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Hey guys! My name is Angel. Im a content creator from Vancouver, Canada.

Today Im going to be guest vlogging for the EF channel,

showing you guys how to live on a budget in an expensive city like Vancouver.

If youre planning to study at the EF school in Vancouver,

there are definitely some top places that you can visit for cheap eats, cheap coffee,

good places for studying, and cheap activities that you can do around downtown.

Im going to show you all that today.

Alright. Were in downtown Vancouver.

Its a beautiful day, so let me show you guys some of my favourite places.

Were on Robson and Cambie Streets. Your school is on Cambie St., so this is just a few blocks down.

Most of the places Im going to be showing you guys today are on Robson St.

It is a very popular street in Vancouver where you can do a lot of shopping.

But there are a lot of great coffee shops and eats as well, so lets go.

One of the first iconic buildings that youll see is the Vancouver Public Library.

This building is right by your school and it is actually the perfect place for students.

Not just because you can get your studying done here,

but because there are food places like sushi, and coffee places,

so you really have everything that you need here.

As you keep walking down Robson,

youll see tons and tons of different restaurants and coffee shops that you can go to,

but one of my favourite places is on Richard St. and Robson,

and is situated in the Telus building. It is Jinya Ramen Bar.

This place is so good.

You can get a cheap bowl of noodles here, or even cheap Gyoza.

The atmosphere is also really nice.

But you know, it does get a little bit busy during lunch time, so if you want to grab some food,

make sure you come a little earlier or a little later.

Just dont come right at lunch or dinner time.

If youd like a healthier option, right next door to Jinya is Tractor.

Tractor is actually one of my favourite health food stores.

Its got an amazing bowl or sandwich menu. They serve really delicious whole foods.

My favourite thing to get here is the falafel bowl. I get it with two sides.

I get it with the wild mushroom ditalini and their broccoli andoh my godits amazing.

For the base, I always do half salad, half brown rice

and it is my perfect healthy lunch option.

Right across the street from both Tractor and Jinya is H Mart.

This is kind of a hidden gem, I think.

Not too many people know about the H Mart food court, but it is absolutely amazing.

Its got all different types of Japanese and Korean food.

I love to get a nice hot bowl of Kimchi Jjigae on a cold day, or I can get a Katsu curry.

It is just a great place for yummy, authentic Asian food, especially Korean food.

I highly recommend this place.

If you keep walking down Robson St., youll sooner or later get to Robson Square

and that is where youll find the gorgeous Vancouver Art Gallery.

I love taking out lunch, sitting on these steps and pretending I'm on Gossip Girl.

Youll also find the Robson Square Skating Rink here.

In the winter, you can go skating for free here.

But while its warm out, youll just find a lot of people walking through.

There are always dancers rehearsing here

and it is right across from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery costs $24 for adults to enter, but they do have student prices as well.

So, if youre studying here and looking for a fun, rainy-day activity,

the Art Gallery is the place to be.

Leaving Robson St., if youre walking towards Gastown, youll find Finchs on Pender St.

This place is one of my favourite places to come chill and grab a coffee,

but also for their amazing salami sandwich.

You have to try their sandwiches. They are definitely one of the best in the city.

The Gypsy Salami is my absolute favourite and it is the perfect lunch time sandwich.

Gastown, as I mentioned before, is a place that is pretty popular in Vancouver.

It is definitely where all the hip, cool and fashionable hang out.

Although it is filled with some beautiful designer boutiques,

it also has some great eats and great coffee shops, like Timbertrain Coffee here.

This place can definitely get really busy on the weekends and during rush hour,

but if you catch it on a nice weekday afternoon like I did,

it is the most perfect, peaceful place to come sit, read and study.

Theyve built this almost train-like seating in the coffee shop

and it really gives this place a unique vibe.

On a rainier Vancouver day, Gastown can really be beautiful as well.

My favourite spot for those cozier moments is definitely Buro Espresso Bar.

Buros actually got a super unique unit.

Its kind of got this corner unit between two streets, so its surrounded by windows

and its the perfect place to curl up with a nice book, a hot drink, and just people watch.

I hope you have some new ideas about how you can enjoy Vancouver while living on a student budget.

I had so much fun showing you guys some of my favourite spots around the city.

Whether or not I am on a budget, these are some of my top places that I visit all the time,

so make sure you hit them up if youre studying in Vancouver.

Until next time. Bye!

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