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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

♪ (Michael Jackson, "Thriller" chiptune) ♪

- (Finebros) Today, you'll be playing this.

- Sega Genesis!

- Is this Michael Jackson? Oh my god!

- I don't know how you can make a game about Michael Jackson.

- Snapchat, rainbow-puking Michael Jackson game.

I don't know what this is.

- (Finebros) Michael Jackson's Mookwalker has three levels in each stage.

To give you a taste of the game,

we're gonna have you play the first three levels

of three different stages. - (chuckles) Sweet.

- (Finebros) And to really get you feeling "bad",

we have this for you. - Oh no.

(game clatters) Oh-ho-ho-ho!

- Oh, it's a glove? I'm so excited!

- Can I really wear this the whole time while I play?

'Cause I would be so excited. Like, can I keep this?

- I'm gonna channel my inner Michael.

I'm gonna beat this game.

♪ (dramatic chiptune music) ♪

- (dramatically) Michael Jackson's Moonwalker!

(in game: warbling) - Ooh! Dat graphics though.

Wow, look at these graphics. Ten outta ten.

- "Round 1-1: Club 30."

(in game: coin clinks) - Ooh! That spin though.

- (playfully) Here's my two cents. Turn on the jukebox.

♪ (Michael Jackson, "Smooth Criminal") ♪ (imitating Jackson) Ooh!

- Is this, like, Smooth Criminal?

- Uh... (sparkles chime)

(laughing) Yay, sprinkles.

(sparkles chime) All right.

Do I hit him with my fairy dust?

- Uh. Uh. And kick.

- This is literally my life.

Oh my gosh. I need this.

Oh, why is there a little girl crying?

- Should I avoid the kid?

Michael Jackson and children don't go well together.

- Okay.

There's a kid crying. Am I supposed to help her?

- And kick. And C.

- (little girl) Michael! - Okay, I save the girl, I think.

- (little girl) Michael! - Oh, wait! Am I saving--

Oh, I'm saving the people! Ohhh.

Everything makes so much more sense.

- Uh, yeah! Beat it.

♪ (Michael Jackson, "Smooth Criminal") ♪

Uh... what is she doing?

- Why'd she do that? Rude.

Heh. Look, but don't touch, okay?

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! (sparkles chime)

- Yes! (laughs) I love this.

- I can play the piano.

♪ (piano plays random notes) ♪

(sparkles chime)

- Get away. I'm having fun on the piano.

- Hey, look, another child.

All right. (sparkles chime)

The irony in this game is just...

- (little girl) Michael! - Run away, kid.

You're doing the right thing.

- There's a door there. I have to open that.

Hi, I'm Michael Jackson. Do you need help?

- (little girl) Michael! - Oh, I found another little girl.

That sounded really creepy.


- Walk up them stairs with swag.

(sparkles chime) - (Michael Jackson) OOH! OOH!

- (chuckling) - (Michael Jackson) OOH!

- Gosh.

Oh, you're not happy.

I don't care. I'm Michael Jackson. I do what I want.

(sparkles chime) Spin him!

- ♪ Smooth criminal

♪ (vocalizing song) ♪

(gasps) Yeah, that's right, bitch!

- (gasps) Oh, did you see that?

I hit that one guy with the other guy. Wow, accomplishment.

- Yes! Be free!

- (little girl) Michael! - Yay! I did it.

Now there's a monkey.

- I got my monkey! Is he gonna help me?

- What is this? Who are you?

What the heck? What is this?

- Get off of me! (sparkles chime rapidly)


Me spinning around in a circle is killing me?

Oh, he's pointing somewhere.

- No, that way. No that--

Where-- where does he want to go?

- It wants me to go down, I think.

- Let's go, monkey.

Woo! Michael Jackson.

♪ (random piano notes play) ♪ ♪ (boss music) ♪

- Where'd you go? Okay.

- "Ha ha. You'll never catch me."

Oh, watch me, bitch. I'm right behind you. Oh.

♪ (frantic music) ♪ Aah!

(sparkles chime) Oh no. Everything's happening at once.

- Oh my god, no. There's so many.

Shoot! Wait. A! A!

- Oh my gosh. No! They're all coming.

- Michael kicks 'em in the face!

- Okay. Oh-- (explosions)

Oh, that seems legit.

Michael Jackson could always do that.

I already saw him do that in concert. Didn't you?

(sparkles chime) - This is so intense.

(as little girl) "Oh, Michael!" I saved you. Okay.

(gasps) Did I do it?

- I beat it? Yay!

- I'm love with this game. Just in love.

- This is a fun game.

This is exactly the kind of game that I wanna play.

- There was no backstory.

Like, I just show up and then... beat up a couple guys,

save some children, and then, look, a monkey!

Like, I don't know. I'm kind of confused.

- (Finebros) Ready for the next stage? - I'm actually really excited

'cause maybe that monkey will come back

and tell me what's going on around here.

♪ (Michael Jackson, "Bad") ♪ - Yes! The Moonwalk.

- (Michael Jackson) Who's bad?

- "Round 2-1: Street."

- Takin' it to the streets!

- I'm praying that it's as easy as it was before.

♪ (Michael Jackson, "Beat It") ♪ (dog barks)

- Don't tell me I have to hurt the dog!

I don't want to hurt it.

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! - I have to hurt-- (sniffles)

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! - Ho! Oh snap!

- (dog barks) - Oh shit! (laughs)

- X. - (little girl) Michael!

- (imitating girl) Michael! That's me!

- You know what would've been a better story for all this?

Michael is trying to find his new nose. (laughs)

Aww. That was mean.

- Come at me. - (Michael Jackson) OOH!

- (to tune of Beat It) ♪ Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

I'm so good at this game

And you can't do anything about it

Oh, I'm gonna die

(dog barks) - Get away from me!

(dogs bark) Stupid dog.

- (grunts) I'm Michael Jackson!

Yarrrggh, nooo! (laughs) Why?

Why won't you die, dogs?

- The dogs are making me very upset.

Like, I'm getting very mad.

(dogs bark) - Sparkles, go!

Go! Go! Sparkles, go.

Sparkles. Aaaaaaaaah!

It's not working! My strategy--


- Get outta here.

Oh, you got-- oh, double kill.

Did you see that? That was smooth.

What?! He's got-- he's got a gun!

(dogs bark)

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! OOH! - They're everywhere!

(laughing) No! No-- what?!

No! They won't die.

They won't die. ♪ (game over music) ♪

I kicked them so many times.

- Ooh, did you see that?

(dogs bark) Ohh, did you see that?

(dogs bark) - (little girl) Michael!

- Hey, that was just like-- I was just like,

"I'm just gonna check it just in case, but..."

(imitating dogs)

- STOP! Stop!

The dogs are fricking rude.

- Jump this way and then I jump that way.

No, what?!

- Okay. Okay, dog on a roof.

All right. It's totally normal. - (Michael Jackson) OOH!

- What? (dog barks)

Get up here, bitch. Bring it.

(sparkles chime) - Oh! I almost died from that.

(sparkles chime)

- (little girl) Michael!

- Where's this little girl at?

I think that's weird.

"I'm gonna find you, little girl." But that's-- yeah.

That just doesn't sound right.

- (little girl) Michael!

- I got one-- I got one last Lego child left.

- I got 'em. I got 'em.

- And there's the monkey thing. What does that monkey do?

- But-- oh, here we go. Bubble's telling me where to go.

- Let's roll. Okay-- oh. (laughs) ♪ (boss music) ♪

What is this this? "Ha ha. You'll never--"

Bitch, you said that last time.

♪ (frantic music) ♪

- And the way they're walking. (sparkles chime)

I love it. (explosions)


- You guys, I'm so low on health. (sparkles chime)

- You guys wanna [bleep] jump down any day?

I'm not going up there.

- Wait, wait, crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!

Special move.

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! - Shoot.

(sparkles chime) - Oh no! I went down.

(frantically) Oh my god!

- My magic is failing me. Stay away.

Get out of here. Okay.

Hi, child. Okay, cool. I did it.

- I need to kill you. You're my last person. Jesus Christ.

Frick yeah! I got the girl.

- (little girl) Michael! - (imitating girl) Michael!


- "Woods."

Random, but okay.

- It's a cemetery, bitch. That's not the woods.

♪ (Michael Jackson, "Another Part of Me") ♪

- I don't what song this one is.

- Oh, perfect.

(sparkles chime) Zombies too?

- What the [bleep]? Jumping zombies? What is this?

(chuckles) There we go. I did the moonwalking.


- Oh! Oh no! - (Michael Jackson) OOH! OOH!

(sparkles chime) Oh, shoot.

This is fricking hard.

- I did not sign up for this!

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! - Oh, shoot.

Wait, I was using special moves! Crap!

- They come out of the ground? No!

Whoa! - (little girl) Michael!

- Hello. Why are you in a graveyard?

- Ah, shit. Get outta here.

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! OOH! - (little girl) Michael!

- Yes. Okay, child, give me health.

Holy crap.

- Okay, so I'm guessing I have to jump.

- I like how touching the children gives me a boost in energy.

- How do I kill that bird?

It's the animals in this game, man.

They're vicious.

- (little girl) Michael! - Michael!

- Can I check the bushes?

- (little girl) Michael!

- That was just a lucky guess.

- Oh my god! Oh my god! OH my god! Oh my god!

Oh my god! Oh my god! Holy-- jump!

Oh my god!

I need a child. I need a child. I need a child. I need a child.

That's so weird out of context. I need a child right now.

(shrieking) Run away!

(squealing) Run away! Run away!


(squealing) AAAAAH!


♪ (game over music) ♪ - [Inaudible].

- Can I get up there by, like...

like... jumping up here? Like, jumping up?

Yes! - (Michael Jackson) OOH!

- (little girl) Michael! - Oh my gosh! I did it.

♪ (creepy music) ♪ - Yay, monkey. Lead me to my death.

- I hear you, Bubbles.

Oh, this way?

♪ (boss music) ♪ - (groans) I hate this guy.

- Let's go!

♪ (frantic music) ♪ - Bring it, bitch.

(sparkles chime) - (squealing) Nah!

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! OOH! - Aah!

(sparkles chime) - Sh-- holy moley.

I am not doing well on this level at all!

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! - Why won't they just come down here?

- (Michael Jackson) OOH! OOH! OOH! - (grumbling)


(in game: warbling) - What's going on?

- Yes! ♪ (Michael Jackson, "Thriller") ♪

Uh! ♪ Thriller

- (laughing) Really? - (Michael Jackson) OOH!

- Cool. (laughs) Cool, all right.

I just made all the zombies kill themselves

while humiliating them to the Thriller dance.

- It was fun. I love the music.

I loved that they had his music in there

with a little bit of a eight-bit spin.

- I loved it. I would play it all day.

- Ten out of ten. Would recommend, honestly.

IGN. (laughs)

- (Finebros) This game was actually based on

Michael Jackson's movie, also called Moonwalker.

- He had a movie? Wait, he had a movie?!

- (Finebros) And we're gonna show you the trailer today.

- Oh my gosh, okay.

- Yes!

♪ (dramatic music) ♪

- Oh, okay.

♪ ('80s synthpop) ♪

- (narrator) He comes from a place beyond the stars...

- "Beyond the stars." That's how cool he is.

- (narrator) take them to a world beyond their dreams.

- What the [bleep]? - (Michael Jackson) Ow!

- What? The game had, like, none of this!

- (narrator) ...from the imagination of Michael Jackson.

- It's like Power Rangers mixed with Michael Jackson.

- (Michael Jackson) OW! ♪ (Smooth Criminal) ♪

- Oh, I feel like this a bad acid trip.

- Oh my gosh. I'll have to watch this again.

(engine hums)

- (narrator) Michael...

- What are these animals doing in here?!

- (Michael Jackson) OW!

- (narrator) Nothing could prepare you for his movie...

Moonwalker. - What?!

Wait, wait, wait. What?

- (narrator) It's written... in the stars.

- I don't know where I'm gonna find it, but I'm gonna find it.

I'm gonna watch it. - (Michael Jackson) OW!

- OW!

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♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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