Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Addison crisis - for children of 4 and older

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Your adrenal glands are ill...

And you have to take little pills so you can go out and play. Good!

But lets say youre not feeling very well.

Perhaps your tummy hurts or youre feeling sick and weak.

What now?

Well, go to mummy or daddy of course!

They will give you more pills right away, so you will feel better again.

But sometimes the pills dont help.

For example when youre really ill and those pills will come right out again.

This is called an A-ddi-son Cri-sis.

When that happens, your parents will give you a suppository or a shot.

That shot is simply loads and loads of pills pushed into one little syringe. Clever huh?

Well that syringe pricks in your leg and youll feel much better.

But because youre still ill, you always have to go to the hospital.

There the doctorwill check if youre really ok.

Sometimes youll have to stay the night,

but usually you can go home right away!

So wherever you are, school, sports club, the nanny,

as soon as youre not feeling well, let them know!

Then they can help you and make you feel better again!

The Description of Addison crisis - for children of 4 and older