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If you're monetizing in YouTube Studio

the monetization page at the channel level will provide you with a monetization overview

along with individual tabs allowing you to deep dive

into specific revenue sources like merch, memberships, and more.

Note that if you're currently not monetizing

you'll instead see a landing page detailing your eligibility status

and, if applicable, your progress towards the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

To turn on monetization, or update ad settings for a specific video

choose a video, and then click "Monetization" in the left menu.

Here, you can choose to have monetization turned on or off for that specific video.

When you upload longform videos

which are videos that are ten minutes or longer

you can also enable ads during the middle of the video, called mid-roll ads.

You can enable mid-roll ads using the ad breaks tool.

Under "Location of video ads," select "During video"

and then click "Place Manually" to get to the tool.

This will open the Studio editor where you can create, preview, and edit

automatically generated, or manually set mid-roll ad breaks.

To create automatically generated mid-roll ads

click "Place Automatically."

To insert mid-roll ads manually, click "+ Ad Break."

Each new addition will populate in the list below.

When editing the placement of your ad breaks

you can either enter specific time codes at the top of the page

or use the timeline below to drag and drop as necessary.

Use the trash icon to delete an ad break.

Once you've made your changes, click "Continue"

and then "Save" from the monetization page.

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