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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Bono responds to the Davos Question

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>> Hello, my name is Bono. I'm a rock star, sort of and, umm, yeah.

I think there's something everybody can do and I won't tell, umm, I

won't tell you where you can hook up to fight against extreme poverty

in your own neighborhood 'cause I don't know what the organizations

are but you can find them out. But I will say this: In 2008 if we're to get

anywhere, umm, on the fight against extreme poverty or the climate

crisis, we have to prove that we can keep the promises that we've already

made. So we call them the millennium development

goals and right now politicians are slipping back in their commitments

to half extreme poverty by 2015 so my message to you today

is do not let them and, uh, I love that line, uh, of Tom Freedman's about

climate change: Don't change your lightbulbs.

Change your leaders. Thank you.


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