Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Nails Inspired By My New Favourite Sarah Baily Jacket

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Kirsty: Hi everybody, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we're gonna do some nails inspired

by something that has been custom-made for me by the company, Sarah Bailey.

Kirsty: I have Izzy here with me. Izzy: Hi!

Kirsty: ...who has made, hand-made this particular thing. Would you like to see what it is?

We need to drum-roll, don't we?

Izzy: Tadaa! Kirsty: Ooh! I like presents!

Adam: It's got tassels.

Izzy: It has several tassels. Kirsty: Oh my God!

Kirsty: Okay! Oh my God, and more tassels! More tassels.

Oh my God! So, this real leather. Sorry to all the vegan people out there.

This is real beautiful leather. Oh my God!

Oh my God! Have you ever seen such beauty?

I think I may just live in this jacket.

It smells so nice. I'm gonna smell so nice like cow side forever.

Kirsty: Why do they smell so nice though? Izzy: I don't know. I can't smell it anymore.

Izzy: Oh...

Kirsty: Oh, yes! Izzy: Oh, it's quite fantastic with the pink hair.

Kirsty: Oh, darling, I think I need pink hair forever. Adam: You've gone very high.

Kirsty: Sorry, I was trying to get more jacket. I was like, more jacket.

Izzy: Oh my God! It looks so good! Do you have a full length mirror in here? You can't see yourself.

Kirsty: I'm just like, oh my God, have you ever seen anything so amazing in all of your life?

Izzy: and it fits. Kirsty: It fits beautifully.

Kirsty: I saw sneaky little pictures... Izzy: Yeah.

Kirsty: ...of it. Izzy: Because I was too excited so I don't spoil it.

Kirsty: Honest, but this is just like on another level.

Okay! So...sorry.

Oh my God! Right! So, what we're gonna do, is we're gonna do Izzy's nail because Izzy hand-makes all of this.

Kirsty: It's do everything, don't you? Izzy: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: The cutting, absolutely everything? Izzy: Absolutely everything.

Kirsty: Yeah, and if you see, Izzy has got like a little gillet.

So, we're gonna do nails for Izzy that are inspired by this gorgeous jacket.

So, we're obviously gonna use the Metallic Rainbow. So, I have like a Metallic Pastel Rainbow,

which I absolutely...I just love everything. I just wanna keep looking at it, sorry.

Kirsty: I don't know whether I should work in it or not.. Adam: You're gonna get dust all over it.

Kirsty: I don't wanna ruin it. Izzy: Oh, you won't ruin it. Leather's tough. It's just whether you get hot.

Kirsty: Yeah. Izzy: You might end up getting really hot.

Kirsty: If I get a bit hot, I'll take it off.

Kirsty: So I want a little bit of clearness, I think I do. Because I think what we'll do is,

Kirsty: ...see how this falls onto nothing. Izzy: Hmm.

Kirsty: I wanna create that. I wanna create the metallic and then have the metallics falling onto pretty much nothing.

I like that.

But I love the back. Oh, wrong way.

I love the back. So, I love the silver, sort of Chevron V, with the tassels coming off in the black underneath.

I think the contrast looks amazing. So, we're gonna do that as well.

Right! So, I've already prepped Izzy's nails, so all I'm gonna do now is wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution.

Though, I've already pushed the cuticles back and remove the surface shine,

but I want this one and this one with a transparent background.

So, what I'll need to do is, I need to take down the length from Izzy's beautiful nails.

Because I tell you what, these are some kickass nails.

And I'm gonna take this one down as well.

Because I want some transparent,

I want basically, a clear free edge and I'm gonna create that with acrylic.

Right! So, I'm gonna use True Pink which is a transparent pink, beautiful for natural overlay.

We are going to build out a little bit of length on the middle finger and the pinky.

We are going to use Clear on the free edge and we'll actually see if this True Pink is actually transparent enough

to just be our transparent background. It might, you know, it might be because it's not highly pigmented.

And we're gonna do like almond-shaped nails.

So, I'm gonna dehydrate the natural nail, so it's like we are taking the nail out for a good time on the beer.

Having a few gins and dehydrating it.

I'm gonna use the Ultra Bond Acid Primer and I'm using this because I've not done Izzy's nails before.

I don't know if there's gonna be a problem with lifting and I would prefer to treat it as if there could be,

rather than not.

So, some of you might think, well, why is she leaving the length of the nail on there?

All is explained in a video that we have. I'm sure Adam will link it somewhere.

So, we're gonna sculpt this out a little bit longer than Izzy's natural nail.

I was quite amazed that when we initially started to talk,

that you told me that you watch me on YouTube and you don't even do nails.

Adam: You make her sound like a stalker.

Izzy: Yes! Well, because I run the Instagram with Sarah... Kirsty: Yeah.

Izzy: ...and she texts me being like, "why are we following this ridiculous eccentric nail artiste on the work Instagram?"

and I was like, "listen, because it makes me very happy... Kirsty: Yeah!

Izzy: ...and I love her." Kirsty: Aww!

Izzy: She's like, "Okay, well... Kirsty: That's fine.

Izzy: You do you."

Izzy: But yeah, I can believe it that you actually, independently found us. Kirsty: Yeah!

Izzy: I know Kirsty: Because it's just such a cool stuff. Such a cool stuff.

Kirsty: Alright! So, I'm going to file these now, into a nice beautiful almond shape. It shouldn't take too much filing.

I'm gonna do my normal filing routine.

Kirsty: Because Izzy has quite soft skin... Adam: Sorry, I'm just laughing because...

Kirsty: I'm going to go around the cuticle area with a soft file. What?

Adam: She know everything. She knows what's going. Kirsty: Do you?

Izzy: Oh, I just heard you say that so many times.

Kirsty: It's just weird. Izzy: Yeah, it's really weird.

Kirsty: I'm gonna buff now. Make them nice and smooth.

So, I'm just gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution to remove the dust.

So, you can see that they're slightly pink. Can you see that? Ever so slightly pink, which I still really like,

even for these transparent kind of ones that we're gonna do.

So, I'm gonna work on these two having the main designs, but this and this will have a full metallic on.

Maybe this one will have a bit more of a rainbow-y kind of metallic on. That's how I'm feeling today.

So, because I'm gonna use metallics, I need to put a shiny top coat on.

The metallics need to have a super shiny base because they're not like your normal average gel polish.

They will actually air dry as well. Pop them in the lamp.

For this one, we're gonna use the silver.

So, I'm just gonna pull that down, don't need to go all the way to the bottom.

You can sort of sweep some of this away but I wouldn't...

don't be too, you know, sort of bothered by that, what I'm doing is neatening it up a little bit.

So, on my brush, I have a little bit of Acetone and I can just neaten that up a little bit.

You can pop that in the lamp to dry. I'm gonna put another coat straight over the top.

I can use a little bit of Acetone on my brush just to neaten that up a little bit again.

Now, if you can get it super neat with a brush, it will save you one stage instead of one step.

But I will show you difference between each two.

Each two? Not a word. Not English.

And I'll show you what I mean on this one. So, we're gonna put the silver metallic on

and what we'll do with this one is, we're gonna pull it across.

So, a little bit of Acetone on my brush and just pull it across a little bit.

Doesn't need to be perfect because I'm gonna show you what we're gonna do.

Second coat of the Silver Metallic.

So, what I'm gonna do, if this one's really neat, I've made that one really neat,

so I can go ahead and do my other nail art on that.

But this one, if you can't get it too neat, what you need to do is then use your top coat as, like a masking tape.

So, you can pull this and get your top coat neat. So, you can even like, use like a small brush.

So, you could get like a striping brush.

You can get your lines neat and go across with your striping brush.

Let's pull the excess up.

Let me just clean this side.

And then pop that in the lamp.

Now, what's gonna happen is, where the top coat is over the top of the silver, that is the only part that will stay on.

So, we get really nice close up, Adam and show you exactly what I mean.

Adam: Okay, we'll try that. Kirsty: Okay!

Kirsty: So, you can see this can see where the silver ends. Can you see that shadow?

You've got the silver and then you've got the top coat. Top coat is here, silver ends there.

So, all this silver here, that's not got top coat on will actually come off.

So, I'll show you what I mean.

I'm gonna put Acetone on a Lint-free pad or a Melt-blown Wipe,

and try to do sort of half of it. Yeah, can you see how it's created a really crisp line?

Then we still have some on here that I didn't take off on purpose,

and we're just gonna wipe that off. And look at that crisp line.

So, when I'm saying, don't worry if you can't get that crisp line, you should top coat.

So, with this nail, I'm gonna go over and because I've already got this quite neat,

don't have to be too neat with the top coat. So, there's two different ways that you can do it.

So, I'm using that Striping Brush just go to go directly over the top. You could pull it all the way down.

Pop me that in the lamp.

I'm just gonna check if there's nothing on there that haven't been touched

by the top coat and that one's perfectly fine.

Now, we're gonna the tassels.

So, I have some colours, Going for Gold and then we have this one which 55 and then this one is 23.

So, what I'll do is, the silver that we used before and then I'm gonna take the pink,

let's give it a mix

and that's just gonna lighten that pink for us, just so it matches a little bit more.

Maybe a bit more silver.

Now, don't forget, this will air-dry.

So, the longer you leave it on the backing paper the more it's going to dry.

So, we'll use this colour first.

and then it doesn't matter.

So, I'm just gonna take a brush and then paint a pink section.

And a pink section on this one, you can be messy.

We will get this purple and we will add a little bit of silver again and lighten this,

so we'll have more of lilac because we have a Pastel Rainbow in the jacket.

I love how you can mix these and just make like, whole new colours.

I'm gonna use some of that here, slightly overlapping and there.

Then we have a Pale Blue and silver and gold. These would be quite quick to do.

A little bit of silver slightly overlapping onto the pink.

And when you slightly overlap, it'll kind of mix together and ombre a little bit.

A bit of gold

and the blue.

Yeah, I'm just gonna overlap again.

So, don't worry about it be messy. Don't worry about it going over the top of this silver, it is perfectly fine.

That won't be there by the end.

So, what I'm gonna do is dry that by putting it into the lamp and then we're gonna do the second coat of colour.

So, I'm gonna pull the little lines from the Chevron.

So, right at the bottom of that Chevron, come down.

I'm gonna do the pinky as well.

Same kind of thing.

Pop that in the lamp.

Now, I'm gonna take some Acetone on a Melt-blown Wipe. You can use a Lint-free Wipe as well.

Look at that! Oh!

Izzy; Oh my God! Kirsty: What?! That is amazing!

Kirsty: Look at that!

We have the Pastel Rainbow.

Same with the pinky.

So, what we're gonna do on the other nails is, we are going to do one that's got lots of different colours in.

I'm gonna start off with the blue right here.

I'm gonna add a little bit of silver because on top of that silver, I'm going to use the pink.

And keep pulling so they mix a little. Come back into my blue and keep pulling so they mix a little.

And you sort of get that Pastel Lilac as well.

And the gold, just gonna keep pulling that as well, so we have a little bit of a blend.

I'm gonna top coat this now. It's all nice and dry.

I'm gonna pop that into the lamp.

Right! So because I slightly changed the design on these two,

I'm actually gonna do a black, full black nail with sugaring.

Kirsty: So, we're gonna sprinkle with acrylic to make it have that like, that's not real, it's gonna look real. Izzy: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: ...suede, black suede nail. Izzy: Black suede nail.

Kirsty: So, I'm just gonna buff that top coat because we want the gel polish to sit on top of a abraised surface

because we're gonna use the normal gel polish, not the metallic range.

So, I'm gonna do a full nail of Serious Black,

same with the thumb.

Pop me those in the lamp.

So, what I'm gonna do now is, I've got a little bit of Serious Black and I'm going to add a line along that Chevron

to really make the colours pop and that's kind of what...

Kirsty: Well, when we were designing the jacket, we wanted the rainbow to pop, didn't we? Izzy: Yeah, the contrast of it against the black.

Kirsty: Yeah, we're kind of still using that colour theory in the nails.

Kirsty: Then you're going to also wrinkle that straight on top of the gel polish,

no need to put the top coat on, it's such a small area.

You can never put too much on.

Adam: Is that like bling. Kirsty: Yeah! Just like bling, you can never put too much on.

Gonna do the same on the pink finger.

So, over the top of the black, so on the top of Serious Black, we're gonna sprinkle Clear Acrylic to the thumb.

You can never add too much.

Pop me them in.

Right! We're gonna dust off.

Izzy: Ohhh, looks good. Kirsty: Look at them.

It looks like suede.

Right! So, bling bling bling and a bit more bling!

So, I'm gonna use Acrygel to put the stones on.

I've got to be able to clean this up as it goes on.

So, if I was using acrylic, you could kind of clean it up as you do it.

I would definitely not use like a resin or glue to put these stones on with.

As soon as you put that on to this matte surface, it'll just go...

So, imagine or even like a runnier gel, if you put that, it'd run into that matte surface.

So, it's much better to use Acrygel for this, especially working on this sugared surface.

So, it is important to plan out your stones before you put them on.

So, I'm gonna press the stone in to the gel.

Any bits that come out, don't worry about that just yet.

So, any bits that come out of the edge, you can scoop off.

Yeah, I can just use the tip of the brush and get rid of any excess.

Pop me that in the lamp.

Kirsty: I've got a tiny bit of... Izzy: I'm so excited.

Kirsty: coat on the brush and I'm just gonna run it around the edges very carefully.

And I'm just adding a little bit of a seal to the edges to help keep these stones on.

Just dip my brush in Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and I'm just skipping across as well

to take anything off that I don't want on the matte or suede nail.

There we are! Pop that in.

I'm gonna finish off with a little bit of Cuticle Oil.

Quite sparing when you go on and match those sort of suede nails because you don't wanna overload it.

Kirsty & Izzy: Oh my God!

Kirsty: Oh my God! Izzy: Hey, well, I need to get a bit of them.

Izzy: That's like completely perfect. Kirsty: Perfect.

Izzy: You need these nails. Kirsty: I need.

Kirsty: They are perfect.

Kirsty: Wearable... Izzy: Yeah!

Kirsty: well. Totally wearable. Adam: Workable, we'll find out.

Izzy: Well, we will find out. Kirsty: Well, workable, hmm!

Izzy: We'll let you know.

Izzy: Oh my God! Kirsty: Maybe order your jackets when she's taken her nails off. I'm joking.

Kirsty: Beautiful! I love this.

Izzy: Yeah, really good. Kirsty: This transparentness.

Kirsty: It's just... Izzy: Yeah.

Kirsty: Transparentness even a word? Transparency. I don't know. I think I need a coffee.

So yeah, me and my bum bags.

Look at that for a bum bag. How amazing?

So, how do you make it into a handbag?

Izzy: There's just and adjustable. It's not as long as...

Izzy: can go around your waist or you can have a... Kirsty: Is it just that so you can have it like, be like, hey!

Izzy: Across your body. Kirsty: I absolutely...

Kirsty: Oh my God! I'm so boujee right now. So boujee!

Izzy: You need these nails.

Izzy: I mean... Kirsty: Look at that.

Izzy: It's like exactly the same. Kirsty: It is!

Izzy: Look at the black leather nail, it's like the exact shade of charcoal. Kirsty: It is. It's like perfect.

Kirsty: Love. Can't wait the pictures. So excited. Oh my God.

Hope you enjoyed this video because to tell what, I loved it.

And if you want anything Sarah Bailey-wise, I'm sure we will...

Adam: Link below. Kirsty: it below.

They do like, these little purses and gorgeousness. But yeah, this is just like, oh my God! I feel amazing!

I think I might just everyday, just wear it.

Izzy: Think so. Kirsty: They'd be like, "God, here she is in that jacket nail"

I don't care.

Kirsty: There you are, guys. Do you wanna say bye, Izz? Izzy: Bye!

Kirsty: I will see you in the next video. Don't forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Everything I've used today will be listed below.

See you later, guys. Bye-bye!

Pardon me.

Adam: Your belly agrees. Kirsty: Yes.

Kirsty: And she says well, "you know, she wanted the look of long nails, so she started at the knuckle." Izzy: Yeah.

Kirsty: So...

Izzy: Follow that logic. Kirsty: Yeah!

Kirsty: He says, "so, more paint is more glam, right?" Izzy: Mm-hmm!

Kirsty: And I was like, "Yeah... Izzy: Absolutely.

Kirsty: ...absolutely, I get that. More paint is more glam, yeah."

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