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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: চুচু-র কুকুরছানা দত্তক নেওয়া(ChuChu Adopts a Puppy) - Bangla Cartoon-ChuChuTV Bengali Moral Stories

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It was a nice sunny sunday morning

ChuChu had gotten up and finished her morning chores

She wished her mom good morning

and sat in the chair at the porch

She was looking sad and preoccupied

Her friends who came down to visit her

wondered why she was looking sad

ChuChu, what's bothering you?

Why are you sad?

I want a pet animal

I want an elephant, a giraffe, a lion, a monkey as a pet

Wow, sounds pretty exciting

It would be fun playing with them

ChuChu's mom walks by

Mommy, I want an elephant, a giraffe, a lion, a monkey as a pet

Hmmmm, dream on

There is no way you are going to get a nod

Are you kidding me? Forget it

ChuChu decides to wait and ask her dad

once he's done with mowing the lawn

Daddy, I have something to ask you

What is it dear?

I want an elephant, a giraffe, a lion, a monkey as a pet

Can I please?

Whoa, but all these are wild animals


Here's the deal

Let's visit a special place first

Then you can decide on what animals to have at home as a pet

ChuChu's dad takes her to the zoo and walks along with her

Whoa, that's scary

Daddy, I changed my mind

Wild animals belong in wild environments

I understood that they cannot be kept at home as pets

Forget it. Let's go back home

Glad my little girl realized it

Come on let's go home

Daddy, could you stop the car please?

There is a small puppy on the road

Looks like it might get run over

Awww, looks so cute

Daddy, looks like this puppy is abandoned

Can I adopt this cute little puppy?

Can we take it back home with us?

Sure angel

Firstly, we need to take it to a vet and get it vaccinated

Then we take it home give it a nice bath

Mom would have a spare towel and a small bed for it

The puppy could sleep with me in my room

Oh yeah

Let's give the puppy a warm welcome into the family

From that day onwards, the puppy was part of their family

ChuChu and all her friends played with the puppy

and were happy ever after

It was a bright and beautiful day

ChuChu was playing in the garden

She spotted a shy-looking kitten there


The kitten was playing with a ball

Excitedly, ChuChu threw her favorite red ball

towards the kitten

Hello, little kitty!

Would you like to play with this ball?

Its nice and bouncy

The kitten was delighted


The kitten enjoyed playing with the ball

But then the ball rolled into a thorny bush

and no one could get it out


Oh no! There goes the ball

We were having so much fun playing with it

Just then ChaCha came by

He had a nice yellow ball with him

Here, little kitten!

You can play with this ball

ChaCha shared his ball, passing it to the kitten

And everyone was having fun again


But then ChaCha's ball rolled into a puddle of muddy water

Uh oh!


So ChuChu brought another ball!

It was a bright blue one

ChuChu gave it to the kitten to play with it

Kitty you can play with this ball


Just as the kitten started playing with the blue ball,

A frisky little puppy ran into the garden

Wuff! Wuff, wuff!

Wuff! Wuff, wuff!

The puppy spotted the blue ball


And to everyone's surprise,

the puppy grabbed the ball and took it away for himself


The kitten felt sad once again

Then Chika came into the garden

He had a shiny white ball with him

Kitty! Here's another ball!

You can play with this one!


Chika's ball made the kitten happy once again

But then a mean-looking cat came into the garden


The cat took the white ball away

And the kitten was sad again


Then to everyone's surprise

The puppy came back

and returned the ball to the kitten!


Look! The puppy wants us to share the ball

So we can all be happy!

That's so sweet!


Wuff! Wuff!

Because the puppy was so kind to return the ball

Chiku gave it a small green ball

Wuff! Wuff!

ChuChu, ChaCha, Chika, Chiku and the kitten

then invited the puppy to play with them

They all played together and had a good time

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The Description of চুচু-র কুকুরছানা দত্তক নেওয়া(ChuChu Adopts a Puppy) - Bangla Cartoon-ChuChuTV Bengali Moral Stories