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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: College Kids React To INSTANT KARMA Compilation

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- Where's the karma? ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪

Slow down!

(large thud) - Oh! (laughs)

- That was the quickest karma I've seen ever.

Literally instant karma.

♪ (industrial intro) ♪

- (FBE) So today, we're gonna be showing you some instant karma videos.

- Those are fun. It's just fun to see people

get their just desserts sometimes. - Karma's a bitch,

and it's something that you can't escape.

- I feel like this is gonna be people who do something shitty

and then get hurt instantly after. - (FBE) So, after each video,

we're gonna ask you if you think that karma was deserved

or not deserved. - I am so excited to judge people.

- I have a tough time judging people. I always try to give them

the benefit of the doubt, so it's gonna be tough, but I'll try.

- All right. I'm with it. Some instant karma, let's go.

Let's see how many jerks we have.

- (man 1) I'm get off 14-- - (man 2) Oh!

- (passengers) Ohh! - (man 2) Oh!

- (passengers) Ohh! - (gasps) Oh my god.

- Oh. OHH! OHH! That's mad funny.

- (passengers) Ohh! - Seen that one.

Saw that one on Twitter. - Yeah. Yeah, that's what he gets.

- You deserve more karma. That's sexual assault.

- I feel like it should've been worse. You know what?

I'm just trying to get to work, so don't put your junk in my face.

- (FBE) Deserved or not deserved? - Deserved.

- That's deserved, bruh. - Yeah, he tried to dance

like a stripper, and he gets hit by a pole.

That's how it works. - 1,000% yes.

- Oh, yeah. If I was in the stranger situation,

I wouldn't want that happening to me. - Well deserved. Should've been worse.

- That was much deserved. His own boys, who are hyping him up,

laughed at him also. - That was well deserved.

- He deserved that. Nobody likes penis in their face.

- For the purpose of this video only, I'm gonna say, yeah, he deserved it.

Like, you go and do that to someone, that's so RUDE!

♪ (hip-hop music) ♪ - Ooh, ooh, speed racer.

- Oh, you look like a bad driver. - You're a cool guy,

have a BMW. What's gonna happen?

- I'm already getting anxious. - I'm scared.

- Where's the karma? Slow down!

- Are you late to work or are you just being a dick?

Ooh. - Ah, I don't wanna see this.

I hope he comes out okay.

(sucks in breath) [Bleep]!

- Ahh! Ahh, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, god. I hate that.

- Yeah, no. That was his own fault.

That was his own fault. That was definitely deserved karma.

- I'm not gonna say that's instant karma deserved,

because that means any person who's speeding should get hurt,

which I don't want. - He should've deserved a ticket.

He just got off with whiplash, you know?

He could've seriously hurt somebody.

- I'm gonna go ahead and say this was well deserved.

- Yes, it is deserved! All of these are gonna be deserved!

- It's not deserved. (chuckles) Everyone cuts people off.

Sometimes cars are too slow. - Oh, yeah. He was just a bad driver.

- Deserved. - Not deserved. I don't want anyone

to get hurt. - That was deserved. [Bleep] that guy.

I hate [bleep] who do that. - This one was a little bit too much,

so not well deserved. It just hurt me to watch,

'cause I felt like I was in the car with him.

- It wasn't enough. Deserved. - As much of an [bleep] as he was,

and I hate when people do that on the freeway,

no one deserves to get hurt in that sort of way.

- (player) Oh, robot. - Fortnite.

- (player) You're trash. ♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪

- Ha! Get [bleep]. - (player) What?!

- (laughs) You wanna talk about trash, boy?

Dead to rights. - Oh, god. That's great.

I've also done that before, so I can sympathize. (giggles)

- (player) You're trash. ♪ (Seinfeld theme) ♪

- I don't even know what game this is.

- What?! - Wait, I'm so confused.

- (player speaking Danish) - The music.

- (laughs) I mean, bruh, it's Fortnite. It's not that serious.

- I would feel so good if I were that other person.

Like, you tried to kill me, but you didn't. I got you.

- That's very deserved. Anyone who trash talks over some game

just needs to get SMACKED! - You know, the problem here

is that I don't know what happened. I guess he deserved it.

- Yeah, you were bad. - Totally.

- "You trash." Falls three feet. Dies. He deserved it.

- I'll say yes. - Deserved, just 'cause it was funny.

- Sure. He deserved it. - Deserved.

- Deserved. Don't be a dick. This compilation should be called,

"Don't Be a Dick."

- Ooh, he blurred. He did something bad.

- (gasps) Why?!

- What is he breaking into? In broad daylight?

- Oh, I hope this dude tackles him.

- Why is no one doing-- Why is that guy not do--

why is he chilling on the back?

- Oh. OHHH!

- (gasps) Oh, noo!

- AHHH! AHH! (laughs) - I hope he's okay.

What he was doing was bad, but that could've killed him!

- That was so deserved. - You damn hooligans.

Yeah, of course. He should've got hit by a bigger truck.

- I don't think he deserved to get hit by a car.

- There was no karma deserved. All he did was break some glass.

- Yes, because he vandalized. He broke someone's window.

- Yeah, so he deserved a little hit. - That was deserved. I love it!

Should have done another flip, dawg. That was-- the car was going too slow.

- Only because he didn't steal anything.

He got close to a robbery. He broke the glass.

He didn't deserve to get hit by a car.

- He deserve it. He broke someone's, you know, glass.

- Deserved, but the [bleep] that the person in the red car

has to go through? Not deserved.

- Aww. Okay, don't mess with the sheep.

- Whatever he's getting, he deserves.

- Ooh, what's gonna happen here. He's gonna get wrecked.

Oh, they're coming. Boink! (laughs)

- Oh, he's pissed. Yes!

(laughs) - Oh my god.

They're coming for you. They're coming-- (gasps)

Yes! - Oh! OHHH!

That's [bleep] funny. - This isn't a carnival.

You can't just ride animals. - Deserved. Instantly.

Don't-- no. Animals? No. - That was deserved, man.

- Did he deserve it? Yeah. - Any form of animal abuse,

whatever you get in return, much deserved.

- I think it was deserved. - I'm glad that animal did that.

That's deserved. - He totally deserved that one.

- Absolutely. Don't mess with an animal!

I like the revenge story of it. - Definitely deserved. Poor creature.

- He totally deserved that. That ram just came

and defended its pack.

- Indoor soccer. Ha!

- (sucks in breath) Ohhh.

Wait, what?! - (crowd cheers)

- Doink!

Self goal. How, bruh?!

- I hope that counted. - (chuckles)

- (crowd cheers) - Oh! Yeah.

That is-- that is-- that is good.

If you wanna take your anger out, boom, that's what you deserve.

- How you don't show sportsmanship and then also get scored on

by yourself? - He deserved that.

- That was well deserved.

- There was no way that was an accident,

so yeah, he deserved it. - Deserved!

- That was totally deserved. - Much deserved.

- It wasn't deserved, because I don't think his intention

was to accidentally smack him in the head.

- Deserved, of course. - Deserved.

You can't just hit people in the head. - That dude deserved it, though.

Especially, it's like, that's poor sportsmanship.

That's a huge no-no.

(large thud) - (snorts)

(large thud) - That's so stupid.

(large thud) - (chuckles)

That one's more like, "Don't be an idiot."

(large thud) - Oh! (laughs heartily)

Ayy, bitch, you got knocked!

- That was the quickest karma I've seen ever.

Literally instant karma.

- I'm gonna go with not deserved, this one.

- Karma was deserved.

- I don't know why he was punching a sign in the first place.

But yeah, he deserved it. - That was deserved, bro.

I don't even know why you're winding up

to punch a frickin' sign.

- That's just natural selection. If you're gonna punch a sign,

I hope you get smacked in the face. - What did that sign do to you, dude?

Like, why you pissed? Not deserved! It's just a sign.

- Yes, he deserved. - I can't necessarily say

that was deserved, 'cause that was so unexpected.

I'm gonna say no to that one. - Sure. If you're gonna

do something stupid, you're gonna get stupid consequences.

- Yes, for being a hooligan. And I sound like I'm 70,

BUT for being a little street hooligan,

he gets the karma!

- (woman) I'm buying $100,000 worth of iPhones.

- So, two. - (reporter) $100,000?

- (woman) Correct. I'm gonna-- - Ohh.

- (Mark) I've been here since 6 o'clock this morning.

- Oh, no. - (woman) So, how much would it cost

to buy your position in the front of the line?

- (reporter) 15 minutes before the 6 o'clock launch

after others spent hours waiting patiently.

- (woman) I guess we're gonna barter away from the camera, how 'bout that?

- (reporter) This woman rolled up with 16 grand in cash in hand.

- What?! - How does she get that kind of money?

She looks like a soccer mom. - (reporter) ...and bought Mark's

number one spot in line for 800 bucks. - Jeez. I'd take it.

- (reporter) A worthwhile investment, she thought, because...

- (woman) I know I'll sell more on eBay, so it's all right.

I'm first. - (reporter) Yup. She was first.

But maybe instead of stopping at the bank,

she should've stopped to read the rules.

- You could only buy one. - (woman) Can you buy more

than one phone? - (clerk) Unfortunately, we can only

sell one per customer. - (bursts out laughing)

- (reporter) AT&T employs... - (gasps)

- (reporter) ...a one phone per customer rule.

- Oh my go-- (laughs) - (reporter) ...enough to go around.

- See, that's her own fault. She was just stupid.

- If you have money, you're gonna have advantages in life.

And I just think when you abuse those advantages,

it just speaks to poor character.

- Deserved, because she-- just read the rules better.

Especially on opening day, no one's letting you

buy out their store. Come on!

- I totally think she got what she deserved.

- Karma not deserved. She seems like a nice woman

just trying to make some money. - She didn't deserve that. (giggles)

But that's really sad. She just lost $800.

- Well deserved! I think that's the first one I've seen

that was absolutely well deserved. - She was dumb.

Honestly, I wish she'd lost more money.

That was much deserved. - Screw resellers! Karma deserved.

- Did she deserve it? Yes, for trying to cut all these people

and just trying to show off with a bunch of money.

- You should deserve to not get it. I hope she had--

I hope she dropped her phone, and there's a big crack

in it right now, and she didn't get insurance.

- Yeah, she deserved that. That was great to watch,

'cause that was instant. Like, you should've read the rules.

- (FBE) So, finally... - Yeah.

- (FBE) ...when bad karma strikes, what is your best advice

you can give to someone to make it better?

- Laugh it off. Karma happens to you,

'cause you did something that was not so good?

Laugh it off and be like, "Well, damn, I deserved that one."

- When karma strikes, just try to do a good deed for the day.

Do a good deed for the day and give me $800.

I could use it. (laughs)

- If you feel like you have too much bad karma,

just be a nicer person, especially to strangers

and things like that, because those are people

who don't know you,

who you're interacting with just that once,

but it's still-- just make someone's day better.

Don't be a piece of [bleep]!

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- Thanks for watching, and stay away from road rage.

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