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The last dungeon dragons campaign I ran, ended on pretty satisfying note, I thought.

While, the players had gotten split up through the multiverse, the final villain ended up in prison.

The world was saved and they became famous heroes.

Even up in heaven. The Angels were talking about the group.

Let us lift up our voices and praise the names of those sacred warriors.

They...They have a name. I just don't want to say it.

Nonsense speak their glorious title so that all of Mount Celestia may rejoice in their holy name.

They're called "The Turtle *censored tone*"

I'm sorry. What...What was that name again? I thought-that-I heard something else.

"The Turtle *censored tone*"

Let me see that... Nope, nope, nevermind.

That's... That's what they're called apparently.

While, I thought it tied everything up, the players wanted to come back to the campaign to reprise their old characters,

which, I like their old characters as well, so I was on board for them returning.

Now, I had to think of a way to continue the story and untie the ending a bit

So I decided to retcon some of the last scene.

Malakar was still in prison. Everyone is split up across the multiverse

They spend two years doing their own business

So I gave them some skill proficiencies and an additional background.

Our gnome monk got into drugs and started living the capital Park and a little yurt,

drinking, coping with the fact that he was a failure and there was the only one of his old group to be still alive

Or so he thought...

The kids playing in that Park were just told to stay away from that deranged homeless bum.

besides he was a hero saved the world so the town left him alone

His giant spider pet, Bitey,

would sometimes snatch up little children, wrap them up in his web.

"Dude looked really cold...

Nyao they're nice and warm~"

*muffled screaming*

Once I figured out how to fix the whole separate dimension business, our story begins

Okay, You guys are in your own universe

doing doing what you're doing for two years and then

Someone sneaks up behind you

and conks you, on the back of your head

and you wake up


It seems like a high-level devil has kidnapped you

And you were taken to Avernus

And questioned for information

Although one of the players wanted to change his character

So instead of kidnapping Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

He accidentally captured

Solid Snake

and his pet constructs

Metal Gear Solid Rex

*robotic woof*

Really? We're doing the captured scene?

*grumble sigh*

Aww, come on guys, you know I,

I really struggled with how to start this game

Since the group got split up through the multiverse

This, This is the best I could come up with.

You know, I've never been tortured before

Who knows, this, this could be a lot of fun!

See. There you go. That's

That's what I'm talking about

Positive attitude!

I'm gonna torture you guys

you're going to escape

We're all gonna hate each other.

It's gonna be great

Besides after Ben plays out the scenario.

He's going to have like eight other plot ideas he would have preferred

So the group end up escaping out of hell

Which only took like an hour so of game time

because of bad planning on my part

Well, the group discovers the devil had captured them and was trying to find out information about a stolen artifact

This artifact was the Covenant.

it was binding contract forged between the multiverse

between Mount Celestia,

Mechanists and the Nine Hells

which determined which multiverse would get what souls

now that The Covenant's been stolen

It's a free-for-all for souls

In addition, the Covenant protected the Material Plane from having

extra planar creatures trespassed into it

before, a devil need to be summoned to be allowed into the Material Plane

Which was a fancy way of inviting them in.

Now there's nothing to prevent extra planar creatures

from just waltzing into the Material Plane uninvited

the players decided to travel to Ordus Factorum on the plane of law

a location where all the laws of reality are written down and made code

Have you ever wondered why a firebolt spell is exactly 120 feet and no more

It's because that was the link that the Ordus Factorum determined was acceptable no more and no less

While they were on the boat, they were talking about what to do

catching up and taking a moment to relax

What do you mean you lost the Mourn Blade?

You know, you've lost stuff before right?

I mean, I mean you've ever like lost your keys or something

like yeah, this is gone now.

Oh, I'm sorry

I thought you might be more careful with the weapon

the infamous soul rending artifact

that we spent an entire campaign

trying to reforge that's the only way to stop Malakar

What happened to it?

Well, I was in the park

and I had the Mourn blade

aaaand in order to keep it safe

I decided to bury it

You buried it?!

Yeah. Well only for a few days

then I dug it up, swung it around for a bit, you know just

for the lulz

and then reburied it

and after a few months I went back for it


It was gone

Where did you bury it?

In the sandbox.

At the park...


The kids sandbox.


The one that kids

play in?


Let me clarify

You buried the soul rending artifact of evil

In a child's sandbox playground

And now

Someone has it but you don't know who it is

And now some kid

might end up accidentally destroying another kid's soul.

I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time

Then again, I was high out of my mind on shrooms


A lot of things seemed like good ideas at the time

Eventually, they came in contact with the Angels.

Yes. We've heard about a group and that you've returned

Oh. Really?

What. What exactly have you heard?

You're the Turtle-

*interrupted* Friends.

Yep, The Turtle Friends.

That's what we're called.


I thought you were called-

*interrupted* Nope, just that. Just. That. Name.

Yes, The Turtle Friends!

That's the name that this group is called, The Turtle Friends

if you hear about a group and that group is not called The Turtle friends

then it's probably a different group because this group is called

by its one and only name

The Turtle Friends

*outro guitar music*

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