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- [Narrator] Everybody likes to use this word, impossible.

I don't think they know what it means.

They say they wanna do something impossible.

Something no one has ever done before.

And they start out.

But then it gets hard, they complain, they whine,

they give up, they go home, they quit.

They love the dream but they're scared of the work,

the challenge of pushing their limits

and doing something they've never done before.

Seems sexy until reality hits.

When it becomes hard, difficult,

or things seems well, impossible.

Most people give up and tell themselves yeah,

well that's impossible.

But that's the point.

Impossible defined by Webster, not possible,

unable to be done or performed.

Incapable of being true, a rumor, utterly impractical.

Hopelessly unsuitable, difficult or objectionable,

not to be done or endured with any degree of reason

or proprietary.

Impossible's supposed to be hard.

It's supposed to be a challenge because impossible is where

most people give up.

Where most people quit.

Most people go home.

But if you endure it's also where the magic happens.

That's where new ideas are born,

where challenges are shattered,

where history is made and where great stories are written.

So when you think things seem impossible

and it seems hard it means you're on the right track.

When they seem like they're difficult,

incapable of being true, utterly impractical,

or not to be endured don't whine, complain,

go home, and do what everyone else does.

Do the opposite.

Be stronger, be faster, become more resilient.

Endure, and then do them anyways.

Because impossible always seems impossible until it's done.

Welcome to impossible. (gentle music)

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