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Look, guys.

Wherever you look, it's full of weed.

I really thought long and hard about how I could share my three weeks here in Kasol

with you the best way possible.

My first idea, for example, was to make it as appealing and high quality as possible.

By the way, what you just saw was Chjioc.

This is a small village right next to Kasol.

I talk about Kasol all the time, but actually I was here,

but for me everything belongs to Kasol.

What bothers me about the first idea, however, is that I have two opinions on Kasol.

Well, on the one hand, I love this place.

It' really wonderful.

But on the other hand it can also be a bit dangerous for some travellers here.

That's why I decided to make it as authentic as possible

for you, so that you understand what I want to express with these two opinions,

and that's exactly why I thought I'd just show you what's going on here in the village.

And to start with, there's not that much here.

Most of the people you see here actually live here in this village

with their families and have their small beautiful houses and huts, which partly

look like that and as I said before everything is relatively colorfully painted.

And yeah, they have their own farms.

They basically have everything they need here.

And here seems to be a small temple, which is quite important for the people here.

I'll show you two clips from a group that were about to lead their

gods back to their original place.

But there was a ceremony here a few days ago.

That's where they were all gathered.

I'm sorry, I didn't record it.

There was a "party" for three days, I would say, and they all had their rituals here, and

it was quite exciting and interesting, but to be honest, I

didn't really understand it.

But I didn't want to ask any of them what that was all about, because they

were all so in element.

So now, here we are at my little favorite shop.

Well, so, here..

So, here is basically a small shop, I have to bend down a bit.

I hope you see something.

There are such little sweets and snacks everywhere that you can buy, and yeah this

is such a small shop for everything you need.

Whether it's snacks, whether it's eggs.

They also have a kitchen here, where they also cook in the evening or on request.

Hello! :)

This is the nice lady.

She used to make a lot of delicious food and she owns this place.

Here in the village there are also a few other shops, so every house or guest house has

its own store, but this one is definitely the best known and coolest.

And guys, hang on.

That's about it, actually.

So there is actually nothing much more here, but I think that in the next

two, three, four, five years this will definitely continue to develop strongly.

The people here are definitely so nice.

But I also want to talk about something that can be really dangerous in Parvati Valley

or something you should be aware of, especially if you travel without a plan.

If you just travel to Parvati Valley to drift and

see what happens, you will meet people who like the idea very much.

So they are really wonderful people and also socially very committed people

who are welcoming you, who share your home with you and basically

share everything they have here.

If you come here into the great nature and look at all this, then

you simply have no problems.

Honestly, you get here, and you can really only concentrate on yourself

and enjoy exactly what is happening.

And so do the people here.

They live here, they work here, but as I showed you, there's nothing more here.

And now something comes into play that really accompanies people here all day long.

What I do not think is a bad thing now in any way, one should be aware of it,

because as I have already said, hashish plays a very important role here.

And you wouldn't believe how much hashish they smoke in here.

I think that applies to every generation here, too.

Everyone who comes here, including my generation, does nothing but live,

work and smoke hash.

Which makes it difficult here now, and I want to be upfront and honest with you.

If you come here without a plan and just want to enjoy life and you really

meet such nice people for whom it is normal to chill in a group of people as a community

and smoke a joint, then it can quickly happen that you

just join in.

And yes, I did it, too.

Mom, Dad, if you're watching this, chill, everything's great.

I know for a fact that you did the same..

But then you chill out in the Guest House with all the people who come together.

Friends from other guest houses come, you sit together.

You play cards, you play Monopoly and many other things and just enjoy the evening.

And when you're here and you really don't make plans and just chill out here,

it happens every night.

Like I said, it's really cool.

You always get to know new people, it's fun, you're not always on your

mobile phone, you're just the way you used to be when there were no smartphones.

You just chill together and enjoy the time.

But one of the locals really hit the nail on the head with one sentence.

He told me "We are stuck in time here", and that's really true.

This really is like a continuous loop here.

You get here.

If you don't have a plan, then you chill, then you eat, you sit together, you

talk about God and the world and just consume hashish.

I do not want to set a good or a bad example with all this,

because that is simply not what this is all about.

What I want to do is share my experiences with you, how it is from place

to place and what I want most of all is to make it as authentic as possible.

And that's the way it is here and that's what Kasol is known for.

It is simply considered here without having said it as a main business and also as a main hobby.

And I'm not saying don't come here without a plan.

It's really up to you what you can and can't do, but for

people who are open to the whole or see it a bit more relaxed

and chilly the way I do.

Important here, you should really know yourself very well, be able to control yourself

and above all know what you are doing.

You can have a really wonderful time here.

I really met a lot of people here who actually only wanted to stay here for a day or two,

but then stayed here for a month and didn't do

very much in this time, except what I just told you about.

Dealing with drugs here is simply seen as part of the community here.

Therefore, when you come here, you should be tolerant to the whole thing.

You won't get around sitting in a group of people smoking hashish

and then it's up to you how you deal with it.

By the way, in Kasol and here in Parvati Valley there should be the best hashish in the world.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you.

Anyone who knows me should also know that I just want to talk openly and honestly about all my

experiences, and that is definitely a very large part of

Parvati Valley.

I mean, I already talked about it in Tosh's video.

Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

I hope I didn't say anything wrong in the video.

I think talking about drugs is always a difficult thing, especially when you

are in a really completely foreign country, where it is handled completely differently and

many people or many other countries do not understand such things.

But you must not forget that this topic is a very large part of this society here.

I really enjoyed it here, but most of all, and now hold on.

The owner of the guest house just took me in for free.

That means I did almost three weeks of couch surfing with him and

actually only paid for the food.

And I think that's why I was stuck in this circle a little bit.

But it will definitely continue now.

I'm far from finished with India.

We're on our way to Kasol right now.

The two girls who were with us in Tosh are now moving on.

I thought I'd show you what Kasol looks like.

First of all, the place Kasol is not so special.

Well, it' nice, definitely, but it's like a little town in the middle of nowhere.

So you have a lot here.

You have all the shops and "supermarkets" and restaurants here.

That' s not what I like about this place, so you can stay here, but not for too long.

Where I chill, on the other hand, it's super nice.


We had a snack, some momos, said goodbye to the ladies,

but I'm still a little hungry,

so now we grab something else to eat.

So guys.

This is my room, by the way.

Pretty cool and guys, I just don't pay for it, how cool is that?

I'd say I'm finishing the video for today.

I hope you enjoyed it and you could understand what my relationship is to this place.

What positive or negative sides it could have, if one, I'd

say now, is not at peace with oneself.

I'm definitely going to start editing the video right now and then I'm going to spend

some cool time with the people I met here and then

it's going on quite quickly.

Leave a like if you enjoyed it.

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I'd say I'll see you next time.

Feel free to switch on again.

And yeah, Friends!

Greetings from Chjioc, Peace! <3 :)

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