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main focuses we were going to talk about back pain at me because 17 million

people are affected by that in the UK that's over one-third of the adult

population however if you're suffering anything from my Manor twinge to an ich

you can make a difference here is Coby Langford to tell you one we hope

back pain needn't be a life sentence amazingly ninety percent of back pain is

not serious and only ten percent requires medical attention I've suffered

with back pain since my early 20s the pain is always there but some days it's

so bad I can't glow I just have to stay home and lie out straight until the pain

subsides the causes of back pain are surprisingly simple the muscles and

consequently the joints are either too stiff and tight or to mobile and too

weak both of which result in pain

and he's around to the right lovely and I in the back heel to raise up off the

floor perfect whether you have chronic back pain or just a slight niggle in my

experience your back pain can be dramatically reduced by doing the

correct exercises that target the specific tissues that are causing your

problem and twist around to the front lovely bringing the lip right foot

forward and allow the left foot to twist out to the left and worse around to the

left allowing the right here to raise up getting a lovely twist through these

tissues here

you don't need to do ours now as a laborious exercises even if you can

dedicate 15 minutes a day you will really help to reduce your baby and

relax well we'll be joins me now with back pain sufferer Jane hodgkin's or

should I see former back being softer because you've seen no you feel great

yeah it's amazing hello fantastic how long did it take to feel better I've

been doing the program for four weeks so far four weeks rent and did you notice

the different traitor we're was you notice a difference probably the last

week to two weeks as well it's been significant and before that were you

taken medication for your back p no I wasn't taking medication i would take

painkillers when i got really bad and no i wasn't taking anything for right but

with this presumably no side effects at all you know you just you doona it

looked very gentle actually it was quite gentle carbon chains intent is targeted

to certain muscles of the back so you're really kind of targeting exercises to

the muscles that need strengthening and certain muscles need stretching but it's

kind of like a formula because obviously if you do strengthening exercises on

muscles that are too tight you're just going to send them into spasm and you're

going to make your back pain work right and if you do a really strong stretching

program on over mobile joints you're going to make yourself you can

destabilize your back I'm going to make it worse so you find that sometimes you

can make your back pain worse and if you tell me what you're doing so you have to

know what your daddy really do really really do so drew yoga it's called this

this sort of discipline of yoga can you go and have lessons in this or you go to

a practitioner to help you out oh no you know thus created class is all over the

world and factor all over the UK so absolute you can go to classes or you

can come someone like myself where if you want to target back pain we do train

when I teach on through yoga teacher training course like a train our

teachers how to address back pain so really I say if you have back pain and

you want to try yoga for your back pain do try yoga because it's they're trained

to hear ya so you have to you have to be careful about to do it helidon s is good

because again there's no side effects is clearly working for you working very

well for you which is fantastic and also I suppose what's really good is you

you're doing it not yourself you did it together but you've taken control of

your onus of your yeah you can do it yourself and it's

actually quite easy it's easy to do you don't need to be a yoga expert oh you

know what you're doing I guess it's a good idea it's another way is very good

ninety percent of all back pain would respond to something like this and I

wish there was a Kobe in every GP surgery thank you know because you know

so many back pains would respond just to lifestyle changes to exercise which is

targeted to the area that's concerned and I think the conventional medical

fraternity are very poor at diagnosing back pain and sorting it out we don't

assess properly we just say well just rest up and you know give it six weeks

but actually rest is the last thing you should be doing you should be

strengthening those weak muscles because the muscles support the spine and ease

the pain so pain killers have side effects this doesn't and this would

actually be very cost effective if the NHS but it in place it's not money it

cause back pain you don't even think they meant people that off there were

absolutely and of course work is work the workplace is is an area where a lot

of people initiate their problems that the you know the seat aren't in the

right place for the desk so they're looking at the right angle in the neck

is constantly in one wrong position that lumber spine is in the wrong place and

it's very important that people get their workplace it says if at there are

five tips that I would give people the first is to have your workstation assess

make sure you're in the right angle your posture is good I mean you look at the

Waco be sitting there I know and get some supportive you've got pain in your

lumber spine or elsewhere get a support for that area so that it's actually you

know got some s and support behind it get up and walk around every 40 minutes

if you're sitting at work at a desk get up every 40 minutes or so minimum have a

little walk have a little stretch as well stretch every couple of hours in a

minimum and drink lots of water to keep healthy dehydration doesn't help muscles

just live sensibly and it does pay dividends and these exercises you've got

back pain much better than painkillers much better than epidurals much better

than anything that lets us traditional doctors do you have a fantastic

but mostly and it's all it's all about being able to do it by yourself as well

you know when she once you know when she got the skills then you can I found I

could puncture from my bed back worked really well because the medication was

really upsetting my stomach and the acupuncture works beautifully so worth a

try absolutely I'm sorts of special seats you know the exercise balls that

you can sit on four core strength at lunch back and back saddle seats are

very good cheer all sorts of seating that you can get in your workstation to

to help don't suffer in silence thank you very much HC thank you

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