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- [Narrator] Lung cancer is the number one

cancer-related killer in the US.

And while men are more likely

to die from lung cancer than women,

the trend is starting to change.

- Almost twice as many women die of lung cancer every year

than from breast cancer every year.

So I think that statistic says it all

that women are at high risk for developing lung cancer

particularly those who smoke.

And that it is a greater risk of dying from lung cancer

than from breast cancer.

When we look at why that gap

between men and women is narrowing,

men for whatever reason seem to get the message

a bit earlier about smoking

and the rates of lung cancer in men

started dropping in the mid 1980s.

However, in women, the rates kept rising

until just the last few years where we've seen a plateau,

a flattening out of the risk in women

though it hasn't started to fall yet.

Overall, the death rates from lung cancer

are greater in men than in women.

So a woman with lung cancer

even when you equate the extent of the disease

amongst the different genders,

women do somewhat better than men do with lung cancer.

And that's true for many different types of cancer.

We don't know why that is

whether it's a hormonal effect that's somewhat protective

or a hormonal effect in men

that's somewhat more detrimental.

Within the University of Michigan,

there's a lot of work going on

looking at the cause of lung cancer

specifically the effects of smoking

and how that leads to it.

At the University of Michigan,

we also are doing quite a bit of work

looking at ways to overcome nicotine addiction

in both men and women obviously in order to try

and decrease the incidence of lung cancer overall

because we aren't going to be able to impact

on the mortality from lung cancer,

the deaths from lung cancer,

until we really impact on the cause

and the cause is overwhelmingly tobacco.

Smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer.

It causes a lot of other medical problems as well

some of which even are bigger risks to one's health

such as heart disease.

So I don't think there's any question

that people should not smoke.

If one is smoking, then the best thing they can do is quit.

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