started cry]

I am going to cry

This reaction is 100% real, no fake

Fuse look so handsome

all of them are shining

they put glitters on them

Tee looks so mature and grown

N: He look cute

He is not a baby anymore. He is 19th


You did not watch MAKE IT LIVE ON THE BEACH

Where they made me suffer

during 6 episodes and I wanted to die then

Fuse, you look so sexy

You are so precious, infinite...

I love Zon's face: [she was cursing]

will u ask them if they are a couple, too?

if he does. I will be very funny

because he does not know how to ask

he feels shy or ashamed

At least, TeeFuse are not

as agressive as TharnType

Type almost eats him alive


GYOZA!!! they are eating gyoza!

like in their drama

[saying no senses, again]

[I am crying for real]

Tee always brougth that to Fuse when he was sad

I can't handle it

His naughty face

three years later you still blush

Look at his face!!!!

I know I have to stop screaming but...

you. Again

I love how thoses glasses fit him. he looks so...

Tee is not friendly now

*" Yes, we study here. You are seeing us"

He came back as a M*th*rf*ck*r

You came back so ... damn! , Tee

I love it. That were not u

So shy during the school

"That handsome, attractive, amazing guy is with u?"

"I won the lottery"

Fuse still has the lucky coin

the lucky coin that Tee gave him the first time they met

Do not go! Do not leave me! Please

I do not want to know anything about any other couple

You have to add more couples

I want to see more couples

This is THE BEST!

The mix of all those couples playing with Zon's mind


She is a good friend. I do not hate her that much now

and I understand her

If I had the opportunity of hit on P Fighter

and P Fighter answer me... well

I would act that way too

in my case, because he has not paid attention to me

I love that energy!

"everybody is looking at me!"

"Let them see me!"

Tutor's bad face when he see at P'Fighter

This girl is not picking up the signals

[I am not so sure how to translate this... we call frog to those who are not able to keep their mouths closed]

[she was cursing on him]

Whit those friends... They hate Tutor

Are u not going to my bday party?

I would get upset

I am waiting when the transition begins

because between Sai Fah and Zon there is no girl

there is no one

but between Fighter and Tutor, they have HwaHwa

[That is why she sent them first, so she can complain about the pain]

at last!

What has me thinking is:

how will be the change of couples ?

Hwa will die

that is all. we are all widowers

nobody get mad with a widow

[a colombian reference]

they are so dummy

Zon almost kiss him

Physically he is not my type

but Sai Fah is a mix of

flirtatious, naughty, rogue

but he alsowants annoyance Zon

he is doing everything on purpose

i love that

He is doing a tantrum

Sai Fah is so cute

he is daydreaming

If u are imagining him


yep. You need a psychologist , psychiatrist, an exorcist

an exorcist?

The way Zon is hallucinating him

He looks so cute with his uniform

cuter than before

That is the uniform of a bigboy and working

He is so cute!

[no senses, again]

and he is baking a cake for his friend

who does not deserve it

I am like: SAI FAH is my boy!

and then FIGHTER arrives and ...

I do not like Fighter

I love when they take the initiative

I do not like Fighter because he is playing to being straight

They are all playing to being straight except Tutor

Tutor is not straight

Zon is cursed

meanwhile, Zon keep playing to be straight

Day is cute!

and Sai Fah too

They are all playing the same game

Except Tutor

I just said i do not like u!

remember when I said i did not like u ?

I'm going to swallow my words

and OBVIOUSLY I like Fighter

I love how is Fighter dressed

Look at his shirt One more bottom and you are naked!

"Do it nicely, you are going to ruin the cake"

by force, daddy, by force... [ I think she is not talking about the cake anymore]

eat him! (x3)

We are in a public place, my love

That is not true! You are not going to fool me

Come and grab me the glass!!!!

is obvious

Fighter want it!

Look at his shirt!

I get distracted because of his shirt I am trying to pay attention to the scene but I can't

Nela's wish: have sex

Jeremias's wish: Let her die!

I wish Fighter was a widower

you want to kill the poor girl

I am looking for a way the relationship works without problems

No! I want to see the drama!

Yes... Fighter is soooooooooo HOT

So true? How do u know?

he is eating ice [Just like Tharn]

keep teaching

-Which one is the index? -Dunno

a nine!


What the duck just happened?

I say: I like Sai Fah

and Fighter just appear and says: NO, YOU LIKE ME!

We would like to thanks to all those who watched our video reaction to the episode 1

We hope you can keep join us during this adventure

it had been a pleasure! see you!!!

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