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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top 10 Ready-Made Comfort Foods

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Rebecca: Who has time to cook anymore?

Welcome to,

And today we're counting down our picks,

for the 'Top 10 Ready-Made Comfort Foods'.

Comfort food is like a security blanket you can eat.

It's taste brings you back to a simpler time,

and makes you feel warm, safe, and satiated.

For this list, we're looking at grub, we categorized as comfort food,

that you'd most likely buy already prepared.

Now, let's dig in.

Nothing makes a hectic morning better,

than eating way too many of these fried dough confections,

and racing through your A.M. ritual.

Popular around the world in different forms,

these sweet snacks are small and cheap.

And taste so good,

you almost think they rain down straight from heaven.

Glazed ma be easiest to eat,

jelly-filled maybe the gooiest,

and chocolate maybe the most sinful.

But nothing beats a ring of fried and fluffy flour dough,

covered in sweet, sweet sugar.

Dip it in your morning cup of joe and start your day off right.

One of the few comfort foods with any health properties.

This nut butter is popular across the world.

A paste made form finely ground, dry roasted nuts.

Crunchy or smooth,

this spread can be served as part of a sandwich,

with jam, chocolate, bacon, or bananas... flavor cookies, or to make celery more fun.

But the best way to eat peanut butter,

with nothing but a spoon and a glass of ice, cold milk.

Brings you back to the days, when you used to sneak a scoop,

behind Mom's back. Doesn't it?

If you truly in a hurry,

there's no quicker to flavor town, than the nearest drive-thru.

Now, its not healthy and its not always the highest quality,

but any number of quickly prepared regional delicacies...

...will keep you filled up and packed full of the energy you need to make it through your day.

Judge us, if you will.

But sometimes, a McDonald's' Big Mac',

is exactly of what it takes to get the job done.

And to remind us of our trips to the golden arches as a kid.

Cake, and their flaky friend, pastries,

our dessert food royalty.

Actually a form of bread, in many cases.

Cake is actually a combo of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.

And technically cheesecake isn't actually a 'cake' at all.

Whether a sponge cake or a pound cake,

angel's food or devil's food,

frosted or covered in fondant,

round, layered or in a sheet...

Cake, is the celebratory food of choice for birthdays,

holidays, weddings, and more.

Think about all the cake you've eating on special occasions over the years,

and you're bound to feel sentimental.

Such a simple concept and yet such a fast food staple.

Strips of potato are deep-fried and salted,

and severed piping hot with ketchup, vinegar, or mayo.

There are differences in preparations from place to place and restaurant to restaurant.

Thick, thin or curly,

skins on or off,

sweet potato or regular.

It's hard to believe that such a basic snack food, could be so satisfying.

You can't waive your fork, without hitting a dozen places that offer a unique take on french fries.

And that freedom of choice is what makes them so great.

You may call it a cookie and you may call it a biscuit.

But nothing makes you feel more at home,

than a big tray of baked goodies.

Quite possibly invented in Persia in the 7th century A.D..

Cookies gained widespread popularity,

because they're easy to eat on the go.

And while the smell of baking cookies is delicious,

and sneaking a taste of cookie dough is a forbidden treat.

Store-brought cookies are just as satisfying,

Whether chocolate chip, oatmeal or raisin,

'Oreo' or 'Chips Ahoy!'...

It's incomplete snack without it's partner in crime,


Farmed for over 3,000 years,

and eaten as a comfort food for almost as long.

Chocolate comes in different shapes,

sizes, colors, and states.





bittersweet and more.

It's used in baking and cooking.

Research has shown, that chocolate maybe addictive.

And that eating it, it has a positive effect on the body.

But, we don't even care,

the smooth taste of chocolate just makes us feel better.

Whether its plain,

in bar form or filled with some sort of delicious center.

And don't even get us started on 'Nutella'.

Created, most likely in the 19th century,

potato chips are a classic.

And the fraternal twin of our pal,

the french fry.

As they're thinly sliced pieces of deep fried taters.

Any food you can accidentally eat an entire bag of,

is not only fine by us,

it deserves to be praised.

A savory snack, chips or crisps

Are salty,

crunchy, satisfying goodness that you can't help but indulge in.

Thanks to the many,

sometimes weird flavors that they come in.

The only way they'd be better, as if they were silenced,

so we could eat them all the time.

As the only dessert that could possibly steals cake better,

ice cream is a powerful food.

Celebrating for both it's refreshing nature and incredible range of flavors.

This is the food of summer.

Of glancing lazily out your window,

and watching the ice cream man, make his way down your street.

Whether your vices chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or swirl,

ice cream is a delicious frozen treat that almost anyone can enjoy, in a cup or in a cone.

At the local ice cream parlor or at home.

Before we dig into our top pick,

here are a few honorable mentions.

Nothing beats a pizza pie.

It transcends culture and age,

and brings us all together.

Invented in Italy, but now popular everywhere,

the pizza is another food that changes depending on where you are.

Usually a flat piece of dough topped with tomato sauce,

cheese and a variety of other goodies...

Pizza is a party in a box, no matter how its prepared.

Fast food or fire baked,

deep dish or thin crust,

traditional or trendy,

pizza is accessible and appetizing.

That's why its number one on our list and in our hearts...

Ugh... We mean "stomachs".

Do you agree with our list?

Ready to grab some snacks and go?

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