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Hey guys welcome back to the channel! My name is Chris, this is Brick'n It

and this is the LEGO City Update 3.

Okay so if you guys are new to this channel just to let you know

these kind of city updates happen once every week so if you want to

be carrying on and seeing what I've been doing with this thing then please Like

and SUBSCRIBE and maybe check out the two videos before this one but

this is a little bit different to what usual lego city update guys do. I'm gonna

cut to some cool b-roll to show you which is actually what I've done all week which

is what this is right now and then we're going to go back in the past it's going

to be a vlog for this week of what I've been doing to the city so I hope you

like that kind of style no one said they don't at the moment so that's what I

keep doing gonna keep doing so let's get into it

Okay so starting this vlog kind of section and I've just got an awesome

parcel through the pace which I spoke about in my livestream but it is

actually says fragile on it so it was pretty important I've just taken the

address details off so I'm gonna go open it and let's have a look what's inside

okay for you so usually for these city updates it's just me not staff involved

but this is actually a bit bigger of a deal this week to do a update so that's

gonna cover help me out I'm hoping us all here it sounds very clunky and the

fact that it says proprietary on it but the box is pretty damaged I'm hoping

it's all okay but I'm pretty sure it is it's Lego it's pretty indestructible so

let's kind of cut this open and see if it's all here or this could be a very

very short Lego City update need to get an icon if you safety scissors which

doesn't really cut things open very well okay so this is what it is but it's not

the full thing is just the station which do I mentioned before because I don't

want this the the actual train and actually don't want this to be a Disney

train station just a normal train station so I'm gonna wow first of all

let's hear us all here

it looks pretty good place the bags look feel that when I've been open before

number nine but I think it's because there were what yeah I think it's

because there are many figures in this before so that's bad cuz I said it was

but no minifigures no train so I'm I'm gonna go to the time-lapse we're gonna

sort this out and hopefully get something that's pretty cool actually

before I do that I want to see if the stickers are in here as well so yes

stickers here there in the books why I hoped and so we do have some cool

stickers the thought of focus I'm not going to use the Disney ones but I might

use the others as pictures and stuff we also get the flag ones so I might use

these I don't think I will but we'll give it a go hopefully they're all the

stickers I haven't even checked but let's get on and build this

so we've done it we've done the the Disney train station and to me it kind

of looks a little bit like the air the ghostbusters HQ with this red brick and

the the gray here I don't know that's that's I don't know

so you guys let me know in the comments if you agree if it does look a little

bit like that but at the moment it's completely stickerless so you can see

this is where Disney train station would go and actually that's popped off so I

might actually just leave it off and maybe just add some of the they had some

of these bricks left over the the little cheese wedge ones you could probably

stick them in there there we go so I could do it like that

just on the corner bricks though let me know what you guys think about could be

worth doing actually and obviously I need to find something to go here as

well and because I is wealthy there's any railroad sticker goes it so we'll

focus so I just want to show you guys with the stickers completely off at the

moment obviously the flags are on and I don't know whether to remove these again

either I think it looks kind of fine without the flags on this bit here looks

a little bit odd but this but here looks okay so don't know others just have

maybe one flag off and it might actually put the the Union Jack on here or make a

custom sticker that says brick in turn on it wasn't there I don't know whether

we've actually decided that Brooking turn is the year the name of this yet or

not but I also thought you could actually put one of the stickers they're

a bit too small as the problem but I could do two stickers it says elevation

and population and on the flag which could be quite cool and I wasn't sure

whether to use station here as well because it could actually just have the

station and then on a smaller tile ban so all food-for-thought so that's why I

thought I'd like ask you guys what you think certainly get inside all the

building is done so at the moment we have two stories but haven't got any

stairs or anything so I'm gonna have to obviously modify this a later date but

for now she's gonna be building this and so the moments got no stickers in at all

and I think I'm gonna now apply the stickers to here and here with the

pictures to see what you guys think about and whether they're worth doing

tonight a girl's peel the stickers off she's not gonna use them anywhere else

so I'm I'm gonna go do that now and then we'll have a look at what it looks like

with the stickers on

so what'd you guys think of the I think they look okay and it looked very

trained asked so dancing they're gonna be too bad actually I'm having them in

the train station so I'm gonna do the other ones

okay sighs the stick has done so if I show you up at the top you can see in

the center and the top of the curtains I thought looks okay it doesn't look too

Disney obviously without that it looks very very Disney so I'm gonna have to

sort that out and there's the Train ones so I think the trains look quite cool

they could just be a model train set and and there as well what I am thinking is

potentially down here or here this could be upstairs could be first-class and you

could have instead of this that here we could have nice tables and seating areas

for the first-class customers and then I was thinking down here this could

actually convert it into a coffee shop and I can have a lot of coffee sign

outside so it's like a coffee area as well so I mean guys know your thoughts

on that that might do that in the next video but as you can see the tickets

there that one is the only one I was on about in the chrome pilot as well which

has Disney on it so I don't know what you guys think of that one I think it's

kind of hidden behind the thing if I can get it to focus you can see okay so

that's the only one that kind of looks Disney because it does have Disney on

the bottom right I think you can see that there and it says Disney railroad

at the top left but it's actually hidden behind a lot of stuff and I do quite

like the picture so I think I'm going to use it you don't really notice it as

much because it's kind of well out so I don't think it's that much of an issue

and I plus are also having minifig in front of this so I think it looks quite

nice and then over here we have the other stickers in the sack which is just

this board the railroad the what looks like a scales and then two of the other

trains at the back which I think look okay again but I might convert this bit

anyway in two a.m. until coffee shop at some point because I'm actually this bit

here mine reminds me of where you would put your coffee mugs when you're done or

you know where your cream and sugar and stuff is so I could actually modify that

and put it on there and then have a little there's a side door and a front

door as well so you could easily convert that so it's a little coffee area where

people go croissants but yeah all in all quite

enjoy the sad thing is quite cool so okay so that's the train set built all

the stickers on of what I'm gonna do at the moment like I said I'm leaving this

as it is but I might just leave this flag on or not the other one so let's go

put it in the actual language city now the reason I've been doing this part of

this the the build down here is actually because I've been doing a lot of ice

creams this week and you guys are awesome for going and checking us out

but I've been doing Pirates of Barracuda Bay and I'm gonna be doing later on this

week the shrimp Shack as well well the pro plan more stickers as well so they

are the three things they're gonna be getting it into the Lego City this week

so let's get this one up there and have a look at where it should go and then

we'll look at the other two okay so we're back in the city and before I put

this in I actually think I need to sort out the actual track because obviously

before it was very curvy so I've done is actually bought one of these I still I

think it's enough but it does come with eight straights and eight of the Flexi

tracks and another four of the curb but as you can see over here I have so much

curved track that yeah I don't need any more curved track I think all Lego kind

of builders have this issue with curved track I'm sure I'll find somewhere to

use it in the future but for now I think I'm just gonna try and straighten out

the curve the that all the wibbly-wobbly stuff around here and then put these set

in its place which I think's gonna be over here okay so managed to get it

straight most of the actual area around so as you can see over here of - to get

it a little bit more straight there is a slight kink in the back which is using

some with flexi but that's okay for now at least

I'm definitely together the set in the future but for now it's okay and then

going over here I've straightened all that bit and the foreground

over here's will nice and straight so the bit that I've got just to the side

is the last bit that I need to put here and then it should all be good so let's

put that in right now now this bit does have a bit of a kink

in it and that's actually because I have an idea how to use that curve just and

now but okay so as you can see it still does have one curve track here and or

two actually and that's mainly because I've run out of straight pieces but it

kind of does work in our favor for the Disney set at the moment because as you

can see from the back it actually has this big bit sticking out here so

because I haven't modified this in any way at the moment that actually works in

our favor because if we put the Train Set here it actually molds in perfectly

into that area so if we put that around there and then I show you on the camera

down the side as you can see it fits quite nicely for the train and it

actually runs quite cleanly around so that then gives me a little bit of

straightness out here and around and they're just the umbrellas that were

left and the Disney side I took out at the castle but that actually gives it

that kind of curvature so I thought I'd show you the train going round now let's

start the train off so as you can see now it should actually go through there

quite nicely

I know back

so obviously still quite a bit to do on the train track but it's all coming

together quite nicely I'm not quite sure where to angle this whether to have it

slightly more over or slightly over this way I mean it should probably to a

baseplate maybe so maybe more than there but I think it looks quite good for now

I'm definitely going to want to raise this up so the platform's actually at a

higher level and I do have an idea for actually how to do the platform at the

back which was actually from the - hot water actually got that on an order at

the moment so maybe that would be next week's update depending on when it comes

but yeah I think it starts to look really really cool ok one of the things

that my lego city is definitely missing out on at the moment is mainly the lack

of minifigures now I have felt the pavement so that you can add more and if

it is in so I thought what better time to do it than to actually start building

some of these sets that I had lying around that hadn't yet built so I built

the shrimp Shack attack hidden side on my live screen the other day and you

guys are awesome or getting involved and telling it what to do and where to put

this set so I'm actually going to put it down by the beach side but I don't have

any of the base boats for that yeah so I'm gonna do all the stickers now -

didn't do it on the live stream and they're here and then I put this at

least on the city table so that it's kind of there and we can see kind of

what it looks like so I'm gonna get in and do these stickers and now I'm gonna

put this in the legacy okay so if you guys are familiar with my city the diner

is there at the front and I was going to start putting these see stuff down at

the beginning at the entrance so that's where I put the diner for now I've got

the little chef working in the big and the waitress they're gaining obviously

is on no base plates or anything yet I'm gonna have to get some base plates

around this area but I just thought that was a nice little everywhere you can go

so I'll show you a further out view of where it is in the city for now so there

it currently is I'm thinking of having this is like a little walkway or

something that go higher and then drop down into a beach and then if you

actually see over here I do have a couple of the green the blue base plates

which is where I was kind of having the seat and thinking of only having it one

base plate so this guy might actually be on

Beach down here or on the top I'm not too sure yeah but for now I think it

looks quite good dad just to share it's a little bit of a new building and it

kind of looks quite nice when you come into the room which is directed from

over here seeing kinda see it's starting to build

up quite nicely and now the other thing I built this week was the Pirates of

Barracuda Bay which is currently over in the other corner of the room so what I

was thinking was was putting Barracuda Bay over here so I'll go and do up now

there we go so the Pirates are going to be based right here just off the shore

now obviously this is going to be way too close because I said I'm only gonna

have one base plate for the sea and then the Pirates is obviously two base plates

so how is that going to work so what I'm thinking and I don't whether you guys

think that I could take this out and have it on the display shelf anyway but

I really do like this and I think it's really really cool so my thoughts were

was that without a cave coming up through here and I was thinking of

getting the hidden side lighthouse and things here so that there would be a

almost a cove here where the Pirates are actually sitting and then I have some

rock faces with holes through worthy the ship could be going in and they

basically crashed here years ago and then decided to set up their own little

area and then this desk here this whole table was just wrong here it will

actually be lower or the restless' it will be higher so we'll create this

won't be as tall then and it'll create more multi levels and then the rock face

will come a little bit higher so you can then just peer in and see that there's

this crash ship that's what I've got in my mind whether it's going to work or

not and this might need to be shifted over onto another table when this city

gets bigger but that was my thoughts for it when I originally saw it and I just

love the ship so much that I had to get it so I think for now it's going to sit

there it makes the city look a little bit more busy anyway and it adds

little bit more character to it but yeah I think I've done quite a lot this week

so I think that's where we'll wrap up for the and I'll go to the other trip ok

so I hope you guys enjoyed the lego city update 3 I've done quite a lot this week

as you see I've done the Barracuda Bay I've done the shrimp shack and then the

Disney train so it is coming along quite nicely and yeah if you guys have any

other ideas of what I should be doing and we're actually putting things let me

know in the comments below and if you have any better ideas of work should we

put in the stuff let me know in the comments below like I said this is your

guys city as well as mine and I am NOT an expert at this by any stretch of the

imagination I'm just a guy who loves building Lego so if you enjoy the video

please like and subscribe and click the notification bell as well so to let you

know what I'm doing the other videos I'm gonna be doing a mini build Monday on

Monday again I'm going to be doing another bigger build on Wednesday I'm

gonna try and get the Barracuda review out for Wednesday trying to go out and

do that and then on Friday I'm going to be going and doing another minifig

Friday going through the cmf series so hopefully you'll like those videos too

and I'll catch you in the next one

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