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- [Girl] My signature,

so you're back again , huh?

- [Guy] Yes, I had a good experience last time,

environment is clean, clean and quarantine.

- [Girl] And the barber's hot.

(alarming xylophone)

(suspenseful sound)

- [JayR] It's me JayR the barber,

- [Girl] Hello

(door creaking)

- My wife, Ms. Honey.

- [Ms.Honey] So what are we doing today?

- So today,

you are just going to line my neck up.

(phone intercept operator sound)

What that means is

(both laugh)

You can see my neckline around here has like,

I don't know, fur.

(wild cat roaring)

- (laughs) Fur!

- It has a lot more hair and you want to make it

more defined and clean.

You want to make my hairline more sharper.

- Okay.

- Today we're just gonna do the back of the neck.

- Why can't we do the whole thing?

- Uh, I'll do it, so.

- (laughs)

- Is it a trial?

- Yeah, a trial.

- Okay, okay. So what are we going to use?

- Alright, today we're gonna be using

this Gillette Pro Styler. (cheering)

It's very good to use at home

because it's small, it has a grip on it.

- Oh, it's so cute!

- It's less intimidating.

- It is!

- It also comes with these three guards.

- Remember what I taught you?

- Okay, let's, sorry, okay you do what you do.

This is a one, (ding sound)

two, (ding sound)

three. (ding sound)

- So the shortest one is a... three.

- A one.

- One!

(boing sound)

- The smaller the number, the shorter the hair.

- Okay, so what are we using today on yours?

- Absolutely nothing because I want my hairline sharp

- Oh.

- around the edges.

And, we'll also be using a comb.

So you can comb the hair down, you know?

(alarming xylophone)

- (giggles)

- Comb the fur down?

- I have the mirror.

So first, we're gonna be cutting down

(phone intercept operator sound)

- Just like a straight line down there.

Another straight line here.

And middle to left, and then middle to right.

- Is there a reason why we're using your strategy?

'Cause if it was me I would just go (razor buzzing sound)

- Because that's no strategy at all!

That's just (razor buzzing sound)

- With the clippers last time, I was going like this

(electric sawing sound)

- Yeah.

- Same thing?

- No, you're actually gonna go the other way,

where it kind of rakes it.

(razor buzzes)

- Press it, pull. Press it, pull.

To give it a more defined line.

(razor buzzes)

- Ah. Okay, here we go.


- Yeah.

- Press and down.

- Yep.

- Press and down.

- Yeah.

One way you can do it too, is like,

see how you're holding it like this?

You can like, you can use it like this.

- Ohhh! Guess I could use the corner to define it.

- Like a pencil.

(magical twinkle sound)

- That's what I'm talkin' about. Talkin' my language here.

Good. Look how crisp that looks!

- Yeah, that's really good!

- And it's super precise.

- Wow that's really good, babe.

- Can you see it?

- Yeah I can see how you cleaned that up.

- Okay.

- Turn it on first.

- Oh, right. (plucked string sound)

(nervous giggles)

- Look at that, sweatin'. Again.

- Comb the fur.

- Oh that looks good, look at that!

- Right?!

- Yeah.

- I think so too!

(razor buzzes)

- Slow down.

Slow down.

- Okay.

- When you're done -- it's okay, you can hold it

it doesn't matter.

Slow down, babe.

Ah, slow down!

- Ugh.

(tires screeching)

Let's count how many times you told me to slow down

in this video.

- You can go in a little bit more if you want to.

Would you like to do that?

(zap sound) (alarming xylophone)

- I'll think about it.


- So we'll start in the middle, like, and then like


(owl hooting)

I'd say, here?

- Okay.

- And then work your way this way.

- So this is an inch, in second grade.

And so if I went like that, half an inch is like that.

Is that good?

- Yeah, come on.

- Alright, cool.

- Turn it on!

(boing sound) (nervous laughs)

- I always forget!

Step one, turn it on!

Alright stand up straight.

- Uh-huh.

- Okay.

- It's sharp enough but because you're just a beginner

there's really no risk of like, the pressure that you apply.

- Beginner?? What?

This is not beginner work.


See that?

(lip smack) (bell jingles)

- Yeah, I wouldn't, you know --

- Alright, wait, don't do that to your neck

because it's not showing my best work.

Okay. Stay like that, okay?

(industrial music)

Oohoohoo! Respect!


- You don't have a rotating chair.

- There! There you go.

- Thank you for helping me with the neckline.

Now I don't have a hairy neck and fuzz, fur.

- But you know what they say, right?

- What?

- A haircut from Honey, means you pay more money!

(high pitched laughing)


(alarming boing)

- Okay.

- Cool.

- Well, this is the Gillette Styler.

- Ugh gosh.

This is the Gillette Styler.

(applause) Do you see the difference?

Try it again.

- This is the Gillette Styler.

(applause and cheering)

Look at that.

- There you go!

- It's like: This is the Gillette Styler!

( audience cheering)

It's in the palm of your hand.

Thank you!

- You're welcome!

(coin drop) (laughter)

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