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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Would Should Could 超实用生活英语口语用法大全!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Maggie today we're talking about three

confusing words should would could I'm

super excited about this video I think

it's going to be super helpful and I

hope you guys like it too if you did

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let's get into it let's start with

should fetal say Chuncheon then psycho

found on cream sorbet

LT mole in the found shirt well mentor

dr. charlie mother show factors show

would you like to come to my party this


the doctor should have function as I see

it so time don't tell challenging

colleague and Rona bando she tells

Estrada I'm having a party this Saturday

you should come you should come

Cortana function to wait on Android 30

it's a joke wait hahahhahah yes I see

you want a pony

and that's ITA the show honey we showed

you this is fun we should do this more

often or we should hang out again soon

we should do this more often or often we

should do this again soon we should do

this again the Uwharrie tones are so

what I'm gonna lose out how you should

the singer nacho sure a PIL je

can she take on a strip pita unsolicited


yo superior male let me venture Nicola

shall show you to write a brief 800 sure

that usual yo you go pony oh yeah I need

real efficient people how new credit

roll you should probably stop smoking so

much because it's really bad for your

health you should probably stop doing

something because when you're giving

people unsolicited advice it might make

the other person feel uncomfortable


so you say you should probably stop

doing something or you should probably

start a new diet maybe it'll work for

your weight loss center you'll see

mileage it was your make well then happy

I'll play old about how sounds like

we're in undershirt beer and get

Susie Sheila to Gmail men that they

don't eat so you show us you can leave

it out soda pong yeah you can open it

had it all true you

I that they don't eat

you should probably start doing this or

you should probably stop doing this

anyway I'll not clean oh sure you're

good oh yeah

yahushua revealing a parking lot at the

LAX they should probably fix the road if

they had the money they should fix the

road they should fix the road he bunts

he wants out though sure great you could

slap whether she got tofu I for sure a

little ginseng that you can sell oh you

got me crazy on Jake a should somebody

should do something yeah oh sure

what's your tamina sense yo Lou NATO

take a look in your folders your brows

you think Lata your channel has a rumor

they should do this so you take an

actually go shop oh yeah okay you don't

shut thing why are you gonna ask you to

watch you that you don't yeah sure yeah

there was a woman council to make a

shortcut of what up whoa I didn't know

being a dog walker can make so much

money I should have been a dog walker or

whatever I don't know what profession

makes the most money

uh-huh I should have done this if I had

no right sea turtles were woman Shaniqua

yeah sure the cheese I'm sure New Jersey

Shore should've Joker EULA yeah oh sure

South sure doll what you can't take a

lot for a result I'll check out what you

put on Carla I should have done this I

shouldn't have done that

Sammy now like choice I would if I were

you I would do this chicken - chanting

go to Shinjuku shorter if I wore

somebody I would do something this

yumminess is just how you'll need or so

that you do is I mean our food would

shoot you Chum toward that Motor City no

Shahana clear you would beYOU saw when

we were in college we will always go to

this library and study

yeah oh sure Wilma shot a Sedona woman

teens how like to go to frequency so you

seen child my portrait in council about

sure how you would lie serum oh wow this

brings back a lot of memories we would

always go to this library when we were

in college we would always do something

take a home and Rico do - sure

- and ashes Oh Kayla we would always go

to this library

when we were in college Saginaw and I

showed Antonia clearly mother - Geum

already usual accounts how I'm sure

nigga I'm having a party this Saturday

you should come

nah you're going you take out your whole

92 notes he had to holla weekly they

about you Jenny Crenshaw I would but I

already have plans

I would I totally would but I already

have plans this Saturday

I would Sam you know I'm not sure he sat

in Tanana Leroy yet she's like whoa

Judah mojo she's Antonina me Colonel

know you got put her sure Poonam

cambogia fuchsia when I was seven I

couldn't even tell time I couldn't tell

time yeah don't sure what she's gonna

feel I have to wake her she did would

you know how simple quit what did she do

so this has you aware that each other

like was a toner I when I was seven I

couldn't even tell time

Aaliyah I don't seem hard you're sure

doing since I wear it tell either you

don't - oh that yeah Joshua I'm so

hungry I could eat a cow

well missed a meal hoedown your foot

what danger yeah Joshua Squatch only

don't show that you're sure what fish

hunt loose and that creature don't you

jump on y'all I'm so hungry I could eat

a cow so you take a masterpiece out how

y'all know y'all cut it that you don't

find two or three cents a day don't

ya sure so unique oh no he know that

you're sure can you go to the market and

grab me some milk

Nick Rachel Tiffany said neither team

contraband chunk right Rita I could but

I don't want to desert they don't seem

quite so he said now you need to three

me sends a dingdong Joshua I could but I

don't want to leave I don't wanna yaja

time to change or to acculturate on

Joshua if you told me change the plans I

wouldn't be here

I could have been at another place Ruka

a need for to the niggas is India Gaza

war Vienna - ha what's in that cradle

each on different outcome was in a yoga

we under Sandra so year taken out yet I

could have run the whole marathon if she

hadn't stopped me

I could have done this if someone hadn't

done something or someone didn't do

something the electrodes at Cody

chondral take a courtroom and I'm sure

he'll put keep on courts you sure clay

it's you're sure Hawaii so sure clay go

to me go sounds out the mistake and you

could show you a bank or - sure so you

taken out your shirt and then you don't

file alright that is it for today's

video I hope it's helpful let me know in

the comment down below if I missed

anything because these three words are

so versatile and it's used so much I

might have missed something so let me

know in the comment down below and let

everybody else know to thank you guys

for watching and I will see you in my

next video I


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