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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MTG Modern ▷ Living End FAKEOUT Deck! ◁ w/ Crashing Footfalls【 Modern Horizons 】

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you thought modern's but hole couldn't get any bigger but after I show you my

new deck you will rethink everything you know about big but holes. let's start our

stretch with living end not the poser living end with elected dominance the og

living end with Cascade not that long ago this deck was considered to be the

craziest of graveyard decks because for a three mana it can board wipe the field

and get all creatures back from graveyard the deck works like this we

have island outburst and we have demonic dread but card abilities don't matter

all that matters is cascade with these cascade cards we dig through the top of

our deck until we hit a car that cost less than three and in the living end

deck the only card in the deck that technically cost less than three is

living end so in other words if we play any of these eight cards we're

guaranteed to find a living in and finding one of these eight cards is

super easy because our whole deck is just discarding creatures and drawing a

card and once living end fires off all those discarded features come back to

play but if living in decks are so good why are they only make up 0.26 percent

of the metagame and for the sake of comparison there are

twice as many five-card niven Bizet decks in the meta game compared to

living end that's how you know that living index have truly died so the

question is why did living index flop the short answer to that question is

that even though living end is crazy good game one by game two if living n

sees any graveyard hate and it just creeps on itself if we look at graver

decks that are currently doing really well the big difference between these

decks and living index is that these X can still function somewhat in the face

of graveyard Hey whereas living n can not reg and been join can still at the

very least hard caster cards whereas if living index trying to hard cast their

stuff they're gonna need to wait until turn 5 and that ain't gonna happen

and you might be thinking why don't living index bring in nature's claim or

thoughts these like these other decks do and the answer is that they can't

because the Cascade cards will hit anything that cost less than three so

the conclusion is living end is great game one and horrible and games two and

three so how will Daddy fix this problem and the answer is a living end deck that

takes out living in four games two and three boom that's right that's right

thousand like you play game two they're expecting favours stuff but guess what

no grave yourself at all four games two and three but what do we bring in

instead of living in and that would be the new card crashing footfalls so when

we fire off cascade we will hit crashing footballs which makes two four four

tramp lers and considering that we have simians in the deck we can make these

big boys as early as turn one and that is most gangster but the real beauty

here is that in game two do you think our poets gonna have a great hand nah

because what are they gonna do they're gonna mulligan until they hit a

graveyard heat card and once they finally find that card they're gonna be

like great it's all I have to worry about but all of a sudden our opponent

finds themselves in a position where they have very few cards in hand and

they two four fours to do it or at least to

because we can fire off multiples of these but to make things even better if

our opponent had creature move in Game one they're probably gonna take it out

by game two because what's a dismembered gonna do against an army of creatures

because again they're expecting living in to bring back a ton of creatures and

at that point it is too late so now if we look back to the main deck we can

start to see cars that work well game one as well as in games two and three

first of all we have blood braid or for mana it has cascade which hopefully can

hit one of these cards are more cascade but if not it could also hit Blood Moon

which is yet another threat that opponent has to deal with and probably

doesn't expect worst case scenario with blood greyed out is that we hit a simian

or a fairy but blood rate is still arguably better in our deck compared to

any other modern deck because unlike most blood grade decks there is zero

percent chance to take a car that cost one or two other than that we have the

typical cyclers you find a living in deck which we try and sideboard out

after game one but the ones that remain can still draws cards and the fairies

are there for graveyard hate mostly in case our opponent has creatures in their

graveyard Game one and then the speed of our mana we have simian as well as

gemstone as for lands we have a lot of fetches to hit our basics of prep for

Blood Moon as well as a nurturing peatland for card draw but now on a

sideboard in addition to bring in crashing footballs we have a couple of

options here we have the new card force of despair which we can cast for free by

N's long a black card from hand which should be no problem cuz they have so

many cyclers in our hand and when we fire it we destroy all creatures that

ends at battlefield that turn in case our opponent has a lot of creatures in

addition we also have to anger the gods he owes three damage all creatures exile

them and conveniently it won't kill our four fours and for even more greater

heat we have ravenous trap and against artifact hate we have chewer

and lastly against blue we have ricochet trap basically it counters the card for

one that's the deck time for the gameplay be sure to subscribe if you

want to see more decks like this and without further ado here's gameplay and

I hope you enjoy opening him we got a couple digging cards in this we're gonna

keep it oh it's a graveyard deck where it's from the long blog gasps it's a ho

deck a ho Venge line deck this shall be tricky Michael though and somehow try to

survive DNA oxen DNA it's back blood gas and a grave

crawler Michael I get that we might be in trouble here and an altar so I say we

fire the outburst even though it kind of backfires on us yeah but once this thing

came out so many things go in the graveyard and we'll be able to fired

after oh it gets back blood gas backs the Bloodghast and the big ho I don't

think we'll win this one yeah cuz they're just gonna miss out this turn

we're going to go one in the game too luckily we have some graveyard hate to

bring in and also bore by pit exiles and also Scheuer cuz let me evoke it it

technically dies and gets rid of bridge and what that lets go to Game two

term on blood moon yeah let's do it oh they got layline luckily we dumped the

living ends hmm like a plain ena or Fae polluting they was living they had blood

gas it could be an issue it up nothing Oh buddy nice also dementia sure how do

they have anything they probably just thought with the ley line if they had

automatic victory I only have a second one I'm a cyclist hmm pretty good okay

dokay will fight us on our phones turn on a flash attack Davis living a bridge

and a ho that's just fine because we'll do this and then swing for a black and

realizing the no match for us they can see so game three it is opening hand we

got a ravenous trap so yeah I'll keep it on the rest of the hand could be a

little better but Yolo as a kid say socks putting blood Gaston graveyard

there's only two cards let's cycle okay I find eater and blood gas comes back

into hump day and also the Blood Moon whale

I suppose we pass back his sacking back blood gas and another land I swing for

for lay the grave crawler ok ok so perhaps the best move here lady Monica

reading getting back footfalls let's see what they can do back then and there's

playing around this so well they get two cars engraver and then they're like nah

Oh big boy what you be doing I sense a lightning axe so if you double walk here

they can sack sack landing axe but we have so many more to reload with I don't

think really mind if a lightning access I think is worth the double block here

sacks and that it's fine you can hit the graveyard now I say we wait so much for

us to do here probably the save as option of demonic dread getting more

thick boy swinging 4/4 and back to our opponent the great poet back from

graveyard but nothing to get back in blah ah the big ho ok ok and I regret

not using this we have the chance that all hope is not lost let's do this swing

in on blocks like that will fetch for this island outburst getting two more

thick boys healing ten and it could play Blood Moon here with the Simeon but I'll

know if it's worth it no green for revenge mine the grave color though yes

play it so I just keep stacking this to that okay okay and there's a concede we

can't be beaten we just can't be beaten even with me missing the ravenous trap

even with the big oh wow our thick boys are just too thick that was kinky but

more kinkiness awaits on to the next one opening hand looks very nice guess in

this garden we also have this so we're gonna keep Oh and close-ish and they

have to take that and then turn cycle and

okay back Dona an opponent plays dark confidant so we can assume their John

and then double cycle oh the fairy I'm not liking this all that much but for

now we just pass back on English ins again I might as well take that out and

force them to take the living in an opponent knocks us down to fourteen in

to turn cycle and cycle well we shall go with blood braid into living in that's

what I wanted to see a fork goes through they fail push that who cares nobody

cares because look at this swing for three plays take three now back to them

Hogan's command that's not gonna cut it I don't think anything's gonna cut it

and there is a concede how nice now on a side boarding don't want in the game

tour new the old switcheroo putting input falls despair and anger the gods

dumping this but that let's go to Game two opening hands not great but we can

set up for turn two blood moons I'll keep it all a lie the void they got us

guys oh and the discard and after a very long pause they take the blood moons oh

and back on our turn will suspend the thick boys and pass back and another

Inquisition aching anger the gods sure and then back on our turn we have this

but we need a creature to target Oh for now just play this and pass back uh

Otzi's okay taking the blood brain and I suppose a place simians I can play this

next turn as a worst-case scenario nevermind have one card in hand so

Leyland's just drain them they haven't done much the same except discard us and

there's a confidante but oh boy they better have a maelstrom because we

getting them thick boars and next you'll get two more thick boys if they have

maelstrom pulse it can board white bus to get full manator they play form form

and end of the turn will cycle ok more thick boys come down we also got a blood

grades I'll play it cascade oh that nice getting to more thick boys but if they

have Maelstrom we hello screwed blocks like that a little concerning or maybe

not cuz it life tells pretty low up nevermind there is a concede holy crap

that was so nice they fell for our trap it's like those who I lines out and it's

like they think they're so clever then but the fun times don't end there cuz

now on to the next one opening hand three lands to cyclers and that and even

if they discard us we have this as a backup so we shall keep all who I

control this could be tricky oh that's the perfect pole because by next turn we

make fun time and pumps and our opponent passes back they dead and we have this

for a swamp oh dios mio is too much with blood moon Oh on top of

this stuck on one land oh my god oh crap no they're not live in Iowa now okay

that's fine that's fine you can still make this work we got to

fire this now bow because I really don't want to see any counter stuff and they

could have force of negation but we'll try it

I want outbursts to get back one dude they'll need to hit up planes to deal

with that but then they pass back in a blood grade nice although if we hit a

living in we'll have to pass on it boy I shoot no but then we can swing over

seven nap caster okay I assume they'll trade new the chump well that makes a

lot more sense there enough back to them upon a business taking for those planes

no doubt I play that pass back oh nice so we shall cycle and we'll set up for

Dredd next turn swinging for three Oz back they play and pass back to us and

it turn this cycle this real quick I'll an outburst okay and we shall see how

this goes swing in for three blocks from our opponent it could violent outbursts

at the end of their turn it's probably the safest option yeah second island and

they pass back we'll try and pull off the outburst and force a negation that's

fine back on our turn another blood grade will go at that violent outbursts

I will try it she I try to stop the priority from being passed I didn't have

time to fire that shoot okay well that's a bummer at least we can take this away

from them yes so we're cuz it shouldn't give us priority before that fired off

maybe you didn't hit the button and time I'll now anyway swinging for three and

then back to them and our opponent concedes but I'm still not happy about

that he shouldn't have gotten the snap caster back on oh I don't care if we won

the fact that snap cast came back that's a loss to me but redemption shall be

achieved in Game two you don't want in the game terror and

dump this for this and what that let's go to game to the opening hand this

actually seems pretty capable so we shall keep a bomb starts with visions

and we shall kick things off with the falls and then wait for turns backs our

opponent another vision and another vision back on our turn will suspend

another one and pass back I'm please guys cool although as experts we can't

target that which is kind of a bummer but we have that and now they're tap

that will fire it if they have forcing negation know how they tap out and turn

three and they do have force of negation all right I proponent on its wings were

sick so you go down the 12 what cycle yes cycle here and as much as

I want to hold us in hand I think when you put the fairy out for a blocker and

we also do that in extra it somehow survives I doubt it well and then back

for opponent yep they both oh and with that they'll deal lethal it'll be bolt

six in there yeah they got so we're going to Game three going into Game

three because you know they have guys will bring in three of those and dump

three of these and what that was good Game three open hand is almost worth

keeping but we don't have any land so we got a mole

I got a bald man okay I land on top years an external trying but even the

force of negation upon a business and they pass back to us let's try it

I'm boom and boom it made it back home but now I kind of got nothing but

hopefully they have nothing as well oh just red oh so nice so nice come on

blood right next turn Oh hmm I don't want to see that alright back for oh

crap no island okay let's do it simian blood brave at that island though

oh that's nice it and they let it go through interesting interesting but

he'll be so snap caster sure we shall tray if they want to trade and then back

to them at a mountain in violent outburst waited their turn I suppose and

even if they counter might hit a land next turn for blood parade and there's a

concede there's the concede holy crap after getting to I was like I don't

think we're gonna get Game three I mean Game two they seem to not bring in any

grave irritate and it said drop the guys and that was tough we did not see that

coming and in Game three the blood man the blood one yes needless to say that

made me very happy in Ponce but now on to the next one opening hand this could

work we'll keep breathing fool just like my mom's vajayjay oh that's Monday guys

we can Blood Moon and back car owner and they concede what a loser now the big

question is do they realize we're on living eggs we discarded this and they

should know that we're on living in don't we'll switch things up putting all

this for all this and with that let's go to Game two opening hand his most derp

so we're gonna mole yeah okay and oh good he's got a gemstone something not

Noble maybe their band spirits I mean Oh cycle that draw that and well suspend

this thing and pass back oh it's in fact wait is this our green white infect that

would make me hoppy in ponds although we did see a breeding pool oh wait I'll

play blood rate and Oprah something good Mike dredge sure although next when they

have one two three in fact now kill us so we'll have to go to Game three but it

should be revert back to graveyard that's a tough call yeah I don't see us

being fast enough with this new strategy here and they've seen it already I think

we're better off going back to living in at the very least we needed to sacrifice

two creatures you know what that let's go Game three oh this is Betty strong

and I keep that fetch open I still think we should go for the Blood Moon though

but they have a forest listen RL in the Dryad Arbor

yes a lot boom the heart of Jesus and now we have

to wait things out and it looks like the more bad than green and white in which

case we must punish them cycle that into that there's a good chance that

graveyard hate you got to be very careful how we do this year lows keep a

smack bomb keeps passing back to be fired now give you 18 downs with those

they didn't have blockers I was trying board by film but they probably have

pump I think we should wait till we're sure they have lethal and but the longer

we wait the more likely I had to draw unanswered either this or the graveyard

stuff and they still pass back or we're not drawing anything I've backed off

discard spell appears I just go horny nothing's happening you have enough for

that and not in the same turn now yeah I guess we go for this is very risky I'll

burst it fire cycle that and then we'll try anger I'll be probably a pump know

these let it die what they realized I'm no match for us they realized that

they're not green white in fact they're banned I just look look at this I am him

for a lot and boom that was too easy too easy if you guys are down for a fall at

video than so am i because who knows just how far the SEC can go but that is

all for now thanks again to you guys who were able to hit deck boxes before they

sold out and because of that I'm able to take off time from work ii dick for a

living to make more videos more dec boxes will be coming at some point but

for now that is all and as always i hope you have a great day

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