Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Message from Head of School, Jay Rainey

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Dear Ram Nation,

Today we confront competing impulses: to be simultaneously cautious and sympathetic.

To think a day ahead and a month ahead at once.

To look both around the corner and around the world.

To react, but not to overreact.

While we face questions about our future and this new reality, we must, as always, find

strength and equanimity in common purpose with one other.

To our seniors, please take heart and know that your future shines brightly, and that

your greatest moments of celebration are yet to come.

To our student-athletes, please take heart and know that you will indeed find victory

again, and that the bonds you have made with your teammates will last a lifetime.

To our artists, musicians and performers, please take heart and know that you shine

in the spotlight wherever you are and that your talents continue to bring light to the


To our faculty and staff, please take heart and know that your work and your impact have

never been greater, and that the lessons and guidance you offer today and always shape

your students for years to come.

And to the thousands in Ram Nation, at home and abroad, please take heart and remember

that we are all what the world needs now more than ever: responsible men and women who can

meet the challenges of the world with confidence and embrace all of its people with compassion.

I know that the MICDS community will be equal to this challenge, because the greatest strength

of our beloved MICDS is, and always will be, its people.

We will find our way forward together.

Continue to love, cherish and value what means the most.

And know that nestled in the suburbs of St. Louis, there will always be a place, waiting

to welcome you home.

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