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- I understand, but look, forget the trial.

It's too risky. They have video of the robbery.

- So what do you recommend?

- Your son pleads guilty. That's what Robbie's doing.

- And I get to go home?

- Up to the judge, but it's a first offense.

You're 16, gun was a toy, no violence.

I think we're looking at a suspended sentence.

- But there is a chance he might go to jail?

- Not likely.

I know Judge Philpot. This should be easy peasy.

- Uh... we're going to need a few days.

- I spoke to the prosecutor. This is a one day offer.

I say we take it.

You good with this, Kendall?

- I guess.

- I'll let the judge know.

- Do the defendants waive pre-sentence reports

and stand ready for sentence?

- Yes, Judge. - Yes, Judge.

- Very well.

Mr. DeGrasso, you look like you're from a good family.

Because of your minimal participation in this robbery,

I sentence you to five years probation.

As for you, Mr. Tyson,

since you displayed the handgun--

- Well, a toy gun, sir. And we only took $32--

- Your victims didn't know it was a toy.

They were in fear for their lives.

That's armed robbery, as I'm sure your lawyer

explained to you.

- I did, Your Honor.

- Since you took the leading role, Mr. Tyson,

I sentence you to 20 years incarceration.

- Did you say 20 years?

- Yeah, that's right. Sit down, ma'am.

Counselors, advise your clients of their right to appeal.

- Wait, Your Honor, please, just hold on one second.

- Bailiff, take custody of Mr. Tyson.

- Mr. Buchman, Mr. Buchman.

- Wait, Mom. [whimpering]

- Why don't you say something? You're his lawyer.

- It's the judge's call. There's nothing I can do.

- But you said he wouldn't go to jail.

- I never said that.

- Mom.

- Well, what do we do now?

- You can appeal.

Call my office; Rebecca will give you some names.

I have to be in Harrisburg.

[door slams]

- I need to see Mr. Buchman.

- He's with a client.

- My son is his client. I need to see him now.

- What the--

- I have been calling you and calling you.

- Take it easy, Ms. Tyson--

- Don't tell me to take it easy.

Why didn't you call me back?

- I was going to--

- Don't lie to me!

You don't care about Kendall.

We listened to you,

and now he's going to spend his life in jail.

And you don't give a damn.

- No, no.

[both grunting, crying out]

[body thuds, man groans]

- [whimpering] Oh.

[gasping] No, please.

I didn't do anything.

- Take your purse.

Take your purse!

- Jaden scraped both his elbows when he fell.

- You pushed him, Tali?


- He made fun of me on TikTok because I don't have a mom.

- Well, there's your explanation.

- Jaden was wrong to do that, Tali.

But that doesn't excuse what you did, does it?

I want you to decide what punishment you deserve.

You can tell me tomorrow.

[phone rings]

Excuse me.


Uh, okay.

I have to deal with this.

Thank you for coming in, Mr. LaCroix.

- Thank you.

[door opens and closes]

- Jaden's a bully.

I don't see why I have to be punished at all.

- I understand,

but you can't let him goad you into throwing the first punch.

- Well, that was the only way

I could get him to stop teasing me.

No one else is going to stand up for me.

- Tali, you got me, you got Grandma, Grandpa.

- You're never here.

And Grandma and Grandpa, well,

they probably think TikTok is a clock.

[school bell rings]

- [scoffs]

I'll pick you up from school, yeah?

- No.

[cell phone chiming]

- I love you.

[ominous music]

Agent LaCroix.

- We have Denise Tyson, 37.

Walked into a public defender's office

and started blasting away.

Killed a client, wounded the lawyer,

took a hostage, and drove off in their car.

The field office in Philadelphia

is assisting with the kidnapping.

- No GPS tracking? - No GPS in the car.

And both phones, Tyson's and the paralegal's,

are both powered down.

- What's the connection between Tyson and the lawyer?

- He repped her son, Kendall, on a robbery beef.

- Well, can't have gone well if she shot the lawyer.

Tell me more about her.

- Single mom, one kid.

Works as a stylist at a hair salon,

so mad skills with disguises.

- So she shoots up an office, an act of explosive rage.

She have a history? - No prior conviction.

But she was arrested for attempted murder

in Baltimore 15 years ago.

- Attempted murder?

Well, if at first you don't succeed...

- The grand jury didn't indict her.

The case was dismissed and sealed.

- Still, it's a tangled web.

Hana, start with the coworkers.

Clinton and Crosby, embed with the kidnapping task force.

Make sure the youngster doesn't eat them out of their larder.

- I'll do my best.

- And tell them to keep their fingers away from his mouth.

- Now, there's three reasons people take a hostage.

Ransom, a human shield,

or leverage for a set of demands.

Let's find out exactly what Denise Tyson wants.

- I don't get it.

20 years for a 16-year-old?

- I was as surprised as you are.

- Lawyers are supposed to be prepared, not surprised.

- It wasn't my decision. The judge--

- But Ms. Tyson tried to kill you.

Why do you think that is?

- When you find her, ask her.

[scoffs] I'm one of the good guys.

People like Ms. Tyson,

they don't appreciate that I don't get rich

off these court-appointed cases.

- You're a busy, good guy with a heavy caseload.

[phone buzzes] - Understatement of the year.

- Over here, Mr. Buchman.

Is that what this unappreciative woman

complained about, your lack of attention?

- [scoffs] I tried.

But three calls a day?

"What color tie should Kendall wear in court?"

"Have I read such and such a case?"

Endless conversations with her pastor.

- To save her only son from prison?

[phone buzzes]

- [scoffs] Go ahead, Mr. Buchman.

Take the call.

- If that was my child,

I'd want to wipe that smirk off his face.

- If it was my child, I wouldn't stop at the smirk.

This guy can't do anything for Denise Tyson.

But the judge...

- She could leverage him, assuming she has a plan.

Right now, she just seems to be going on her gut.

- Well, you heard the lawyer.

She researched the cases,

she enlisted the help of her pastor.

She might be angry and desperate,

but not necessarily impulsive.

- Maybe we can get through to her.

- Throw her a lifeline.

- What do you mean reconsider the sentence?

- Only for the purposes of a news interview.

You'll tell the reporter you thought it over,

and the sentence was too harsh.

- And the interview will be broadcast this evening.

The hope is to convince Ms. Tyson

to release the hostage and surrender.

- Oh, convince her by giving her what she wants?

And then what?

Every defendant with a grievance

will come back here waving a gun?

- You can reaffirm your original sentence

after Tyson's in custody.

- No, this charade won't do wonders for my integrity.

- And sentencing a child to 20 years does

when the white kid got probation?

- Judge, there's precedent.

People v. Maldonado. A judge from New York

held a phony hearing to catch a perpetrator.

- No, not in my courtroom.

I'm not going to be made the fool

'cause you people can't do your job.

[phone ringing]

- Your Honor, answer the phone.

Have Crosby initiate a trace.

- I don't know Rebecca Zayas.

It's the fourth time she's called today.

It's probably a wrong number.

- Rebecca Zayas is Tyson's hostage.

- Oh.

Then you answer it.

- It's probably Tyson.

She knows your voice.

Be positive. Keep her talking.

And put it on speaker.

- This is Judge Philpot.

- This is Denise Tyson.

You put my son,

my 16-year-old boy in jail for 20 years.

I need you to take it back. Please.

- Ms. Tyson, I know you're upset,

but I can't just change a legally imposed sentence.

It's not in my legal purview to do that.

- You need to show me some respect.

I am telling you what to do.

You want me to shoot this woman?

[foreboding music]

- Ms. Tyson, this is Special Agent Jess LaCroix of the FBI.

I've been listening to your conversation,

and I'd like to work with you

to try to get justice for Kendall.

- You're the FBI?

- Yes, I'm sympathetic to your concern, Ms. Tyson.

20 years is no justice.

But right now, I'm concerned about you

and I'm concerned about Rebecca.

- Don't worry about me.

You get the judge to give his word

that he'll change the sentence.

- I'll give you my word. I'll try.

But I'd like to ask you to do something for me.

I'd like you to think about turning yourself in to me.

- No, I...

My son needs me out here fighting for him.

- I understand. You're a good mother.

Maybe you could think about releasing Rebecca.

That would help

the judge make a good decision for Kendall.

- I don't know, I... I...

- You need time to think? I get it.

Would you like to speak to your pastor, Pastor Artevius?

I spoke to him, he said you've got a good heart.

- Please,

I just want my child back.

I want my family...

What the hell are you doing?

- [screaming] - Get your hand off of that.

- Don't do it, Denise. Don't hurt her.

- Why would you do that? - I'm sorry.

- Why would you do that? - [whimpering]

- It won't help Kendall. Think of him.

both: [panting]

- Denise?



She went off on the hostage.

- It's Crosby.

Rebecca Zayas' cell pinged a tower 18 miles from here.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- Get the trunk.

Someone in the front seat.

- Clear. All: Clear.

- [panting] Help me.

Help me.

- You're safe now, Rebecca. We got you.

- Go for EMS.

- Hostage is secure. I repeat, hostage is secure.

- Boss, check this out.

Tyson left the phone powered on.

That's why we were able to track the signal to the car.

- If Tyson knew enough to power down the phones

until she needed to call the judge,

she wouldn't have left it on

unless she wanted us to find the car and Rebecca.

- So now she's a good Samaritan?

- Maybe not the only reason.

Check recent activity.

- Got the call to the judge.

Five minutes later,

she searched an address in Brooklyn.

51 Meserole.

- That's her next move. I'll see you in Brooklyn.

- Brooklyn's all yours.

She knew we'd find that phone, she knew we'd find the address.

I don't know what her next move is,

but it ain't Meserole Street.

I don't think she's ready to give up on her son.

She's got a maternal instinct on steroids.

She'll do whatever it takes to satisfy it.

- I heard my mom was in some kind of trouble.

What did she do?

Mouth off to the judge or something?

- It's more serious than that.

She tried to kill your lawyer.

Killed one of his clients instead.

She took a hostage to try and get your sentence changed.

She's a fugitive now.

- [stammers]

This is all my fault. This is all my dumbass fault.

I was just trying to help my mom.

- You can help her now, Kendall.

We want to bring her in alive. You feel me?

We don't want anyone else to get hurt.

- What do you want me to do?

- You can tell us the truth when we ask you a question.


We found a map search on a phone your mother left behind.

We know she's going to Brooklyn.

- My mom don't know anybody in Brooklyn.

- Good.

Where do you think she'd run to?

- I don't know.

- What about her friends at the salon?

Anybody there she'd go to for help?

- [stammers]

Those people at the salon are not her friends.

- What about the people from church?

- My mom goes there to pray, not to hang.

- She got a boyfriend?

- She said she had me, and that was enough.

- We know she has family in Baltimore.

- Yeah, Grandpa, but he's in a nursing home.

- And what about your father, Kendall?

Was your mother in touch with him?

- I don't know nothing about that.

- If you don't know his name, you can just tell us.

There's no shame.

- When I was little,

after my mom put me to bed,

she told me that one day, my pa would come get us.

That he was a very important man with a big house,

with big rooms for each and every one of us.

And that we'll all be happy.

She said if you look at the house

from up in the sky, it looks like a H.


Like heaven.

But that's just the story she told me to dream on.

[melancholic music]


I'm in the big house now.

[door buzzes]

[indistinct chatter]

- They'll meet us at Denise's place.

[phone locks]

I saw a world of hurt in that boy's eyes.

- Yeah, I worry about Tali without her mother.

- She has you.

- What if it's not enough?

That story Kendall told us about his mother?


My mother's bedtime fairy tale was about a small house

on a half-acre on the Hudson,

with a husband who came home sober every night,

and whose idea of a good time was gardening

and reading stories to his kids.

It's the story she told herself to get through another day.

- Still, you turned out okay.

You didn't end up in prison.

- No, the difference is I didn't get caught.

[ominous music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, girl. - Dee?

What are you doing here?

- I need to talk to him. Where is he?

- Really, Dee?

I don't know. It's been almost 15 years.

- Well, you don't have a number or an email?

I really need to see him.

- I don't have anything.

And after what you've done, I'm not sure I'd give it to you

even if I did.

- Michelle, please.

It's important. It's for Kendall.

- Dee, you listen to me. You are all over the news.

I am sorry for what happened to you,

but I can't get mixed up in your problems.

If I was you, I'd turn myself in before they shoot you.

Now, you have to go.

My husband will be home soon with the kids.

- Michelle, please.

[door slams]

What, you think you've it done up

all nice and tight, don't you?

[grunts, pottery shatters]

So perfect.

So perfect.

- Ladies at the salon said

Denise only worked when Kendall was in school.

4:00 p.m., she'd hang up her hair dryer and head home.

Put out his cookies and milk.

No fraternizing outside of work.

No girls' night. Only her birthday.

- Yeah, that pretty much jives

with her phone and email history.

I mean, she'd make calls to work,

to the high school, emails with teachers.

No boyfriends and no regular social contacts.

- Pastor said she was rock steady

at Sunday service and Bible class.

Knitted baby clothes for the charity drive.

Other than that--

- Just your typical church lady with a gun.

- Welcome to a teenage wet dream.

Kid's got eight pairs of Jordans,

matching ball caps.

Supreme, Undefeated.

- I'm guessing this stuff is expensive.

- Wait until Tali gets older. Check that.

That bike retails around a grand.

- How could he afford this stuff?

- His mother put it on her credit card.

- Kendall's the center of his mother's world.

She'd sacrifice her own comfort for her son.

She's overcompensating for something.

- Well, at least he felt bad about it.

He said he did the robbery to help her out.

- He could've sold some of this swag.

- And risk hurting his mother's feelings?

What do we got here?

- A baby spoon. - A precious baby spoon.

Sterling silver. Look at the engraving.

- "Mary and her lamb." - It's for a girl.

At least 100 years old by the looks of it.

Not something Denise planned to leave behind.

- She's been spotted.

These were taken at 5:35 a.m.

Police in York about 50 miles away

responded to a smash and grab at a local store.

She stole a pair of high heels and a matching purse.

- Is she going out on a date?

- Wouldn't be my gear of choice for life on the run.

- She have any connections in York?

- Yeah, she has a York number in her contacts.

Here, Michelle Carter.

- Okay.

I want a sweep of all security video in the York area.

Let's close the net.

- All right, so she had my number.

We knew each other 15 years ago.

- Has Denise been here? - She's not a friend.

I don't approve of what she did.

- You didn't answer my question.

- What's that there, Ms. Carter?

That scratch on the door looks fresh.

[police radio chatter]

- Denise did that.

She was here yesterday.

I couldn't give her what she wanted.

- Which was what?

- She wanted to get in touch with my old boyfriend,

Damon Johnson.

But I don't know where he is.

- Denise also had a relationship with him?

- They had some hot thing back in Baltimore.

Then Damon and me got together.

He moved up here with me when I got this nursing job.

Denise found out, so she moved up here too.

- She still wanted to get with Damon?

- She wanted him to live up to his responsibilities.

Kendall, her son.

Damon was his father.

- What happened to Damon?

- He had drug issues.

But then he started using again,

and I couldn't have that around me, so...Adios.

- Did Denise say why she wanted to get in touch with Damon?

- She said she needed him.

Maybe she thinks he'd care.

All he cared about was chasing his next high.

Okay now?

- Yeah, yeah, thank you.

We'll put a car on the street in case she shows up again.

- Damon's the fantasy dad, the one with the big house.

So she's still hoping

he'll come through for her and Kendall.

- Or punish him because he hasn't.

- Another spotting.

An hour ago, over at a gas station in Shiloh.

She got into a car.

- License plate traces back to a Johnnie Lee Vance.

Registered sex offender, rape and sexual assault.

- All right.

- I'm going to find a way for us to be together again.

I'm going to get us some help.

Promise me you'll stay strong?

- I will, Mom, but I'm worried about you.

- I'll be fine.

- I've got to give in his cell back his phone now.

He says you can call the same time tomorrow.

- I'll try.

- I love you, Mom. All right, stay safe.

[phone beeps]

[clicks tongue] Thanks.

- Family problems?

- It's all good.

- You and your man have a fight?

- Something like that.

- I wouldn't let something like that walk out on me.

- [chuckles]

- So,

what do you got for little Johnnie?

- What? - Ass, gas, or grass, lady.

Nobody rides for free.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- This is Maryland Romeo 22.

We have suspect vehicle KJ521 at rest area 5 on Route 30.

- That's nine miles from here, just across the state line.

[engine revs]

[police radio chatter]

[brakes squeal]

- The car's unoccupied. No keys in the ignition.

- Looks like blood on the front seat.

- Clear here.

- More blood over here.

[police radio chatter]

[distant train horn sounds]

- We got a trail here.

[man grunts]

- FBI, stop.

- Stop! - Stop, FBI.

- FBI, stop!

[both grunt]

- [grunts] Okay, okay, you got me.

- Where is she?

- She's gone. I don't know.

- What are you doing out here? - I'm looking for my keys.

Hey, I'm bleeding here. She shot me.

She threw my keys in the woods and ran off.

She said she was going to Baltimore.

- Why were you running, huh?

- I thought you were after me because, you know...

- You tried to rape her?

- [laughs]

Hey, well, nobody rides for free, right?


- He's all yours.

- Get up. - [groaning]

- She shot him in the shorts before he could rape her.

I'm feeling this woman.

- I'm feeling the mayhem once she hits Baltimore.

- 19 Damon Johnsons in Baltimore,

another 22 in the rest of Maryland.

Also found a Damon's Maryland Crabcakes joint.

- See if they deliver.

- Denise Tyson's arrest for attempted murder was what,

15 years ago?

- October 2004.

- A few months later,

she follows Damon up to Pennsylvania

to get him to own up to his paternal responsibility.

- The two events could be connected.

[unsettling music]

- Does the file say who she was accused of assaulting?

- The file is sealed.

But it does say her bail was paid for by her father,

Glanville Tyson. - Him I can find.

- Oh, I remember.

Denise was six months pregnant with Kendall.

Damon came by to get money for drugs.

She wouldn't give it, they got into a fight.

He pushed her, and she stabbed him.

They put some murder charge on her.

- Attempted murder. - Yes.

In the end, they said it was self-defense.

- It doesn't sound like Denise

would be reaching out to Damon for help.

- Help with what?

- Have you talked to your daughter lately?

- Lately?

[panting] I don't know.

I have to check.

My memory's gotten a little slippery.

Is my daughter all right?

- Yes, yes, yes. We just need to talk to her.

- Let's see.

She called me in...


- Who's that

in the picture right there in the middle?

- Oh, don't you know?

That's Denise.

And that's my grandson, Kendall.

- Who's the girl?

- That's my granddaughter, Karina,

Denise's first-born.

Now that Damon's her father.

- Where's Karina now?

- What's the matter with you?

She lives with Denise, of course.

- Has Karina been here to visit you?

- Um, she must have.


I don't see it on the calendar.

But that's her in the picture.

[laughs] Don't they look happy?

- Denise's baby girl.

Can I show you something, Mr. Tyson?

Does that look familiar?

- Sure.

It's from my wife's side of the family.

Her great grandmother

was an enslaved woman in North Carolina.

She fed the master's girls with that spoon.

When Emancipation came, she ran north.

Took the spoon to pay her way, never had to use it.

Been passed down mother to daughter ever since.

My wife gave it to Denise before she passed away.

- And Denise will pass it on to Karina.

Do you mind if I borrow that picture, Mr. Tyson?

- So long as you return it.

- I will.

Thank you.

- Denise hasn't told him

her daughter doesn't live with her anymore.

- She tells Kendall about his perfect father.

She tells her own father

about her perfect life with her two kids.

She's juggling a lot of fantasies.

- And it's all about to land on top of Damon.

- I talked to the state's attorney who prosecuted Denise.

He said Damon was high when he testified for the grand jury.

That's why they kicked it.

He's texting me Damon's current address.


He's in Owings Mills. Nice.

Not where I'd expect to find that pipe head.

- How do you know it's nice?

- I had a girlfriend from Baltimore.

- You never told me about her. - Well, I guess I didn't.

- What do you mean she's coming for me?

- She asked your old girlfriend, Michelle,

about you two days ago.

- She's out for blood, Mr. Johnson.

She tried to kill a lawyer who talked her son, your son,

into a 20 year sentence.

She de-balled a guy who tried to assault her.

And quite frankly, in the realm of people who've let her down--

- You fit the bill.

You left her with two little kids,

you ruined her life with your addiction--

- I'm not fighting you on that, all right?

I know what I did.

- So does she.

- Yeah, okay, I deserve that.

But I'm a work in progress, lady.

All right? A work in progress.

Wait, you said I left Denise with two kids.

She got Karina back?

- Back from what?

- Look, I'm not proud about this.

- We're not judging.

- When Karina was two,

I was watching her while Dee was at work.

And I went out to...

I went out to score a bag. I left Karina alone.

The neighbors heard her crying, they called the cops,

Dee got the blame.

They went and they put Karina in foster care.

And the last time I saw Dee 15 years ago,

she was fighting to get her back.

- Would you like to see a picture of Kendall and Karina?

- [whispers] Yeah.

♪ ♪


Man, they're beautiful.

If I had been there for them,

maybe none of this trouble-- - Mm.


- Thank you.

- You and your family should move out until Denise is found.

I'll make sure somebody watches the house in case she shows up.

Maybe you'd like to kick him before we go.

- Denise's old neighbors in Baltimore?

Almost done. She moved around a lot.

- Send agents to each one in case she reached out to them.

- Hey, eat your own fries.

- I would, but you ate them all.

- How's that 3-0-2 coming?

- I'm where Agent Barnes dissed the witness

for being a deadbeat dad.

- And I questioned the effectiveness

of her interview technique.

- I was telling Damon not to try putting one over on us.

Because, you know, when I worked the Bronx for the NYPD,

we called these reformed addicts "morning glories."

They shine bright in the dawn, but by nightfall,

they fade back to their old habits.

- Damon seemed sincere, didn't he?

- Time will tell, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.

- [sighs]

[foreboding music]

♪ ♪

Hey, Crosby.

Check out this photo.

Does everything look right to you?

- No.

See the shadow on the girl's face?

It's a deeper shade than the rest.

Yeah, the light's a little different.

This girl has been photo-shopped into the picture.

- Denise photo-shopped Karina into the picture

to make her father happy?

- If that's her daughter.

These sketches of the young girl,

it's like she doesn't know what Karina looks like

and she's trying to figure it out.

- As if she last saw her when she was two years old.

- Exactly.

She lied about Karina living with her,

she made up some fairytale about Damon coming back.

This...this photo. Look, look.


This is her dream happy family.

But she lost her daughter, and then her son went to jail.

That's what broke her emotionally.

Her dream unraveled,

and her with it.

[doorbell rings]

- Hi, I'm sorry to bother you.

My car broke down up the street and I need to call my brother.

My cell phone's dead.

- Can you stay right there?

Give me the number and I'll call your brother.

- Now that's silly. Come in, dear.

- Thank you.

You're Bill and Carol?

- How did you know our names?

- You're my daughter's foster parents.

- Who? - Karina Johnson.

- But Karina doesn't live here anymore.

- Where is she? What did you do with her?

- Nothing.

We did our best, she was 14--

- She was too much for us.

We gave her back.

- Back? To who?

Tell me!

- You're that woman on the news.

The one they're looking for.

- Just tell me where my Karina is.

- We don't know.

- I'm calling the police. You better leave--

- She's my daughter!

- [stammers] No--

- You gave her back like a dog.

[glass shattering]

- Stop!

No, no, no, no, please.

- You're monsters.

- Please.

- [breathing heavily]

[gunshots, glass shattering]

[both gasping]

[somber music]

- We thought she was going to kill us.

- And what did happen to her daughter?

- We couldn't deal with her.

We tried, but she was so angry.

- We've had lots of foster kids.

They test you before they trust you.

But Karina...

- Do you have any pictures of her?

- No, she wouldn't let us.

I mean, not even with the other children.

- All right. Thank you.

- So that's why Denise came to Baltimore.

To find Karina.

She thought Damon knew where she was.

- She's clinging on to what's left of her family,

the daughter she lost so long ago.

If we find Karina first,

we catch Denise.

- You can threaten me with all the subpoenas you want,

the files of foster children, of minor foster children,

are protected from scrutiny.

- This foster child would be 19 by now.

She's an adult.

- That's immaterial.

[camera clicks]

What did you just do?

- In case Karina gets killed by a mother

who's already assaulted and killed a half dozen people,

I want to remember the face of the person

who kept us from protecting her.

- Who knows, that photo could get out to the internet?

- Totally, I can hack her phone in about two minutes.

You want me to show you?

[keyboard clacks]

[keyboard clacks]

- Karina Johnson was removed from her mother's care

at age two.

Because of her mother's failure to provide a safe home

and the presence of a drug addicted father,

Karina was not returned to her parents

and remained in the foster system until age 17.

- What are those notes?

- Comments from her various foster parents.

- "A smart and talented girl." "A wild streak."

"Recommended for a music scholarship."


I like this girl.

- What happened when she was 17?

- She'd been placed at age 16 in a new home.

She seemed to do well,

then after a year, she ran away.

- Where'd she run to?

- Miami.

- Didn't anybody look for her?

- The foster parents did.

They hired a private detective, but they couldn't find her.

- Did Child Services look for her?

- No.

She was 17.

She was aging out of the system.

It wasn't worth the expense.

- Oh, Karina.

You are so much prettier than I remember.

What do you think of Mama's new shoes?

Are they nice? - Yeah.

- I know blue's your favorite color.

- Yeah. [babbles] Yellow.

- Yeah?

You look just like your little brother, Kendall.

You'll get to meet him soon, okay?

I think you'll like him. - Ice cream!

- I know you're going to like him.

- Ice cream. - What are you doing?

Get away from my daughter.

- No, I was just telling her how pretty she is.

- I don't care what you were telling her.

- Sorry. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.

[whispers] I'm sorry.

You don't know how lucky you are.

- I checked social media,

hospital records, financials, DMV... nada.

- Same story with legal proceedings,

criminal records, victim's database.

- Her cell phone number was last active two years ago.

No phone in her name, no active email accounts.

It's as if she doesn't want to be found.

- The chance to catch Denise is now,

before she gives up on Karina and disappears.

- God, and you just want to give her a hug.

- [sighs]

Denise has never seen that photo.

She doesn't know what her daughter looks like.

She probably wouldn't recognize her

if she saw her face to face.

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Let's go.

[indistinct chatter]

Good morning, recruits.

I'm Special Agent LaCroix. This is Special Agent Barnes.

Before we get started,

has anybody here ever tried out for a high school drama club?

[confused murmuring]

- A surprising new development

in the hunt for fugitive killer Denise Tyson.

A Baltimore teen who says she's Tyson's daughter

has made an emotional appeal for her mother's surrender.

Carlos Quintana reports.

- I'm here with 19-year-old Karina Johnson

and her foster mother, Ruth Driggs,

on Queensberry Avenue in Northwest Baltimore.

Karina, when did you realize that

wanted fugitive, Denise Tyson, was your biological mother?

- When I saw her picture, I was sure it was my mom.

- Your mom's been at large for five days now.

Is there anything you want to say to her?

- Mama,

it's me, Karina.

I think about you all the time.


I love you, Mama.

I remember everything about you so clear.

I even remember that spoon that Grandma gave you

that you were saving for me.

Look, I don't know if you did what they said,

just please, just turn yourself in to the police.

I just want to see you again.

- Well said, Karina.

I hope this works out for the best

for you and your mom.

And in yet another twist,

Karina's father has reached out to his long lost daughter.

He and Karina will be reunited tomorrow

to travel to his home in Baltimore County,

where Karina will meet her half-brother and sister.

From Queensbury Avenue in Northwest Baltimore,

this is Carlos Quintana.

[sinister music]

- [chuckles] Yeah, I know.

- I really appreciate that you did that for her.

[man continues indistinct]

[indistinct chatter]

[gun cocks]

- Get away from her.

- Bravo team, give me two...

- Karina, baby, it's me.

Don't go with him.

- Put the gun down, Denise.

- Don't come near me.

Baby, they won't shoot if we're together.

Please just-- just come over.

- It's over, Denise. Put the gun down now.

- Please just do what he says, Dee.

- Listen to me, baby.

This man who says he's your father?

He's the reason they took you away from me.

Tell her, Damon.

You--you left her alone to go buy drugs.

I tried to get you back. I tried to find you.

Now please just come.

Come over here so I can--I can give you a hug.

I want to hold you.

Don't look at her. She's not your real mother.

- Look at me, Denise.

Look at me.

Don't let your daughter see you like this--

- Don't tell me how to treat my own daughter.

- You don't want to die in front of her.

We talked before. You got a good heart.

I know that. Just like your pastor said.

Now put the gun down.

For Karina.

- Mama? Just do like they say.


- Where's your scar, baby?

On your arm from when you fell off of the sliding board.


Where is it?

I don't know who you are, but you are not my daughter.

- No, no, it's me-- - Shut up!

- Denise, we're looking for Karina.

We haven't found her yet, but we will.

- Stop lying-- - I'll make sure they find her.

I'ma do something about Kendall too.

- You got a raw deal, Denise.

Your children got a raw deal.

Don't make it worse for them.

Kendall and Karina, they're far away.

That's true.

But they'll need you.

They'll need their mother.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- [whimpers]

- [man shouts]

Push in now.

- I'm gonna need you to stay back.

- Weapon, weapon.

- Let's go. G Team move in.

- We've got her contained. - Clear.

[indistinct chatter]

- It's clean.

- You did good.

- Thank you.

I meant what I said.

- I know.

You'll get it done.

- Good job, you two.

If you ever get to thinking about the FBI,

you give us a call.

We could use somebody with your skills.

- Hey, Jess.

- I meant what I said.

We're going to find that girl.

- What did this tool do?

- It's for gapping the spark plug.

The gasoline won't fire and the engine won't start

unless that tiny little gap is just right.

- Cool.

Auntie Louise called me yesterday.

- Lulu? Really?

Wow. How about that?

- She said that she'd pick me up after school tomorrow

and take me for coffee.

- [laughs] That sounds very grown up.

- [giggles] And ice cream too.

And I told Mrs. Wilkie

that I'd apologize to Jaden for pushing him.

- Well, that sounds like the right thing to do.

How do you feel about it?

- [sighs] Okay.

[hopeful music]

- Hey, Tali.

I know it's been really, really hard without your mom.

But I want you to know that...

If you ever need me,

I'll stop whatever it is I'm doing,

and I'll come find you.

- You promise?

- I promise.

The Description of Defender