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Now, some of you guys might have seen lessons that I've done before about sex with Ronnie.

Guess what?

As much as I like to teach you about sex and all its fun, there is a very, very serious

side to sex that I want to talk to you about.

This is a public service announcement.

No guitars, but we're going to talk about safe sex with me.

Hi. Safe sex basically means preventing two things, the first one is present-...

Preventing unwanted pregnancy, that means not having a baby.

So, we know, hopefully, that if you have sex (intercourse) there's a nice chance that you

can have a baby.

But maybe you're a little too young to have a baby.

Maybe you don't want a baby.

Maybe having a baby would really mess up your life.

So, we're going to go through two very important things, one is birth control, and the other

one even I think more important than birth control is not dying because or not getting

very sick because you have contracted or gotten what's called an STD.

"STD" means a sexually-transmitted disease.

We have a lot of these.

I'm going to teach you the name of some of them, the slang of some of them.

You'll hear them in movies.

But most importantly, I want you to not get these.

Please, do these little things to help you, even if you're really drunk.

When you go to a pharmacy or you go to a place to get things, like condoms or something to

help you, do not be ashamed, do not be scared.

You are protecting yourself, and you are protecting your partner.

There is no shame in protecting yourself and not dying.

So, no matter what your culture was in your country, no matter what your parents think

- you want to protect yourself, so please.

"She won't get sick if you cover your dick."

This means: Wear a condom.

Come on.

It takes two seconds, just flip that on and you're ready to pounce.


So, wear a condom, guys.

Do it. It's easy, it's fun.

There's many different flavours, you can get different colours, they can glow in the dark,

condoms, wear one.

You're not going to have to have a baby you don't want and you're not going to get a disease,

hopefully. So, ladies, this is for you.

Unfortunately, if we get pregnant we're the ones that have to keep the baby and the men

disappear and have their fun, but we're stuck with the baby.

So, most of the forms of birth control, this means stopping to have a child, are for women

because it's our responsibility, it's our body.

No matter what anyone says, you have control of your body, not anyone else.

So, we have many different methods that we can use to control if we have a baby, if we don't.

Now, the most popular one, it's been around for a long time, it's called "the pill".

The pill is a pill, like a tablet that we take every day and it prevents us getting

pregnant because it prevents the eggs from coming into the uterus and making contact

with the sperm.

I'll explain all that later, but basically it's called the pill and it prevents us from

getting pregnant. Yes.

Another one like the pill is called "the patch".

Now, the pill has been around since the 1960s in America.

The patch is fairly new.

It's basically a sticker you put on your body, and hormones are released into your body,

and again, it prevents you from making the eggs, so the sperm and the eggs don't make

contact and don't have a baby.

We have another thing called "the morning after pill".

Now, this is different than the birth control pill because the morning after pill is taken

the morning after you have sex or intercourse.

So let's say that you didn't use a condom and you are not on any birth control-this

happens, no problem-you can go to the pharmacy, you can go to the drugstore, you can go to

the doctor and you can ask for the morning after pill.

Again, this will stop any further egg and sperm connections, it's 100% legal, reliable,

and safe.

So do it, even if you feel embarrassed.

It's better to be embarrassed for 10 seconds than have a baby for the rest of your life

that you can't take care of.

So, believe me, the morning after pill is perfectly fine.

It has many names, like: "Plan-B" or "the emergency pill".

But if you just go to the pharmacy and ask for the morning after pill, you're set, you're

good, you're like: "Yay, I can do this!"

Then we get into more drugs, and different ways that we can prevent having babies.

So, there's something called "Depo-Provera".

Depo-Provera, we in slang, call "the shot".

It's an injection, which means they inject hormones into your body of progestin.

And this is a hormone that stops ovulation.

"Ovulation" means your eggs start to produce and go into your body where they're ready

to meet the sperm of their dreams and have a baby.

So what happens is if you take these hormones, your eggs will not produce and you cannot

have a baby, hopefully.

We also have something called "an I.U.D." this is an "intrauterine device".

That's hard to say.

So, an intrauterine device or I.U.D., we make it easier, we actually insert it in the uterus...

The uterus is the part of your body where you can produce the child.

And it's put there by a doctor.

Okay? You're not having your best friend help you out with this.

You're going to go to the doctor or a clinic and they're going to put a device inside of

you that, again, will stop ovulation so you don't have...

So you won't have a baby.

This one can last anywhere from three to 10 years, so if you want to have a child you

can have the device removed, and you can then have a baby.

So these things are really, really good.

They are not permanent.

You stop it when you decide to, not anybody else.

Not your doctor, it's all you.

Another thing, we have, like...

This is called "the ring", and the ring, it's a...

Looks like a plastic circle, and I think the doctor name is NuvaRing, it has hormones again

and what happens is it, again, prevents the egg and the sperm contact.

This ring you put in and take out once a month, so it's a bit more work, but all of these

have proven to be quite effective to prevent an unwanted child.

Another thing that we have is called "a sponge", and a sponge, it's like a soft material that

you can put inside of you before you have sex, and there's something called "spermicide"...

Spermicide is a gel or a foam that will actually kill the sperm.

Now, "sperm" are what men have, they look like little fish, they're little, white fish,

sperm, and those are the things that will connect with your egg and the miracle of birth will happen.

So, a sponge has spermicides or a gel that will kill the sperms.

It's cool, we don't want them to live.

There's lots of them, we don't like them.

And the other thing we have is called "a diaphragm".

A diaphragm, some people call it, like, a female condom, but it basically creates a

barrier, so again the sperm and the eggs, they never meet.

They're just strangers passing in the night having a good time.

Women, ladies, these are many choices that we have to protect ourselves.

Unfortunately, all of these things will not prevent sexually-transmitted diseases.

Guys, that's where I'm talking to you.

You have one very important thing, and it is, again, "a condom".

A condom is square...

I don't have one here, I should have brought one, and you open it up, and you put it on

your penis and you can go all night.


And it will prevent you becoming a father and it will also prevent STDs.

So, another option is a spermicide.

A lot of condoms have a spermicide in them so that it will kill the gel.

I've just decided that the condom god has blessed me with a condom.

Thank you, condom god.

This is a condom.

It's Durex, oo, we're doing brand names here.

So, if you don't know how to use one of these, I suggest you find the videos on YouTube and

check it out.

They are really important.

They might even save your life.

Don't ever be embarrassed to go to a store, a pharmacy, or ask someone, ask a friend if

they have one of these because this little guy, mm, your best friends, guys.

Use it.

A very drastic thing you can do, guys, if you never want to have children is get what's

called a "vasectomy".

So, a vasectomy is basically sterilization where you can never have children again because

the sperm die inside, and they will never, ever reach the egg because they don't produce

sperm to reach the egg.

We can also have this operation, it's called...

Something, I forget what it's called for girls.

I'll think about it and I'll tell you later, but guys, you can have a vasectomy.

This means...

A lot of men choose to have a vasectomy after they have children, and they decide:

"Do you know what?

My wife and I don't want any more children, we have one partner, we don't have to worry

about using condoms.

We don't want any more babies, so we're going to get a vasectomy."

Women, ladies, we have the same thing and we can get our "tubes tied".

So, tubes are little things that connect our eggs to our uterus.

Getting the tubes tied means they cut the tubes so our eggs won't travel anymore.

And this is an option, it's almost permanent for us.

Now, the most important thing when you use this condom is to prevent something called

"sexually-transmitted diseases" or "STDs".

STDs are just the easier way to say "sexually-transmitted diseases".

So, this is a short list of some very common STDs.

We have "chlamydia", which we call "the clap".

We have "Hepatitis B", which in slang we call "hep B".

We have "herpes", "HIV", which can become "AIDS", we have "syphilis", "crabs" or "lice".

Ew, what?


You eat crabs, so crabs or lice are little insects that live in your pubic hair of dirty,

dirty people.

So someone...

If someone has little insects living in their pubic hair or in their hair, if your pubic

hair touches theirs, guess what?

You got crabs and you're really itchy.


Very uncomfortable.

Do not eat them.

It's not that kind of crab that you find in the ocean.

It's found in pubic hair, don't eat it.


Another common one is called "gonorrhea", and then we have the "HPV".

This is called-bear with-"the human papilloma virus".

One cool thing is that now we have a "vaccine" to protect us against the HPV.

This is happening a lot in Canada, a lot of girls who are entering the age of being sexually

active, high school age, are being vaccinated against this virus to cut down on the spread of it.

It happens a lot, just because you don't use this.

Use this. Yeah, again, condom, please use a condom.

Just do it. Yeah?

It'd be easier.

So you think: "Oh, guess what, Ronnie? Do you know what?

I'm not going to get an STD because I actually don't have sex.

I'm not, you know, sticking my dick in, you know..."

Guess what?

Even if you have oral sex, ladies, "ah" or "ah-la-la", you can still get these diseases.

So, this is going to help you, gentlemen.

And guys go: "Oh, it doesn't feel the same. I don't like it."

Guess what?

You probably don't like have syphilis and dying.

Wear this.

Ladies, there's also something that you can get, or gentlemen, called a "dental dam" and

this is basically a piece of plastic that goes over your mouth when you're performing

oral sex on a lady, and it will prevent these STDs entering your body.

So, syphilis, hep B, herpes, gonorrhea, these are things that you can also get from oral sex.

So it's not just sexual intercourse, it's just putting your mouth on genitals.

Guess what?

You can get STDs as well.

This is the main thing that I want to go over with you guys: How to prevent STDs.

This is the number one answer.

The number two answer: Have sex with one person.

Oh, you guys: "That's boring, Ronnie."

Yeah, cool, whatever, but it's a way to stop the spread of STDs.

So you're using a condom, you have one partner.

Guess what?

This is a good thing.

Another thing that I highly recommend that you do is you get tested.

Getting tested means you go to the doctor, again, there is no shame in doing this.

I've done this, I have to do this.

I go to the doctor and I get tested, they take some blood to make sure that I do not

have any STDs.

If I had an STD I could give it to my partner, then it gets spread around.

So, you can also get, as I mentioned before, vaccines against some of the diseases, but

not all of them and probably not most of them.

So: "Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener.",

"She won't get sick if you cover your dick."

Guys, use a condom.

Have fun, have sex, go crazy, wear one of these, and I'm good.

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