Practice English Speaking&Listening with: De Vijanden - Full Movie

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Can't you, Celine? Sure.

How are you, Richard? Fine.

Richard! What's going on? The Germans are advancing.

Reinforcements are needed.

Ask if they've got any soap. Sunlight. And corned beef.

There's a war on. There's a war on.

Richard, what are you doing?

You'll get yourself killed, Richard. Think of your mother.

I'll bring you back some corned beef.

Bastards! Dirty rotten bastards!


Hey, lad.

You're in a hurry!

Where are you running to?

To that village. Thionville. That's what we call it.

Have you got anything to eat? No.

Isn't there anything in there? I may have a biscuit.

Thanks. You're a good chap. Thanks.

What's your name? Richard De Clercq.

I'm Alfonso.

Handsome Alfonso, they call me.

You're not from round here, eh? No, I'm from Antwerp.

Are you here with the Americans?


You're wearing an American jacket.

My parents sent me to my aunt in Ourton.

The Krauts destroyed our apartment.

My grandmother was killed.

You've got an aunt in Ourton?

Is she goodlooking? She's old.

So you're going back to Ourton?

Shall I show you something funny? What?

Come and see. Come and see.

Come on. Come and see.

See over there?

Are you scared? We'll have to be quick.

Good day, captain.

We're friends, my dear captain.

What's the captain saying?

Good day, Your Worship. Good day, Alfonse.

What's the meaning of this? We need this motorcycle.

I don't care. You can't have it.

This motorbike is important to me. This lady is my sister.

She's been very ill. She had an operation on her kidneys.

He's very nervous.

Can you manage, Marguerite?

Then you're friends with the Krauts. You're lucky he doesn't shoot you.

Are you in pain?

This is incredible. It's going too far.

You can't just do that.

What's ...

And I speak French.



No Germans? No Germans.

Shut the door, damn you.

What's your name?

Don't you understand me?

Me, Jeannette.

What an idiot!

He doesn't understand a word.

He looks very nice.

Yes, he's a goodlooking lad.

I prefer the other one.

Because at my age we can't keep up with the youngsters.

You should be ashamed, you little tramp.

Stop. Everyone out!

Americans, where are you?

Where are you?

You have to leave. If the Germans find you here, they'll set light to the barn.

Burn the place down! You have to leave!

You both have to leave.

You don't want to leave, do you?


No, no.


Up here. I'm up here.

What did you say?

No, I can't sleep. With all that noise.


I know that, talk talk.

I can't. Mum's got the key.

The key.

What are you doing?

Oh, right ...

I don't understand.

Are you crazy? Yes, I'm crazy.

Soldiers are all the same. You only think of one thing.

What? You know what I mean.

But it's different with you. You're not an American.

No, I'm Flemish. Oh, right ...

Jeannette, show me your breasts. No.

It's too cold.

You see, I'm off to war soon.

I may never see you again.

When are you leaving? Tomorrow, maybe.

I really want to see you. You're so beautiful.

Maybe I will die soon, without having seen you.

Because when you go off to war,

you never know what will happen.

You are so beautiful.

Come closer. Come to me.


Come closer.

Let me touch you.


There's only two of them.


You got him!

Please, I'm the driver.

What's going on? Jeannette, are you there?

He killed a German. What German?

There's another one. He ran off. Where to?

I don't know.

Shut up, you bastard.

What's going on? Get out of here, you bastards.

Go on, get out.

Go back to America. Go and annoy someone else.

Arsehole, peasant, pig.

He can speak French. The bastard.

Watch out. The Kraut is running away.

You can't just leave that Kraut here.

Leave me alone.

Take them with you. If the Germans come back, they'll burn the place down.

Bye, Jeannette. Will you come back, Richard?

Yes, I'll come back..

Bye, madam. Bye, colonel.

Oh God! Oh God!

Easy. Easy.

Where are you going?

What's up? Where are you going?

Heil Hitler.

I'm a friend of German soldiers. Heil Hitler.

Heil Hitler.

I'm hungry and I'm lost.

I'm lost.

What are you doing? What are you doing?

Stop that.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey.

It wasn't German? Was it Polish? Or Russian, maybe?

Yes, it sounded like Russian.

Yes, they're Ukrainians.

Calm down, calm down.

Calm down!

You're still alive. You don't need to fill your trousers. You're a soldier.



Are you Belgian? Of course. Are you?

So am I. I killed two Germans.

Well done. Very good.

Stupid bitch.

Ring a ring a roses, A pocket full of posies,

Atishoo! Atishoo!

We all fall down.

Ring a ring a roses,

A pocket full of posies,

Atishoo! Atishoo!

We all fall down.

I'll shoot you. Willy, I'll shoot you.

Is there anyone there?

There's too muchBrecharbeit.

Too much ...

This is my brother Helmut. He's aDolmetscher.

Come here.

Where's the spade?

We haven't got any weapons.

The Americans are over there.

The Americans have retaken the whole area.

Where are our men?

We had to retreat. Did you surrender voluntarily?

Then we will too. There's no other way out. It's just one bloody mess.

What do the Americans do with their prisoners of war?

... as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation ...

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